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Name of Avatar or Sadguru has unimaginable power. It works wonders. It is a very powerful tool to extract God’s help in exigencies provided it comes from core of the heart. Help from the Avatar or Sadguru can be invoked by lover through sincere prayer by heart. Avatar and Sadgurus are like central telephone exchange where any sincere prayer reaches instantly and answered immediately. His name acts like mosquito-net to protect from harmful thoughts.

Though, Meher Baba said, do not come to Me for fulfillment of material wants. He does not fulfill our wants but needs.  There is vast difference between want and need. It is explained as in dessert a plane glass of water is your need and a bottle of lemonade is want. For Baba lover there is no way but to go to Him in our difficulty. Meher Baba did not discourage His lovers not to call Him in difficulty or when we are not in a position to bear with the situation. Meher Baba guided us by ways as How to remember Him in such exigencies. Calling Baba’s name loudly from can save one from disaster     . Even in-animate objects are also moved by sincere prayer of a lover of God.

Baba’s words in this context are reproduced as under:

“I fulfill your needs but not desires. If you are thirsty in a desert, you need water not lemonade. So, do not come to Me even with the desire of God realization but just to love, obey and try to surrender Me as much as you can. Rest I will take care of you and your goal. I will take you to the final destination of God-realization blind folded without any risk and pitfall of spiritual journey”

“If you ever come across any such savage animals, or if you find yourselves in a perilous situation, cry out My name loudly. I will then save you. Even if you die, you should know that I have saved you, because My protection is real protection. I always protect My lover.

There is a difference between remembering My name and actually saying it out loud. In the eventuality of your body being overcome with fear in the presence of any wild animal or other creature (such as a snake), at such moments of danger you should loudly cry out My name so loud that the sound of My name falls on the creature's ears which will immediately make it as meek as a lamb!

“But before inanimate objects, during any serious mishap or accident – such as a car crash or train wreck – you will be saved by remembering Me with full faith from the bottom of your heart.”

“To hear My Name is enough. I do the rest. My name will serve as protective net around you.”

“If you just take My Name at the moment of your dropping your body, you will come to Me. Yes, anyone. It is just not easy to do this. So, do not wait for the last moment. Remember Me constantly and wholeheartedly all the time and you will not fail to remember Me in your last moment and you will surely come to Me.”

 There are many episodes to substantiate the power of name of Avatar or Sadguru.  Examples of mythological stories are briefly described as under:

1-Prahald-a great devotee of (Lord Vishnu) called Vishnu on point of being killed by his father Hirnakashyap, Lord Vishnu appeared in form of Narsingh Avatar and killed Hirnakashyap.

2-Balmiki-A robber by profession, repeated ‘Mara, Mara’, reverse of name of Lord Ram and pleased by his sincerity of repeating name of Lord Rama, Brahma appeared before him and transformed His personality.

3-Meera-A devotee of Lord Krishna drank poison given by her husband calling Lord Krishna’s name and was saved.

4-Draupadi- A character in Mahabharat, when her hope with her loser husbands and seniors fell short, she called Lord Krishna and was saved from stripping in the court by Dushasana.

5-Ajamil- A notorious character got liberation when on his death bed, he called inadvertently his son named “Narayana”.

Following are the real-time episodes with Meher Baba, accomplishes what Baba has said, are briefly described as under:

1-Meher Das – An ardent Baba lover prayed Meher Baba in a satsang program to bring alive a dead boy of Sarpanch of a particular village bitten by snake. Boy came alive, which brought faith among villagers but when Baba came to know, He told Meherdas strictly not to repeat in future.

2-Baidul- A close disciple of Meher Baba, while in Satara, he started treating patients in nearby village with simple boiled garlic extract in the name of Meher Baba for each and every disease. It worked well and even he treated with same dose to a chronic patient who was son of an ENT specialist. The servant of the doctor came to mandali quarters with a gift of a sweets packet to handover it to Dr. Baidul unknown to mandali as doctor, created a laughing scene. All enjoyed sweets on the birthday of one of the mandali member. When Baba came to know about it, He reprimanded, but forgave Baidul and ordered him to stop this practice from that very day.

3-Espandiar Vesali –A disciple of Meher Baba. He had been student in the Prem Ashram in Meherabad in 1928. Soon after the school closed, he returned home to Iran and had not seen Baba since 1928. He had a modest income from a cherry and apple orchard in Iran. Espandiar longed to have Baba's but that most years the winter frost destroyed. Not being financially sound to travel to India he wrote to Baba through Baidul.

Baba instructed Baidul to write back saying that Espandiar should go to the trees in his orchard and speak to them: "It is 35 years since I have seen Meher Baba, and I want to go and visit him. So you, my crop, are not allowed to freeze. I beg of you trees to bear fruit in abundance so that I might be able to go to see my Lord. The frost and winter should not destroy my crop this year." Baba instructed him to walk around the trees and utter these words, and then not to think of anything else and not to worry. So, Espandiar "spoke" to his trees every morning.

Espandiar borrowed money and flew to Bombay. He arrived at Guruprasad in May 1963 and met Meher Baba after more than 35 years of separation. He stayed in Meherabad and Poona for 20 days on one or other pretext. Later that year, when the orchard crop was harvested, even though surrounding orchards had been severely damaged due to a harsh winter frost, Vesali's trees gave an unprecedented yield-much to the local farmers' amazement.

4-Homi Hansotia- Gustadji's brother lived in Toka. He knew certain mantras which were said to alleviate the pain of a scorpion's sting. One night, a scorpion bit Homi himself and the whole night he was in pain. His mantras did not help him, so at one point he began screaming, "O Meher Baba! O Meher Baba!" After a few minutes, he shouted, "O Sai Baba! Sai Baba!" Then he called out, "O Babajan! Babajan!" In this way, he kept calling to all the Perfect Masters to help him. The next morning, Homi complained to Baba, "I was in so much pain last night that I became hoarse from calling you. But you did not listen and come to help.” Baba replied, “On the contrary, I heard every word, but you did not allow me to come. Had your faith fully in Me, you would have called on Me alone? Remember that by holding firmly to the feet of only one Master, your aim is achieved. But by leaving one Master for another, you will be left in the lurch." (To read full episode refer page-1090 of Lord Meher)

There would be more episodes of this nature. However, it is concluded here with last and important line that we must call only Meher Baba for any help because we have accepted Him as Avatar.