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Baba said: -“The Aim of life is to love God and the goal of life is to become one with God” –means attainment of God-realisation. But how difficult is it to attain God realisation?

The soul (one) has to pass through Evolution (journey from God to man) and Involution (journey from man to God).  Involution also goes through numerous incarnations. One (soul) has to cross the seven planes (stages) of consciousness. Scriptures suggest 3 Paths (Margas) to be followed to reach God.

  1. ‘Karma Marg’ --Not so difficult but very slow.
  2. ‘Yoga Marg’ --- Difficult but dangerous.
  3. ‘Bhakti Marg’ -–Easiest, safest and surest.
  4. ‘Karma Marg’

It is to follow the directions of the Avatar and Sadgurus, accorded according to age and time; like good thoughts, good words and good deeds which means overlapping of bad sanskaras by good sanskaras. This is a very lengthy process of wiping out all good as well as bad sanskaras. It is because every good or bad thought, or word or deed creates further sanskaras and that has to be countered by better thought, word and deed. In this way perfect balancing of overall good and bad sanskaras to zero become unprecedented like swinging of a perfect balance, in scientific terminology, which may oscillate indefinitely to reach equilibrium synonym of God-realisation.

  1. ‘Yoga Marg’

It is faster but difficult and dangerous too. It does not suit to a common man except for those who are inclined to it and also caused by their past sanskaras. It is dangerous in the sense that one may be misguided with the experiences and temptations to misuse of occult powers gained by meditation or yoga practices; unless he is under the direct guidance of a spiritual Master. Through yoga, one can reach upto the 6th plane of consciousness without outside help but cannot attain union with God without the help of a Sadguru or a Perfect Master. Meher Baba had not recommended any kind of meditation or yoga for His lovers.

Once a soul makes progress on the inner path of spirituality and enters the first plane of consciousness of the subtle world, it becomes oblivious (total forgetfulness) of the gross word. Gross world does not affect the subtle world, rather, subtle world superimposes over the gross world. He feels as if he is like the fragrance or the air. From the 1st plane through the 4th planes of consciousness of the subtle world, it (the soul) attains different levels of occult powers and capacity to perform miracles on gross plane.

When staged on 4th plane, one (soul) achieves Infinite Power and can even create a new universe. Soul traversing first to fourth plane also finds it difficult to control his temptation

To display its occult powers on gross plane unless is most difficult unless one (soul) is under the guidance of a Master of a higher plane or the Avatar/ Sadguru to whom one has surrendered. Any execution or display of these powers on the 4 th plane, not only hampers the further spiritual progress but leads to disaster of stooping down  to the  lowest stage of evolution, say, to the stone form.

In this mental world, it (soul) experiences as thought itself. This mental world of 5th and 6th planes superimposes over both gross and subtle worlds. An aspirant on the 5th plane (a Wali’), being in gross body, can control the thought, action and desires of the lower planes of consciousness and even can spiritually uplift another aspirant who is on the spiritual path below the stage of 5th plane of consciousness, only upto his own level of 5th plane (and not beyond), in his own way. To be clearer on this aspect, please go through the following excerpt from Baba’s “God Speaks’:-

More important still, he (a WALI) can help less advanced souls and also ordinary human beings to come up to his own level of progress.

“Generally, a Wali (Mahapurush) helps an aspirant by gazing into his eyes, thereby tearing away the inner veil from the real eye within. This spiritual influence of the Wali through sight is known to Sufis as ‘Tavajjoh.’ The term ‘TAWAJJOH’’ does not apply to Perfect Master. In their case the term ‘will’ is correct for they can also render this help without the physical contact that is necessary in the case of masters of the planes.”

The aspirants on the 5th plane and 6th plane of consciousness are called ‘Wali’ and ‘Pir’ respectively. On 6th plane, a ‘Pir’ sees God everywhere and in everything, but cannot experience God consciously, within. So, he longs to be united himself with God. However, the Avatar or Perfect Master/ Sadguru has to necessarily help him (the Pir) in this task of attaining ‘God Realization.'

Meher Baba in His book “God Speaks” has given counting of souls on different planes and in between. Total number at any point of time is 7000 only out of the world population of 70 millions. By His coming as Avatar this number becomes 7001. Thus one in a million enters the first plane of consciousness on the spiritual path and the rest of all are beginners. It is not so easy; it may take reformations of millions of births and deaths, if one has not surrendered to the living Avatar or Sadguru.

3- Bhakti Marg:

It is to develop faith and devotion in existence of God or a Master.

Before the progress on the spiritual path actually begins, first comes ‘Belief’ (faith) and ‘Conviction’ in the existence of God, eventually and consecutively. This occurs as a consequent of several disappointments, innumerable failures in lakhs and lakhs of lives, through the process of ‘reincarnation.’ After entering the spiritual path, gradually the intellect turns into intuition to have strong conviction in the existence of God, just like a son accepting his father without asking for any proof.

Faith is gained in three ways:

  1. By reading:- books or hearing about the impersonal aspect of God (Nirakar) or the personal aspect God, that is either a ‘Sadguru’ (Perfect Master) or (Perfect Master’) or the ‘Avatar.’ This applies both to literates and illiterates.
  2. By experience: - One may get certain experience in a dream; or have some sort of inner experience; or get an external experience of miraculously attaining certain worldly benefits on praying to God—that is, the deity of his choice.
  3. By start praying to the Master and his faith turns into Bhakti (Devotion) which is of nine types as described by Tulsidas in Ramayana. When devotion reaches to the extreme, (optimum degree) it turns into love for God. (Devotion expects something in return whereas Love seeks only the pleasure and Will of God). Thereafter, Love for God is followed by ‘Obedience’ and ‘Surrender’ to God and the spiritual journey of the aspirant on the planes progresses as destined.

Meher Baba explained to His disciple Anita “How the difficult is God realisation is made easy by Him.

One in a million, through intense concentration, does see God within himself. Then for him nothing exists anymore; he sits absorbed within. Even a yogi who is genuine and who gets absorbed in this real experience cannot reach the Goal, the aim of his life, unaided by the Perfect Master. It is all made so complicated, and books on yoga have made it still more complicated.

How very complicated a simple thing has been made! I am giving you a hint. The easiest way to achieve the Goal of life is to leave all and follow me through love. I do not mean that you should leave your house and family and come here! Don’t do that! [People laughed.] I mean that you be in your house and with your family, but love me as I want you to love me – love me above all. That is the simplest way.

Another hint. A still more simple way to attain God is to obey Me. Obey Me implicitly. Is it possible? That is simpler than the simplest thing! Try. If you try, I will help you.

Avatar Meher Baba has made the things so easy for His lovers. He has given to His so many concessions and assurances for God-realisation. He advocated to His lovers the two media of ‘Loving Him constantly and deeply’ and also ‘Mere repetition of His name constantly and whole-heartedly’. His only demand from His lovers is to remember His name whole heartedly at any time or all the time and in any manner. He assured His lovers that He would take them to the final destination, blindfolded. When He opens the band, we will come to know that we have gone through the experiences of all planes without journeying through. The way(s) suggested by Meher Baba, the Avatar of the Age, are the easiest, surest and safest. Since it is so easy therefore, so difficult to attain it.

However, it appears that in this advent, Avatar Meher Baba has made the “The becoming of One with God’ somewhat easier, through His divine Messages “My Wish”, in the concluding part of which ‘Beloved Baba’, the Compassionate Father has assured the mankind at large  as follows:-

I say with my divine authority to each and all that whosoever takes My name at the time of breathing his last comes to Me; so do not forget to remember Me in your last moments. Unless you start remembering Me from now on, it will be difficult to remember Me when your end approaches. You should start practicing from now on. Even if you take My name only once every day, you will not forget to remember Me in your dying moments.”

So, don’t you feel how easy Baba made the difficult task of leading a spiritual life and reaching the ultimate goal?