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One is always free to test his guru or master for his highness before he can accept Him as guru. If one has least intellectual approach he cannot remain ignorant about the person to whom he is going to accept as his guru for his life time. Unless something appeals to him of his Guru; his knowledge, physical beauty, appearance, discourses or utmost occult or miraculous powers which may bring some kind of relief to him on physical or mental level, he will not accept anyone as master or guru. Predominantly any miraculous act by prospective guru may bring much more attraction to be accepted as Guru even by intellectual.

Perfect Master Kabir said:

“Pani Pijiye Chan ke aur Guru Kijiye Janke,

“Jab tak guru mile nahi sacha, tab tak karo bis pachasa.

Jab tak na dekhu apane naini

Tab tak na manu guru ki baini


Sadguru aisa kijiye kare nishne chot,

Sumiran aisa kijiye na jibh hile na hoth.

Not only spiritually advance souls but tantriks (self styled guru) has control over many things on physical plane. They can perform miracles and can bring relief to anyone on physical or mental level. Such miraculous acts of a tantrik can make many disciples to come under his fold who accept “Chamatkar Ko Namaskar”.

Gurus are at different level of spirituality can help a seeker to their level only

One has a very limited knowledge, so, how can one recognize a Sadguru or Avatar who has infinite knowledge? There are many saints, walis, and pirs of different spiritual planes who are not God realized yet they can help one in one’s spiritual progress maximum to their level only. For example a Ph.D. degree holder can teach nursery to Ph.D. students but an intermediate student can teach maximum up to intermediate level. Many are many false or hypocrite saints and gurus who have no level in spirituality but with their bookish knowledge are able to impress common men by their discourses. Such gurus are no good for spiritual benefit of aspirant. These saints or gurus of lower status give mantra or secret words to their followers for repetition, a medium of limited approach to progress on the path of spiritually.

Kabir, Perfect Master said:

Kanfuka Guru had ka, Behad ka guru Nahi,

Behad ka guru aur hai, soch samajh man mahi.

Difference between Real Guru (God realised) and gurus of lower planes

It is also necessary for an aspirant to know as what is the difference between Real Guru (Advance souls), Sadguru or  Avatar and false saints or gurus who are yet to enter in first plane of spirituality.

A false Guru always poses Himself to be real and dispenses discourse in humorous and interesting manner to impress his spiritual knowledge. He takes credit of all good happenings of one’s life which are destined to come to him naturally; and if any of his prediction bounces makes one responsible for not following him sincerely. Since false guru has not gained realisation, he invites seekers to come to him and take guidance which will make one to progress and reach the destination of God-realisation. According to Meher Baba, these false saints cannot show the true colour of spirituality –which is colourless. but to instil faith in the seeker, provide colourful spectacles in form of mantras & bhantras by which one is misguided with its false colourful sight. Most of false saint advocate or advice to take some kind of meditations or yoga; which makes one to get some kind of subtle experiences like musical sound, fragrance and mental peace (not to be confused with bliss which is divine and permanent) which bring an illusion of having gained some spiritual status. One gets addicted to meditation to get temporary happiness and gets false impression of spiritual advancement. According to Meher Baba this is no spiritual gain. As soon as one returns to normal level consciousness after meditation, the thoughts which were restricted by mediation or yoga become more intensive and affect their thought and action.

In the event of real spiritual progress, when one enters in first subtle plane, he never comes back to normal consciousness on gross plane. The transformation is permanent. He who enters in first plane becomes oblivious of the world. For this Baba said that the false saint give you a colourful spectacles which misled the seeker creating more illusion within illusion.

There are real Gurus of lower planes like saints of first to forth planes, wali of 5th planes and pir of 6th plane, who can help the aspirant immensely in their spiritual progress. They are at subtle and mental level and can establish the aspirant to any lower plane or as Himself. But such gurus are not common but very rare who come forward to help his devotees. It is also difficult to recognize and contact them. They may look like mad and be found in filthiest place where no one would like to stand. But they are real gurus and one comes in their contact as result of his past good sanskaras as destined.

One should try to find real Guru- the Avatar is not present. When Avatar is present there is no need to search for Guru of lower order or even living Sadguru. Avatar and Sadguru both are God realized or God personified. Both experiences the state of “Aham Brahmasmi” and possess Infinite Knowledge, Power and Bliss and can impart realisation to many in a twinkling of eye. It is therefore important to get contact of Avatar only in one’s life time which depends on his past sanskaras and destiny.

One has every right to select his prospective guru by test in his own way. Avatar or Sadguru always allows His disciples to test Him because He is truth himself and nothing is impossible for Him. Sadguru and Avatar is like central telephone exchange where sincere calls from every heart are immediately received; heard, instantly replied and helped.

Test your prospective guru in right earnest

One must try to test his guru in right earnest. Those who sincerely approach to Sadguru or Avatar are definitely helped by Sadguru or Avatar to bring them in His fold.

There is an episode connected with Meher Baba which worth to mention here.


A man lost his son and in order to know whereabouts his son, approached Meher Baba. Baba said, “I am not an astrologer, I do not fulfil material wants.” The Man begged Baba again and again.  Baba took note of his request. Baba asked him to search for his son in a particular area and his son was found. May be it was test by that man to believe in the divinity of Meher Baba

But to test a Sadguru or an Avatar with malice intentions or to insult Him may be very damaging for the individual. Baba also advised His lovers not to criticize any saint (false or real) which brings very adverse impressions for anyone who does so. This is because as ordinary man, one does not know the real spiritual status of the saint to whom he is criticising.  Even the saint is not real; one invites bad sanskaras of backbiting in doing so.

Here is another real episode with Baba which is a lesson for everyone.


A man, having three sons approached Meher Baba to prove Him wrong. He requested Meher Baba to be blessed with a son. Baba asked him to be sure but the man insisted and Baba Okayed. The man went to his fellow villagers and said how he has fooled Meher Baba. He blessed me a son, whereas I already have three sons. Meher Baba is fraud and He does not know anything. After some time his two sons died simultaneously in a road accident and only one survived. Knowing this incident, mandali (group of close disciples) got frightened and approached Baba to tell the story. Baba said; never try to judge a Sadguru or Avatar with malice or ulterior motive. One may test Meher Baba with all sincerity and the way one want.

Avatar or Sadguru responds to test of seeker to bring to Him under His fold as destined

There are different ways the Avatar and Sadgurus help His lovers materially and physically to bring the in His fold.  Once Baba finds that His lover is established in His fold, He starts His operation / real test by putting him under suffering and miseries to cut his past sanskaras.  In case of Amiya Kumar Hazra, an ardent disciple of Baba lover from Jabalpur tested Baba for number of times for his petty demands and Baba fulfilled all to his demands surprisingly to bring him under His grip.

Just as the disciple tests the Master in respect of his capacity to guide him, the Avatar or Sadguru or Guru in turn also tests the disciple in respect of his integrity. The Master is unconcerned about whether the disciple doubts Him or has faith in Him. What He tests is whether the disciple is sincere and wholehearted in his spiritual search and pursuit? The Master is not at all interested in giving proof of His own divinity to the disciple, except when He feels that any such proof is likely to be unfailingly useful and unavoidably necessary for the spiritual benefit.

There are many episodes connected with Meher Baba which proves His divinity to His lovers. One is related to lighting of Dhuni first time by Baba in Meherabad.


Baba lighted Dhuni to fulfil the request of villagers of Arangaon to bring rain. It rained on heavily. Villagers having faith in Baba left happily. In contrast to this some of mandali men asked Baba, “We are trying and trying, digging more wells but there is no sign of water in Meherabad, why don’t you do some miracles for us?” Baba replied, “My act of Dhuni was symbolic and did bring rain to instil faith of villagers in Me which was dependent on water.  But faith of all of you is at all not dependent on getting water. If someone says to you that Baba is dancing naked outside, your faith in Me will not shake or diminish.

Avatar or sadguru always put to test His disciples before granting God realization, Otherwise also to help in their spiritual progress

Avatar and Sadgurus always put his disciples to rigorous tests to prepare and elevate them in their spiritual progress. There are many examples of like Anand and Kalyan (disciples) who were subjected to many tests for obedience. Avatar always tests His closest disciples and prepares them before imparting God-realisation to make them like Himself. Each of Sadgurus in hierarchy of Sikh’s sect imparted God- realsation to next Guru after strict test of suffering and obedience. Meher Baba also put to test many of His close disciples for obedience, honesty, service, and detachments etc.   Meher Baba –present Avatar of the Age, bestowed God realization to few close disciples in their life lifetime after rigorous test of suffering.