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Baba said aim of life is to love God and Goal of life is to become God. In order attain Godhood; seeker has to traverse all seven planes of consciousness to start with loving God. Love is defined by Baba as extreme devotion without desire. Meher Baba propagated love for God i.e. (Prem Marg). Baba said that any kind of meditation, yoga, renunciation or austerities is not necessary for His lovers.

Baba said in order to love God, Love Me because I am God, He said, it difficult for you to love Me as I am ought to be loved. Hence He gave us the line to start loving God by loving those whom you cannot love. He also gave 12 ways of loving God. All these are also difficult for ordinary man so Baba again relaxed conditions for us and said try to remember Me constantly and wholeheartedly right from now onward so that you do not forget My name at last moment of your life. This is also difficult to achieve. Then Baba furthers relaxed to take His name sincerely twice a day. It meant reciting Parvardigar & Repentance prayer in morning and evening.  Baba assured us that He will take us to final destination of God- realisation blindfolded at appropriated time as designed by Him.

So, is it not that Baba has made so difficult goal of realisation so easy for us?  To me answer is yes. However it is a matter of belief for anyone which is also guided by Meher Baba.

NB: Above rendering substantiates heading of this article which is my interpretation in my words based on Baba’s messages and discourses.