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One experiences time and space in the gross world.  Sometime, one thinks of past and of future. Tomorrow can be termed as future compared to today.  It is said tomorrow never comes but today turns in tomorrow after 24 hours. One remembers past memories present in his subconscious mind and gesticulate something good in future. One is swayed by predictions which may lead to more disappointment when things do not materialize according to predictions coming to from any source, astrology, palmistry, numerology etc. etc.

In domain of spirituality, there is no past and future, it is ever present. It is always present, continuous, eternal and everlasting and never changing present.  The state of this experience is nothing but God realization. One who is God realized experiences the continuous present along with conscious experience of infinite Knowledge, Power and Bliss.

Yardstick of time on gross plane and subtle and mental planes are amazingly different. An hour on subtle plane may be many years of the gross plane (world).  Time on mental plane may be thousands of years of gross plane (world). It is said that time lapsed in crossing one plane to another takes 1000 years.


It will be proper to quote the episode of Anand, disciple of Gautama Buddha. In order to explain him Maya (illusion) Buddha took him into forest and sitting below a tree asked Anand to fetch drinking water for Him. Anand left and reached to a farmer’s house in search of water. There he got trapped in Maya (Illusion of gross plane). He saw farmer’s daughter; married her and got two children, flourished with wealth leading happy life. One day, flood washed away all his wealth. He with family was thrown in rush of water. His wife, two children drowned and could not save them.  From flowing water, he could fling on a mound to save his life. Thereafter, he returned back to gross plane and carried water for his Master Lord Buddha. By this time 12 years had passed by Anand in illusion. On subtle plane it was only half an hour to get water for Lord Buddha.

Another interesting episode in this context relates to Mohammad, a favourite mast of Meher Baba who stayed in Meherabad for a long-time. He was Hindu by birth and his name was Tukaram Laxman Chauhan. He was residing at village Sonewadi in Maharashtra and was married. He had two children. One day he raised his hand and stood for 10 to 12 days in one position, completely dazed, and after that when he came to senses, he said “Ram-Ram” to his wife and left the home for ever. Later he was brought To Meher Baba by Pleader. Thus Mohammad entered in subtle plane in seconds but it was 12 days in gross plane.

Time domain in gross, subtle and mental worlds

In Baba’s words:

“Time in the subtle world is not the same as time in the gross world due to the increased subjectivity of the state of consciousness; though time in the subtle world is this incommensurable with the time in the gross world, it is strictly determined by the impressions accumulated in the gross world.”

Travel time between planes

Baba said “The average period from one plane to another plane; it takes about one thousand years.”

Avatar has no limitation of time and space  

Baba’s words

For man there is a limitation of time and space. For God there is no limitation of time and space because He is everywhere at all times. For the God-Man or Avatar, there is no limitation of time and space as God; but as man He assumes the limitation of time and space to make man free of his limitations.”

I am beyond Time but when Perfect Masters bring Me down as Avatar, I appear to be limited by time. Time factor is different in different level of consciousness. My work to guide one and all to take a leap into timelessness continues on all planes. My time is quite different. For example when i started My silence, I said I will break it soon. More than 3decades have passed (1965) but My silence continues. Yet whatever I said about time factor is the Truth.  

Live more and more in the Present which is ever beautiful and stretches away beyond the limit of Past and Future. Yesterday of the Past and the “Tomorrow” of the Future, hinge on a point of Time which is “Now” of the present moment in Eternity.

Past is gone by, hence not to be thought about. Sometimes, when we think of past any striking event may come in one’s mind because all impressions of one’s good and bad actions remain stored in our subconscious mind. These impressions also affect our future thoughts, words and actions. Good memories of the past will make one happy and bad thoughts unhappy. So if one thinks of past one should try to preserve good memories and feel happy to remember them instead of sad events.

One need not worry about future. Ii is because every thought, words and actions in one’s life is destined by God (Baba). Whatever is destined in one’s life, good or bad is sure to come and pass according to God’s will (Baba). One’s past, present and future is like open book before Baba. Baba said for anything good or bad that happens, it is my will and I am responsible for it. It is all for your spiritual benefit. So Baba Said “Don’t worry, be happy”.

One must make best use of intellect, foresightedness to plan his future and be optimistic about it but must keep in mind that Baba is all behind it. One should not feel discouraged even if the results are not favourable which also goes according to Baba’s will and may be for one’s hidden benefit. One should be pessimistic to the extent that one may not become inactive or feel discouraged to take on further his endeavor.

Not content with present situation or not able to face miseries of the present, one always tries to seek remedy through any source. One also tries to know his future to get bit solace or feel happy for something good stored for him in future.

Baba did not reject astrology. It is also a science based on movement of stars and mathematical calculations like scientific calculation of material science. Both calculations almost match. One should not fall prey to predictions of astrology, palmistry or numerology etc. Predictions of future may give some solace to one if they are favourable but it may result more disappointment and worry if they are not favourable. Therefore predictions are not to be sought after. A favourable prediction makes one feel happy for the time being but an unfavorable may result in confusion and worry. More so if a favourable prediction did not materialize it may result in utter disappointment and discouragement.

An illustration

Here is one illustrative episode of Meherjee Karkaria –a close disciple of Meher Baba. Meherjee Kakeria met Baba in 1927, and for two years he was with Him as school teacher and as one of the mandali. In 1929, he went to Persia, and began import business.  He did a good business there. He had come to India once in 1934 to see Baba, but at the time, Baba was in the West. In 1943, Meherjee again came to see Baba. In Bombay, on suggestion of a friend, he consulted a palmist, who said that he will lose sixty percent of his business in Iran if he is not careful. Meherjee sent a cable to his manager in Persia, instructing him to dispose of his business.

He then proceeded to Lahore to see Baba. When Baba asked him about his business Meherjee told everything, and also about his recent encounter with the palmist. Baba twisted Meherjee’s ear and said, “You fool! Do you believe in astrology? Palmistry? I myself am God, and God can transform, create and destroy entire planets. Send a telegram immediately that nothing should be disposed of.” Baba advised him to continue his business as he had been doing, and Meherjee left for Persia. By heeding Baba’s advice, his business prospered more than ever before.

On gemology.

It is true, certain substances or creatures at the four corners (turns) of evolution hold impressions – certain metals, gems, black wool, cats, dogs. Not much should be said about it because it creates superstition." (Lord Meher, 1st. ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 11, p. 3878)

Remedy from worries of future

Solution to get rid of worries of anticipated and unpredictable future comes from Baba which is the spiritual healing in real sense. Baba said try to remember Me as much as possible, constantly and wholeheartedly. By this one receives the impression-less sanskaras of Baba which dilutes and counterbalances one’s sanskaras to make one Impessionless like Meher Baba Himself.