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Goal of life is to become one with God. Even in the gross world one has to pass through many up downs, successes and failures, happiness and sufferings before entering in subtle world.  During many incarnations in human life, one has to gain all kind of experiences viz I am man, women, healthy and sick, weak and strong, Indian or foreigner, intelligent and unintelligent; in order to reveal Himself on God realisation that he has undergone all kind of experiences in falseness and in reality he is everything and everyone with his universal body and mind.

To tread on the path of God realsation which passes through the experiences of the gross world is not like bed of roses. Sometimes, one may feel happy and successful in his life but it is also full of test and suffering and can be compared with walking on double edged sword. It needs a great deal of patience and forbearance to withstand hardships and ordeals of the path. Sometimes one chooses himself the austerities of sacrifice, renunciation, meditation, yoga of different kind as destined for him in expectation to reach the threshold of God realisation. This also requires   patience to continue austerities till he reaches the 6th plane of mental consciousness, the stage of where one gets insight and through third eye sees God in everyone and everything before God realisation.  Forbearance in normal life of gross world is primary requirement to continue his ceaseless effort which can lead one up to the sixth plane of consciousness but cannot get God realisation without help of a Sadguru (Perfect Master) or Avatar ( God man).  When a soul has achieved such longing to be one with God like fish without water; the Sadguru waiting for such a deserving soul, appears and unites such soul with God and makes him like Himself.

If by destiny any one comes in contact with Sadguru (God realised living Perfect Master) or Avatar in initial or any stage of life, his journey towards God realisation becomes easier, safer and faster compared to other who are the only seekers but are not in contact of a Sadguru or Avatar. Thus it can be said the waiting time (in terms of number of human incarnations) for aspirants under shelter of Sadguru or Avatar is cut short significantly. Sadguru or Avatar teaches His disciples number of lessons not only of forbearance but other attributes through His orders on gross plane to help one spiritually.

Meher Baba explained Forbearance

As the aspirant advances on the Path, he acquires, through his contact with the Master, an increasingly deeper understanding of true love. And this makes him painfully sensitive to those impacts from outside which not only do not taste of love, but actually bring him into contact with cold contempt, cynical callousness, agonising apathy and unabating hatred. All these impacts try his forbearance to the uttermost. Even the worldly man suffers in the world, which he occasionally finds indifferent or hostile. But he is thick-skinned and his suffering is less acute, because he does not expect anything very much better from human nature, and thinks that these things are inevitable and incurable. But the aspirant who has tasted of a deeper love knows the hidden possibilities in every soul; and his suffering is very acute because he feels the gulf between that which is and that which might have been, if only the world had even faintly appreciated the love which he has begun to understand and cherish.

There are many real-time episodes of Baba’s life where-in He taught forbearance and surfaced inherent vices of His disciples through compliance of His orders. To quote one of His orders for Bhau Kalchuri was to teach, serve and keep happy at all cost to a wicked and illiterate boy which turned out to be a great lesson of forbearance.

Following are few interesting stories narrated by Meher Baba during conversations with mandali which are relevant in this context.


A yogi once went before a Sadguru with a request to be shown something, such as God, the heavens or the planes. The Sadguru asked him to stay near him and take the name of Sitaram only for one hour. The yogi took this trial to be very trivial, thinking what possible great reward such a small trial would give. Although it is very difficult, practically impossible, to stay before a Sadguru even for a short time.

Reading his mind, the Sage said, "I have a still easier course, should you prefer. Go sit under a tree for twelve years observing strict fast and I will show you what you want."

This satisfied the yogi, who thought it would be a hard trial at least that would surely bring a good and substantial reward.

The story, in short, means that it is very hard to stay with a saint (who may be compared to fire!). Not only this, but in spite of a strong determination in the beginning to "stay" at all costs, one would feel (compelled) to go away at the first available opportunity, if the Sadguru turns the key internally, (despite) making an external show to keep one near

Story -2

There was once a Perfect Master who was walking along a rough country path which wound its way between and under trees of many varieties. The Master came upon a man seated under one of the trees in the act of meditation.

The man, becoming aware of such a strong spiritual presence, opened his eyes. He immediately reacted to this advanced being with a cry of, "Oh, Master, will you tell me how many more lives I must pass through before realizing God?"

The Master looked at him and replied, "It will be four more lives before you reach your goal." The yogi reacted badly to this, complaining that it was too long; especially as he was working so hard to obtain his freedom.

The Master then continued his walk through the trees. After a time he came across another yogi who also opened his eyes and asked the same question as to the amount of time that must pass before he would receive God-realization.

On being told that he had about 300 more years before this longed-for event, he also grumbled, but was not as aggressive as the first yogi had been.

Again the Master walked on, and again a meditating yogi asked the same question.

The Master looked at the tree under which the man was sitting, and saw that it was covered with thousands of small leaves and then replied, "You will have as many lives as there are leaves on this tree."

The yogi reacted by joyfully saying, "Oh, thank you Master, thank you; it is such a wonderfully short time."

Immediately at such submission to the will of God, this yogi received the longed-for realization.