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So many religions and sects came into existence with followings of Avatars appeared time to time. They did give the teachings for spiritual upliftment of humanity according to exigencies and circumstances of the time. These teachings accepted as tenets of particular religion after Avatar and Sadguru appear different outwardly but when interpreted in real sense these are one and the same.

Essence of all religions is one. God alone exits, He is everything and in everyone. God unconsciously as man is trying to know Himself as God consciously

Meher Baba said:

There are three languages in which the Avatar teaches: In ordinary language, for the masses who follow the Shariat (custom) and ritual of their religion, so that they can understand:

In language both ordinary and mystical, for the few advanced souls;

In language wholly mystical, for the circle

All these teachings given by the Avatars were according to the exigencies of the times then prevailing.

There were great Masters, great Prophets, and they realized so many souls. However, what they gave or left to the world was only Shariat – sweet syrup. They only gave internal knowledge (gnosis) to their close disciples who were very, very few. What they said and what was written down to make books was only the knowledge and rules of rituals and ceremonies, appealing to the ordinary minds of the time.

Parsee religion and its tenets.

Parsi is the oldest religion of the cycle after Lord Zarathustra

Zaratha said; “I speak to thee in His Holy name, and command thy profound submission to his behest.” The God that sent to me thee has commanded me to bid the all and mankind to resist the power of evil that makes man life a veritable Hell.”

Zarathustra gave the masses Shariat, as in those days they could well understand good thoughts, good words and good deeds. He did not say in clear words: "Act and don't care about the result" – since they would not have been able to accept it. So Zarathustra said the same thing, but in a different way.

Judaism religion and its tenets

Judaism religion formed after Lord Abhram and symbol of Judaism with two triangles and six corners appear on logo of Mastery in Servitude” in second order.  He was Second Advent of Avatar after Lord Zoroaster. He is also called as second Zoroaster.

Hindu religion and its tenets.

Rama said, “Vishnu, to save His people, will be born on the earth to slay the demons. He will descend to the world, embodying Himself as Sri Rama. Rama will show mortals how to live by truth. Sinners will be cleaned of their sins when they take there name of Rama. (Ramayana)

Krishna said,” By me all this world is pervaded in my manifested aspect: all beings have root in Me. I am not rooted in them. The foolish disregard me, when clad in human semblance, ignorant of my supreme nature.  (Song celestial Bhagwat Gita)

Krishna said: "Act, but do not care for the results. Dedicate them to Me." – Why? Because the atmosphere then was full of warring spirits.

Hinduism is one of the best religions in terms of tenets. Baba has confirmed all tenets of Hindu religion even disposal of dead body after death by fire where it goes back to five elements of earth, fire, water, air and Akash. Hindu religion believes in incarnations in Human life, Formless God and Personified God (easier to accept), prayer and reverence of God in Karm-kand-Bhakti, Yoga & Dhyan marg. Hinduism is most liberal and allows reverence of any living master or even non-living bodies as God which is also a lower form of God manifestation. It is therefore so many sects and Panths have come up in existence after Perfect Master like   ten Perfect Masters in Sikhism, Jainism after lord Mahavira and  many so many  saints and gurus of lower status like Osho who do not claim to be Prefect Master.

Buddha religion and its tenets.

Buddha said, “Having reached the shore myself, I carry others to the shore, being free I make them free, being comforted I comfort; being perfectly at rest, I lead others to rest. By My perfect wisdom I know both this world and the next such as they really are, I am all knowing, all seeing. Come to Me.” (The lotus of the true law)

The following teachings are commonly seen as essential to Buddhism.

The Four Noble Truths: that suffering is an ingrained part of existence; that the origin of suffering is craving for sensuality, acquisition of identity, and fear of annihilation; that suffering can be ended. And that following the Noble Eightfold Path is the means to accomplish this:

The Noble Eightfold Path: right thinking, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, and right concentration are depicted in symbol of Buddha religion as eight spikes in a circle.

Christian religion and its tenets.

This religion came with following of Lord Jesus called Christ.

Christ said, “I am light of the world, he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life. To his end I was born, and for this cause came I into, that I should bear the witness to the truth. Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.

I am the resurrection and the life; he that believeth in me through he were dead yet shall he live and who so ever liveth and believeth in me shall never die.

Baba said about Christ

If Jesus said that God is in heaven, then he was not the Christ. But I know that he was perfect and divine, God-incarnate, and never meant that.

To the multitude he said, "God is in heaven; try to go there," and to reach that end He said to overcome certain temptations and sufferings.

To his followers he said, "God is everywhere; try to see Him." and gave explanations to that effect.

To the close circle of apostles he said, "God is in Me and in you too," and actually revealed this to them.

Jesus also said: "Act, but in the spirit of sacrifice."

Owing to the time and the persons, according to their readiness to listen and understand. What Jesus meant was to leave all and follow Him; that means to know Him, see Him, and experience Him.

The teachings that are being followed by Christians are not the real teachings that Christ gave. The priests have altered His words, added to His teachings and spoiled them

Christian tenets do not believe in existence of personified God and reincarnation. God has infinite Power, Knowledge and Bliss and nothing is impossible for God, then God can be with form and without form also. To Limit God without form would be to undermine God. When Christians accept Bible saying Christ as messenger of God but also accept His words as Christ said “I am son of My father and I and My father is One.” This is clearly and correctly interpreted that Christ Himself was God incarnate.  He said so as messenger of God to be followed by the masses who had that level of acceptance only.

Islam religion and its tenets:

Islam religion which came into force by the followers of Muhammad.

Muhammad said, “Muhammad is not the father of any man among you, but he is the messenger of Allah and Seal of Prophets; and Allah is aware of all things.

All those believe me and do good works and believe in that which is revealed unto Muhammad-and it the truth from their Lord –he riddeth them of their ill-deeds and improveth their state.

Some of the sayings of Mohammad has been interpreted most wrong fully by Maulavi’s and Imams who are responsible for the fanatic and orthodox belief in Mohammdans.

Muhammad said who do not have faith in Me are infidel, but it did not mean that all others who had faith in Sadguru or Avatar than Him are infidel. Mohammdans went by wordy interpretation that who does not believe in Muhammad are infidels and do not recognize other religion at par with Islam.

Mohammdan took the sacrifice of Abhram a disciple of Lord Mohammad killing his son, Isaac, a rare sacrifice in obedience to his Master Muhammad as killing of a goat only. Though Abhram killed his son but it turned out to be goat by the grace Lord Muhammad as reward to his disciple. Mohammdans misguidedly take it as custom and kill goat as sacrifice parallel to Abraham and relish animal food. This is most undesirable. This is no way sacrifice but deliberate violence adverse from spiritual point of view.

Baba remarked custom of Bakrid

In regard to Muslim custom of slaughtering a goat on this day, Baba conveyed, "They feel that if the Prophet killed a goat on this day, they should do it, too. They should try to kill their minds instead of goats! What is the use of slaughtering defenseless animals?"

Islam does not believe in reincarnation in human-life. This is also a literal interpretation Muhammad’s word. When Muhammad said that dead will rise from their graves on the day of Kayamat (Mahapralaya or dissolution of universe) and they will have to give the account of their misdeeds. He meant of one real birth (when soul was first separated from Oversoul-God) and real and final death (when soul is gets realisation, finally get awakened as God Himself

Real Birth and Real Death

There is one real birth and one real death. You are born once, and you really die only once.

What is real birth? It is the birth of a "drop" in the Ocean of Reality. What is meant by it? It is the advent of individuality, born of indivisibility through a glimmer of the first most-finite consciousness, which transfixed cognizance of limitation into the Unlimited.

What is meant by real death? It is consciousness getting free of all limitations. Freedom from all limitations is real death. It is really the death of all limitations. In between the real birth and the real death, there is no such reality as the so-called births and deaths.

What really happens in the intermediate stage known as births and deaths is that the limitations of consciousness gradually wear off until consciousness is free of all limitations. Ultimately, consciousness totally free of all limitations experiences the Unlimited Reality eternally. Real dying is equal to real living. Therefore I stress: "Die for God and you will live as God."

Baba further commented:

You are first a child, then grow old and drop the body, but you never die and were never born. In the East, Vedantists believe in reincarnation, in numberless births and deaths until one attains God. The Muslims believe in one birth only and in one death only. The Christians and the Zoroastrians believe the same. All are right. But Zarathustra, Ram, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad and all previous Avatars meant what I mean by real birth and real death. I say: "You are born once and die once." (Lord Meher, 1st. ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 15, pp. 5426 – 5428)

Muhammad said: "Keep engrossed in action alone. If you act well, you will go to heaven; if you act evil, you will go to hell."

Muhammad said about Hell and heaven in above words. He created His (God’s) fear among His followers that souls with good or bad acts they will be sent hell as punishment and haven as reward. This is also a misconception among all religions. Hell and heavens are considered as places or destination where soul after physical death gets punishment or reward for his bad or good acts of his previous life. Baba revealed that heaven and hell are not the places but the state of mind after a soul drops his physical body. A soul normally remains in astral body (without body) minimum for four days (very good soul) and maximum 13 days (for any other soul not so good) except exceptions where one commits suicide or gets executed. In this state without body, soul introspects and experiences or feels good or bad acts of his previous life in proportion within short time of 4 to 13 days. If there is predominance of good acts of his previous life, the soul experiences happiness (heaven state) and if bad acts dominate, soul experiences misery (hell state). Since the time span in hell or heaven state (between 4 to 13 days) is very short compared to acts performed in his previous life which may range more than 100 or even less, therefore  for intensity of agony or suffering of soul without body is many times more.

It therefore, Karm-kand-the death ceremony-Chautha or Terhavi are performed on 4th day or maximum 13 days after death for the reason that dead person takes rebirth in new body after going through heaven and hell state. Any rituals performed after 13 days of death of a person is meaning-less since soul has incarnated in new life in new body.

Meher Baba said

Meher Baba said that He is above all religions” He belong to no religions, all religion belonged to Me.

Baba said, “Age after age, I come amidst mankind to maintain my own creation of illusion, thereby also awakening humanity to become aware of it. My advent is not to destroy illusion because as it is, it is absolute nothing. I come and make you aware of nothingness of illusion through you.  I automatically maintain illusion which is nothing but shadow of my infinite Self and through me, you automatically discard illusion when you are made aware of its falseness.

Baba did attach importance to rites and rituals but the company of Perfect Master or Avatar. It is clear from His following sayings.

“Established codes of religion and morality to the mankind are as general advice given by father to son. They are for its wellbeing, but when one may have the advantage of loving wisdom; it should be accepted in preference to these established codes. This may be done without coming to harm, but with much benefit.”

Most of so called religious ceremonies performed by the Parsees, the Hindus and followers of other creeds are unnecessary and worthless. For these useless ceremonies, it is the avaricious and worldly priests are responsible. Prophets, Sadgurus and saints are not bound by them.


"To obey Me is the best religious act you can perform, and by doing so you will free yourself from all the bondages of the customs and rites of religion."