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Bakrid is marked festival of Mohammdans for Abhram sacrificing his son Isaac at the orders of Prophet Mohammad. Abhram slaughtered his son, but it was found that a sheep was slaughtered instead of his son. This is a rare example of obedience and detachment of worldly things on part of Abhram for his Master Mohammad. But the practice is still being continued by ignorant Mohammdans killing innocent goats (animal) and relish animal food for enjoyment only which most undesirable and objectionable. This is a misconception among Mohammdans for which every Mohammdan who follows are not only responsible but Maulavi’s and Imams are responsible for propagating it without real understanding.

Can any Mohammdan dare to sacrifice his son like Abraham to pay homage to Prophet Mohammad? If one takes pledge to leave or cut short anyone of vices of lust, anger, greed, attachment, ego, jealousy or hatred, this will go long way th help one on path of spirituality instead of getting bad sanskaras of killing innocent  goat animal. This applied not only to Mohammdans but to us also.

Wild-life department of Govt should ban the killing of Innocent animal goat like it has done in case of cows. But it is attached by wrongful and incorrect sentiments of Mohammdan hence Govt would be afraid of stiff resistance from Mohammdans and losing political support. Even Hindu politicians would oppose the move to appease Mohammdans for their political gain. It requires a strong will of the ruling Govt to ban it. Only political like Sardar Patel and Gandhi could do it.

Still we can surly consol ourselves on this issue that Baba’s will would prevail and a time may come when Baba would get it materialized though His agents or though some strong politician

This festival celebrated by Baba and His message are produced below.

On June 21th 1926, was the Muslim holiday of Bakri-Id, celebrated in memory of Abraham's offering of his son Isaac as a sacrifice to God?  The holiday was observed at Meherabad, and two of the Muslim mandali, Karim and Barsoap, were made to stand up and explain the significance of the holiday as best they could. Remarking about the Muslim custom of slaughtering a goat on this day, Baba conveyed, "They feel that if the Prophet killed a goat on this day, they should do it, too. They should try to kill their minds instead of goats! What is the use of slaughtering defenseless animals?"

On 11th June 1927, the Muslim festival of Bakri Id was celebrated By Meher Baba. The school was closed for half a day, and at 3:00 P.M. Baba presented the Muslim students with new clothes. He distributed sweets to all the children. (Lord Meher-pp-823-1927)