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1- I do not fulfil your want but need only. Do not come to Me for fulfillment of any desire material or spiritual.

Baba words:

As long as a person is not free from desires, he is not ready for emancipation. Desires, both good and bad, are binding. Good desires bind a person with golden chains, and bad with iron ones. You feel restless because you have a thousand thoughts of wife, children and the world. One should be free of wishes and desires, but they are there.

One who is completely desire less becomes king of kings. But a person has no idea how to become desireless. Freedom from desires is real life. One has to go beyond desires to enjoy freedom. This freedom can never be imagined, it is beyond the mind. The mind creates desires and as long as the mind continues and does not die, a person cannot extricate himself and enjoy freedom.

The soul is like a bird. When all desires vanish, the bird's eyes open. It sees God and becomes one with Him. I am that God whom the bird sees when its eyes open. But desires blind the bird and it cannot see Me, though I am standing right in front of it.


Everyone wants to fulfillment of his desires to feel happy and makes his all out effort to gain it by any fair or unfair means as led by his mind under influence of his past sanskaras. One desires fulfilled, another crops up. One never feels contented rather develops tendency of fulfillment of more and more of desires. One’s desire gets multiplied arithmetically in geometric progression (Like 2x4x16x256x and so on). There would be no end to it and it goes far away from diminishing of desires or reaching to the state of desirelessness which is nothing but state of God-realization. Baba gives the real solution, when He says; I will not fulfil your desires but make you to desire less and less.  This is the perfect solution to get rid of desires. One’s mind counter-reacts and questions himself “Why should I desire for anything when God all knowing and will give what is best for me. It like “Lohe ko lohe se Katana”. Mind contradicts mind and annihilates itself.  When mind goes, state of desirelessness is attained which is God-realisation.

2- Remember Me constantly and wholeheartedly

When one remembers Baba, one gets directly connected with Him. It is likewise as if window of the Baba house is opened; flood gates of dam are opened or a ladder stand attached to a high platform where Baba is sitting. While repeating His name mentally or orally, singing bhajan or lecturing in His praise, one imbibes good sanskaras of the Avatar Meher Baba or the Master. It can be said good sanskaras from Avatar or Master starts flowing in one’s mind which helps one to counter balance the enormous load of past sanskaras which one carried in his mind or mental body life after life. Participation at satsang or a devotional gatherings or listening discourses of Master has additional benefit of imbibing good sanskaras which pushed in by devotionally charged vibrations of all souls participating in Satsang and radiating halo of Master’s physical presence. It is like going to the scent keeper, if he does not give scent, at least you get the fragrance. This also establishes the importance of satsang and devotional gatherings.

When one is at work and remembers or dedicates his actions to Avatar (Baba) or Master, yet, one gets connected to source and all sanskaras of his thought, words and actions flow into infinite expressionless ocean of sanskaras of Avatar or Master and gets absorbed in it. It may be likened as if Avatar (Baba) or Master is great vacuum and our weighty sanskaras are sucked in infinite vacuum of Avatar (Baba) or Master. The result is; either no sanskaras of our actions are created or if created they are feeble which can be removed easily. This counters sanskaras of one’s act and much depends on sincerity of one’s love for his master, sadguru or Avatar.

In the event, when one is not connected to any master, Sadguru or Avatar (Baba). Such a soul spends his dominating sanskaras and in turn gets little less sanskaras of same quality however intelligently one may think, speak or act. Thus diminishing of sanskaras is very, very slow because in spending every time one gets new sanskaras. It may take million of births to achieve balancing of good and bad sanskaras unless such soul comes into contact of a Perfect Master or Avatar. When soul comes in contact of Perfect Master or Avatar, his progress on path of spirituality gets accelerated

Baba words:

“My remembrance is beginning of Sahaj Dhyan. Early in the morning, take my name. At 12 noon, for one second do the same; do it again about five o'clock; when you retire do it also.  Do it for four seconds every day, then you will be in the world, yet Baba will be with you all the time.”


Remembrance of Baba name is yoga of all yoga which brings self forgetfulness or helps to reduce ego. Baba has laid the foundation of highest kind of Yoga, “Sankhya Yoga” when He directed His lovers to follow His wish which reads as under:

Baba words:

1- Attend faithfully to your worldly duties, but keep always at the back of your mind that all this is Baba's.

  1. When you feel happy, think: "Baba wants me to be happy." When you suffer, think: "Baba wants me to suffer."
  2. Be resigned to every situation and think honestly and sincerely: "Baba has placed me in this situation."


There are many kinds of yoga designed to progress in the path of spirituality for different kind of seekers of God. They are namely, Karma Yoga (through Karma Kand, following tenets of religion), Bhakri (devotion), Hath yoga, Raj yoga Dhyan yoga and above all is Sankhya yoga. Practice of Sankhya yoga is highest kind of yoga meant for seekers who renounce the world. In Sankhya yoga one practices to remove the thought of “Karta” (Doer) and thinks that he is mere a witness to all his acts and events. But the easiest way to practice the Sankhya yoga is to religiously follow above three directives of Baba which replaces self of a lover by Baba Himself which is essence of Sankhya yoga.

3-Any kind of Yoga (Meditation), austerities or renunciation is not necessary for Baba  lovers

Baba’s words:

Meditation is the concentration of mind over any object. Concentration over formless God is difficult. When we meditate over a physical form of saint Sadguru or Avatar it becomes easy. It is an attempt to constant remembrance but it is fraught with its own dangers of getting misled by its effect and false experience. That is why Baba said meditation is superfluous and not necessary. In higher state of meditation one temporarily enters the subtle world and hears music and smells fragrances and enjoys but comes back to normal conscious after some time. Coming to normal gross consciousness the gravity of his action is increased however he gets addicted to meditation to enjoy the  subtle experiences of music and smell, and gets false impression that he is making progress in spiritual path and he may take it as final destination of God realization. Only Avatar or Sadguru can save him if he is meditating on Him.


Baba did not make meditation or yoga compulsory for everyone but it is meant for individual who are inclined toward it. According to Baba Yoga is a mechanical exercise at physical and mental level, much less spiritual. Spiritual journey in contact of a living Sadguru or Avatar is the easiest and safest way to realize God.

4- To find God, love God, In order to love God love Me (Baba), I am God personified


Avatar or God realised Master has the conscious experience of His trio –nature of divinity i.e. Infinite knowledge, power and Bliss. He being confined in one body yet consciously experiences the state of “Aham Brahmasmi” and possesses universal Body and Mind. He consciously experience that he is everything living and non-living in the universe and the universe has come out of Him. Through His universal Body He experiences pain and pleasures of all human being and through His universal mind carries thoughts of all human being. Anyone who serves Sadguru or Avatar, he serves the whole mankind in the universe.

5-Avatar or Master’s help is utmost necessary for balancing of sanskaras and reach the destination of God –realisation

Baba’s words:

“If you try to set green grass on fire, it will not burn, but if you set a match to a haystack, it will immediately catch fire and burn to ash. The haystack symbolizes the accumulation of sanskaras. In order to green grass to dry, it has to be kept near a fire. This means that in order to destroy one’s sanskaras, a person should stay with a Sadguru in whom the divine knowledge is always burning. In His contact and company, sanskaras accumulate but also dry.  Finally, with the flame of His grace, He sets fire and uproots all one’s sanskaras”


Whenever one interacts with another, there is always give and take of good or bad sanskaras. According to Baba, in twinkling of eye or in fraction of second number of sanskaras are created. Balancing of good and bad sanskaras is so intricate that it is beyond anyone’s guess, imagination or mathematics associated with it.

One carries unimaginable load of sanskaras from beginning of stone form to the last animal form before entering the human form where mind is and heart is fully developed and intellect (Vivek /Buddhi) gets in. From Stone Age where mind is in very dormant state gradually develops and it is full in human form with intellect. In human form, spending or unwinding of sanskaras begins with use of intellect.

In every stage of evolution or one form there are 84 lac kinds or varieties (Yonis). Total yonis crossed by a soul from stone to animal form is 6x84 lac=5.20 crores yonis or verities.) In stone stage, a marble stone in temple remains there for 1000 years or more till the destruction  of the temple  and on other side a stone piece in crusher dies or turns into dust in no time. One yoni or variety of particular stage (form) has sufficient life time. Assuming life of 100 years in one yoni of one stage (form), period spent in all 84 lac yonis works out to be 100 x 84 lac=80.4 crores years. Time taken in passing though 6 stages of evolution at average period of 100 years would be calculated as 6 x 84 crores =504 crore years.

Now there are 84 lac kinds (Yonis or rebirths) also scheduled in human form to reach final destination of God –realisation in normal course to take 84 crores years more unless one is helped by Sadguru or Avatar or sadguru who can to reduce this time frame with His grace. One don’t know as how many (yonis or rebirths) has passed through and how much bad sanskaras are spent and good or bad sanskaras are collected in all years of estimated 504 years plus more of human rebirths. One will surely accept that one is far behind the goal of God realisation. It can also be logically accepted that one is still carrying enormous load of sanskaras collected for more than 504 crore years in more than 5.2 crore yonis. For balancing or neutralization of good and bad sanskaras is possible with the help of Sadguru or Avatar only.

In contact of Master, remembering, serving and obeying His orders, one can get God- realisation at opportunate time in a fraction of second by His grace. Master generally does not do it. He gets the disciple readied and put to test before imparting His grace. Master surfaces the hidden bad sanskaras of His disciple, dried these and burns the accumulated sanskaras like as haystack.

6- Hell and heaven are not places but state of mind in astral body and depends on load of good and bad sanskaras of past life before death.

Baba’s words:

A person dies when his sanskaras are exhausted – spent in full. After a person dies his sanskaras snap the mind’s connection with the gross body, and at that time he receives such a shock that he forgets every incident of his past life. But even though the gross body drops, the mind and the subtle body remain full of sanskaras.

For the next forty to seventy hours after death, the attention of the sanskaras is centered mostly on the place where the body is kept. But after that, there is no connection whatsoever between the dead person and that place. Within the next eight or ten days, the spirit of the dead person experiences the subtle state of either heaven or hell according to his sanskaras.

After a person dies, many people perform rites and ceremonies for a long time, but all these are useless. No ritual is necessary after ten days; however, the best rites would be to feed either dogs or crows near the body because they have subtle sight and can see the spirit of the dead person. Crows and dogs are not subtle-conscious, but they have subtle faculties of perception and draw toward themselves the sanskaras of dead people.

When a person dies the mind’s connection with the gross body is snapped and this produces such a shock that he forgets every incident of his past life. After death, the soul remains in astral world for another 12 to 14 days in all before entering the hell and heaven state of subtle world.

The state of soul (Jivatama), in the apparent gap between death and birth, is generally called hell or heaven. The states of heaven or hell are nothing but state of intensive experiences of the consciousness of the soul (Jivatma), experiencing either of the predominant counterparts of the opposite impressions while the Jivatma is disassociated from the gross body

Hell and heaven are mental states, not places. In these states the mind’s desire and the capacity to receive becomes extremely intense. For example: you die, you are dead. That means you leave the body, but you as soul continue. Your mind and your ego also continue and the impression in your mind is there.  

One of these is impression of drinking alcohol. Now this impression has to be wiped out by drinking. But here in this state without the body, the drinking process is only by thought and desire. The mental enjoyment is much more intense, however, it lasts longer. Here the thought is drink. Now you can enjoy drinking, just by thinking. But since the gross vehicle is not attached, you cannot get drink, because you have to drink gross wine to become inebriated.

“The mind of soul (Jivatma) wears out the scars of the sanskaras, to some extent, due to sudden transplanting from one sphere to another, but for the greater part they remain intact. The individual would have been liberated if death has resulted in complete wiping out of all sanskaric scars on the mind. Mind would have been annihilated because you cannot survive without sanskaras. But this does not happen.

Every individual has to take all experience of pleasure and pain through the mind in the state, of gradually called in spiritual literature as heaven and hell, in order to spend the predominant opposite sanskaras. In fact the mind takes the experience of the counter-part of the opposite impressions gathered.

Now suppose for example, the soul (Jivatma), during its earthly life has gathered 100 million sanskaras of relating to virtues and 80 millions sanskaras relating to vice. So therefore there is difference of 20 million sanskaras between good and bad and the predominant counter-part of the impressions of opposites is of that virtues. The soul (Jivatma) will therefore enjoy the state of heaven till the sanskaras are almost balanced. There will not be exact balancing of sanskaras. Then the Jivatama will return to astral plane if the situation is not readily available for him to take a birth. If his situation for taking rebirth is available then the soul (Jivatma) will automatically be attracted towards its future parents. It is also true the he is not required to wait in astral plane for a longer period. 

When there is preponderance of evil sanskaras at death, Jivatama will have to go to hell state and exhaust the bad sanskaras through suffering. The intensity of suffering is thousand times more in the hell state than the intensity of suffering on gross plane.

When the excess bad sanskaras are exhausted through suffering in the hell state, the evil sanskaras eventually tend to strike a balance with good sanskaras. It is as if a huge block of ice were placed on one pan of a balance, causing it to sink because of its excess over a smaller weight contained on the counterbalancing pan. As the great block of ice gradually melts and water spills, there is a tendency for two pans to come into balance.

Similarly, as the mass of evil sanskaras become attenuated through suffering, their preponderance begins to vanish and they almost come into balance with good sanskaras. This moment, when the two opposite types of sanskaras are almost in the state of balance, is the moment when the after-life of the individual terminates and he find himself precipitating into a new physical incarnation on the earth. He is precipitated into a new physical body because no further purpose is served in communication of his subjective absorption in the discarnate life. He is ripe to accumulate fresh experience in another gross body, and for this purpose he must adopt a vehicle which is suitable for the working out of his un-exhausted sanskaras.

A human being takes form or birth as medium to satisfy the demanding need of the consciousness of the soul (Jivatma). Thus, in the process of reincarnation the fully gross conscious human soul, fortified with fully developed subtle bodies (though unconscious of these) must necessarily experience countless varied experiences of impressions of opposites.

In some cases it happens that the soul (Jivatma) while exhausting an excess of evil sanskaras, in the hell state, may jump into a new incarnation in which good sanskaras tend to dominate. Thus a person who had been bad in his last life begins his new incarnation with a marked inclination toward asceticism.

Similarly if Jivatama spends more good sanskaras in the heaven state by enjoying more pleasure, it will naturally take new birth under predominance of bad sanskaras and thus will be places in a bad situation in its new life on earth.

A change over at incarnation from good to bad or bad to good should not be taken as a universal law. Reversal of individual nature is frequent, but cases are quite common in which the individual remains persistently good or bad for several incarnations. In such cases incarnation occurs before the opposite types of sanskaras has built up a sufficient current to flow to result in its predominance

The sanskaras are never in perfect balance till the very end. If they come to be in perfect balance. The individual would have got liberation. But the perfect balance between good and bad sanskaras cannot be affected without help of the Perfect Master or the Avatar. Complete poise can exist only when the two opposite classes of sanskaras are so qualitatively and quantativelly opposed that they exactly cancel one another. This is the state of Realisation. The sanskaras then cease as exist an opposing forces. This   exactly happens as in the game of tug-of-war; when the opposing parties stop pulling in opposing directions. The soul (Jivatama) takes birth when the opposite sanskaras are almost in balance nearing equalization either in hell or heaven state. This can also be compared with the game of tug-of-war. In tug-of-war there is movement in the direction of greater pull but that motion represents only a small proportion of total energy spent for most of the energy is spent in neutralizing each other.

7- Stored impressions determine the conditions of incarnation.

Baba’s words:

The ego-mind, seated in mental body, takes lower bodies according to the impressions stored in it. These impressions determine whether individual will die young or old; whether they will be beautiful or ugly; whether they will suffer from physical handicap, like blindness, or will enjoy general efficiency of the body; whether they will have a sharp or a dull intellect; whether they will be pure or impure of heart, fickle or steadfast in will; and whether they will be immersed in the pursuit of material gains or seek the inner light of the spirit.

By the divine law, you are shielded from remembrance of past lives, for it would not help you in living your present life but would make infinitely more complicated and confusing.

8- Mourning beyond limit is bad after death.

Baba’s words:

Wild outburst of sorrow and long continued unappeasable lamentation always produce a most painful effect upon the dead and relatives. Our remembrance should take a form which will be helpful and not harmful. Vivid thoughts of love and friendly wish produced for the dead have beneficial effect on them. Every thought of the man instantly draws round itself matter of the astral plane and remains hovering around him. The thought form has only a temporary existence, the length of which is determined by energy put into the thought. One who has been widely loved is very much helped and uplifted by currents of thought directed to him.

There are several instances on record to show the depression and saddening effect upon the dead, which is often produced by selfish and uncontrolled grief of the survivors.

9- Spiritual aspirant feels incapacitated when he really progresses on the spiritual path

Baba words:

Spirituality is so simple but the pandits (priests) and Vedantists have given it so many names and aspects, filling up pages and pages of volumes after volumes with dry philosophy. Ordinarily people are puzzled as what to accept and what to reject, what to do what not to do, it has assumed such an aspect and has given to such a degree that anything (simple) given as practice to spiritual aspirant is not taken seriously. It is taken lightly and rejected, so that even Masters have to put up some polished coating on these simple things to appear solemn, serene and dignified.

When you begin to think of yourself as being on the path then you are not. The path is not a defined direction set apart from yourself. It begins and ends within yourself. In short, the path is “I want nothing.”

When an aspirant begins introspection i.e. analyzing his thoughts, words and actions for its goodness, he is fraught with the obstacles of self-conceit, righteousness and pride unless he is under the guidance of a Guru or Master. As the aspirant gradually progresses on the path, he develops a feeling that he is far behind in his love towards his Guru or Master. The more he deepens his effort, the more he feels incapacitated in his effort. This tendency helps him intensify his love for Guru or Master to the fullest and reduce his ego to zero, which is final stage i.e. Manonash; (annihilation of mind) and the aspirant gets instant God-realisation with the help of His master.


One has to be desireless by reducing his wants to zero. The moment his wants reach to a zero level (In other words mind is wiped out leaving no seat for desire), aspirant reaches infinity (unity divided by zero is equal to infinity) which is state of God-realisation

10-Backbiting is the worst and most disastrous

Baba’s words:

Backbiting is the worst and most disastrous. One can overcome greed, and even lust, though both are very hard to get rid of; but by far the worst, and most difficult habit of all to eliminate, is that of speaking ill and trying to find faults or flaws in others. This is because this particular act or vice incurs the burden of sins or sanskaras of others, which is spiritually very derogatory and reactionary.”

Sanskaras of backbiting produce effect in a manner can be understood. Suppose Mr. A says to Mr. B: "Mr. C has not come; he is a bad man." Mr. C is not present. Mr. A has told this directly to Mr. B. Consequently, there is an exchange of sanskaras in an indirect way between Mr. A and Mr. C, and in a direct way between Mr. A and Mr. B. Thus, the sanskaras of slandering are of two types — direct and indirect. Thereby, the minutest sanskaras are created and for millions of births it is difficult to be freed from.

11-Only spiritual Jealousy is beneficial

Baba’s words:

The impressions of the Beloved, whether in worldly love or divine love, have their effect on you.” If you love “A” his impressions will attach to your mind without your knowing it; and if you become jealous of someone else, the impressions of both will affect you. That is, if Kim loves Me, My impressions, which are divine, will affect her; and if you are jealous of her, then My infinite impressions, plus hers of love for Me, will both affect you.

Therefore, jealousy in physical love is not good, while jealousy in spiritual love is good. Where there is love, there is jealousy. One automatically follows the other; there is no need to create it.  


Only spiritual jealousy of love for Baba is good and beneficial as it imbibes the good sanskaras of other’s love for Baba to whom you are jealous as well as Baba’s (impression less) by keeping Baba always on the back of his mind in doing so.

12- Vegetarian food is preferred for spiritual reasons

Baba words:

Vegetarian food for spiritual reasons, and for the reason of health. Animal food stimulates excitement, lust, passion and evil desires, which are detrimental to spiritual progress. Vegetable food helps one to keep the feelings, emotions and desires balanced and normal, and hence assists the aspirant on the spiritual path. Also it improves health, aids digestion, and is free from certain poisons contained in animal food.

NB: Interpretations are in my words based on Baba’s messages.