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Sadguru and Avatar defined

Sadguru (Man-God or Perfect Master) is a man becoming God in human form having attained God-realization or consciousness of “Aham Brahmasmi”. He bears universal body and universal mind, thereby gets associated with each living and non-living bodies of the universe. He has conscious experiences of God as well as man.

Avatar or God-man is the direct descent of formless God in human form which is brought out by five living Sadgurus once in every cycle of 700 to 1400 years. Avatar is the same soul who realized Himself first through process of evolution and involution on His own. The same supreme soul of Avatar appears in different cycles (11 ages) in different forms to redeem the mankind from the sufferings and takes upon Himself the burden of universal suffering.

The Avatar descends from his highest state of divine consciousness to the state of human consciousness. He does not need to pass through the stages of evolution, reincarnation and Realisation. He is God always and comes down directly from His God-state to man-state and becomes conscious of creation. His benevolent work is universal, and He gives a spiritual push to all objects in creation, inert and living, animate and inanimate both.

According to Meher Baba, “Avatar” is the first soul which in beginning attained Perfection, God realization or experience of “Aham Brahmasmi” without help of Master and came back to the level of human being retaining the God consciousness.  Meher Baba said- “I am the same ‘Ancient One’ whose past is worshiped and remembered, whose present is ignored and forgotten and whose future (Advent) is anticipated with great fervour and longing”.

Avatar’s and Sadguru’s role in the universe and help to humankind in Baba words are produced below.

Trio nature of God, Sadguru or Avatar

God has three infinite aspects:  knowledge, power, bliss. It is from these that man derives His three finite aspects false aspects of mind, energy, matter. The three aspects of God are interlinked; Bliss depends on power and power depends on knowledge. Similarly, the three aspects of man are interlinked: matter depends on energy and energy depends on mind. As a human being you are one homogeneous entity of these three finite aspects (mind-energy-matter) which are but the shadow of the Infinite aspects of God (Knowledge-Power-Bliss).

Role of Avatar in creation

Every God-Realized personality is perfect. However, those who come down and act as Masters – the Sadgurus and Avatar – come down with their minds universal and use divine powers to work for others. There is a place, Vidnyan Bhumika, where the Masters work and rest. It is similar to a threshold in between two places, where they can manage works both for the higher and lower worlds. One aspect is the preparation of souls from the lower world and the deliverance of them to the higher world, eventually realizing them. The Masters come down with the special purpose of bringing ripe souls to the highest state.

The one who manifests as the Avatar has to give a spiritual push to the whole world. This is greater than the circle preparation work which all Sadgurus have to perform. This great push is the main difference in their duties.

Besides this difference, the Avatar is always perfect in all respects, spiritually as well as materially, and in particular, physically. The Avatar always has a charming personality with a beautiful, symmetrical face and body; while the Perfect Masters are generally of odd size and shape physically, with certain defects sometimes so abhorrent that one does not even like to look at them.

Christ, Muhammad, Zarathustra, Buddha, Ram and Krishna were Avatars and hence had charming personalities. So is Mine. Upasni Maharaj, Narayan Maharaj and such present Perfect Masters have one personal defect or another. Upasni Maharaj's stature was too big –like a giant. Narayan Maharaj was too small, short in stature – like a dwarf. But this physical difference between the Avatar and Sadgurus makes no real difference in their spiritual status, which is always divine.

Avatar gives spiritual push to the world:

People of the world act according to moral standard and socially acceptable behaviour, but the Avatar or Perfect Master deals with everyone according to his or her sanskaras. Thus spiritual life is totally and cannot be judged on the basis of morality, ethics or principle.

As a rule, Masters help individually according to temperament and fitness of the aspirant, but this being an Avataric Period, which means the end of previous cycle and beginning of a new one, My spiritual help to the humanity will be both individual and collective. “

The period of function of the old and new cycle usually connotes the advent of a Master who rejuvenates religious thought, infusing new life and meaning to the old order of things. Besides imparting the highest state of spirituality to a select few, He gives a general push to the whole world.

Role of Sadguru in creation

When the Perfect Masters come down with this duty to the world and work every day with the people of the world, they descend with universal mind. Through the universal mind, they take upon themselves the sins (bad sanskaras) of the ripe souls and thereby suffer themselves. They experience bliss through the soul and suffering through the mind. They enjoy the bliss through the soul, which is one with the Almighty, and bear the universal suffering through their universal mind.

When a Sadguru’s right hand and right foot are active, it signifies spiritual help for the person concerned to aid him in realising God. Similarly His left hand and left foot denote material happiness or miracles.  For those who have faith in a Sadguru, miracles happen automatically through the medium of Maya, but the circle members should not hope for such miracles because the Sadguru Himself is working for them.

By keeping the company with God realized being, a person’s worldly sanskaras get burnt up through the Master’s spiritual heat. That is why those near a Sadguru derive great spiritual benefit, and the merit of those who serve the Master is indeed immense. But their contact can only be formed if you have good sanskaras and deep devotion-the preparedness of past lives.

No one can realize God without grace and help of a God realized Master.

No one can realize God except through the grace and help of a God-realized Master, who is Truth incarnate. Only a God-realized Master can awaken this true love in the human heart, by consuming, through the fire of His grace, all the dross that prevents its release.

Those who have got the courage and the wisdom to surrender them to a Perfect Master are the recipients of His grace. The grace of the Master does come to those who deserve it, and when it comes, it enkindles in the human heart a love divine, which not only enables the aspirant to become one with God, but also to be of infinite help to others, who are also struggling with their own limitations. There is no power greater than love.


Sadguru ‘acts’ while Avatar ‘becomes’ to do His universal work of helping mankind

One who clearly sees the sanskaras of everyone and everything is only conscious God, Who is duty bound, works for creation. You may call Him the Avatar, or the Christ, the Rasool or the Messenger.  He is the One eternally, consciously free and eternally bound. He is eternally free in His own form and eternally bound in everyone and everything.  He also has five Perfect Masters under His divine plan, who works for the universe all the time.  When the progress of consciousness in every kingdom of evolution becomes unnatural, the Avatar comes down to give His universal push.  He BECOMES everyone and everything, while a Perfect Master ACTS while doing His work.


Avatar holds the key and Sadgurus functions according to Avatar in His life time.

Meher Baba seldom mentioned the current five Perfect Masters on earth. He noted three were Hindu and two were Muslim, and later made it clear to the mandali that the five living Perfect Masters would not be in the limelight for at least one hundred years after He, the Avatar, dropped His body. It may be wise to conclude, therefore, that if anyone claims to be a Perfect Master within this span of time (1969 through 2069); he should be looked upon with considerable suspicion. In 1954, Meher Baba stated that as many as seventy-seven false Avatars or Messiahs would arise during His advent, which may imply that many will arise after He dropped the body in 1969, which has been observed to be the tragic case in both the East and West.


Perfect Masters or Sadgurus can help materially only after they drop their bodies.

A perfect Master, during His physical lifetime, can do greatest amount of universal work for the good of the world. After He leaves the body, He enjoys eternal bliss and thought the power is with Him, He cannot use it. For this reason, at the tomb or samadhi of a Perfect master there is spiritual power. But it is the faith of the people in the disembodied Master which become the medium to utilize that power. It is for this reason that the people derive benefit by revering a Perfect Master’s tomb, but the benefit accruing from such sources and drawn upon by the individual’s faith is invariably material in nature.

There have been some rare instances of the people deriving spiritual benefit from the shrines of the past Masters or saints. But the spiritual benefit is derived only in special cases where the earthly connection of the receiver and giver has been cut short by unavoidable circumstances. Such instances are very rare.

Spiritual benefits can be drawn directly or indirectly by visiting saints according to the spiritual status of the Master.


All beings are limited except the Avatar. Meher Baba also explained that there are two types of spiritual benefit – indirect which is determined by the efforts of the seeker, and direct which is given consciously with full force. There is no direct spiritual benefit given by those on the first four planes; all benefit is only indirect. The percentages of indirect spiritual benefit vary from 5% on the first plane; 7% on the second plane; 10% on the third plane; 50% on the fourth plane, but in encountering such a being there is also a 50% possibility of harm instead of benefit. A Wali of the fifth plane or the sixth plane Pir can respectively give 25% to 50% direct or indirect spiritual benefit to a seeker. The Majzoobs of the seventh plane gives 100% indirect benefit, but nil direct spiritual benefit because he remains totally unconscious of the universe and all beings in the world. The Perfect Master alone gives both indirect and direct spiritual benefit 100%; thus, His presence on earth benefits the universe 100% in an indirect or general way, and 100% benefits His circle (or disciples) in a direct or special way. The Avatar benefits all beings in the universe 100% in an indirect special way, and benefits his circle 100% in a direct chosen way.

No hell and heaven state for those closely connected with Avatar or Sadguru

When a person dies the mind’s connection with the gross body is snapped and this produces such a shock that he forgets every incident of his past life. After death, the soul remains in astral world for another 12 to 14 days in all before entering the hell and heaven state of subtle world. Those who are closely connected with Avatar or Sadguru do not enter in heaven or hell state but take birth immediately.

Role of Jivan Mukta, Sadguru and Avatar in helping other for God-realisation.

Jeevan mukta or Paramhans or Majzoob who do not come to the level of human being can make one single soul perfect like Him in His life time. No direct benefit accrues to the world from a Jeevan mukta or Paramhans or Majzoob.

Param mukta known as Perfect Master or Qutub or Sadguru knows Himself as God in everything and is able to help spiritually and can make many other souls realise God in His life time.

Avatar can make not only any number, even all in creation God realised and everything in creation from a particle of dust.

Sadguru does not take rebirth. Once a Sadguru drops His body, another God realized immediately takes His place. After dropping body, role of Sadguru to help spiritually ceases.