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(Original version of this episode as written by Bhau Kalchuri in the book “Lord Meher” could not be traced hence this is being produced in words as translated from Hindi to English by the complier. It is found interesting hence included in this compilation).

Episode goes like this:

Meher Baba was in America. A Negro named Adward James came to Baba for darshan. When any negro came to meet Baba then Baba used to stand and welcome him with great love and respect. Adward had read many books. Seeing   him in front, Baba asked him, “Having read so many books, what you have learnt? Tell me in five words.” hearing Baba’s question, Adward could not reply as what he could answer to this question of Baba and he was looking Baba as if  he is not able to answer His question. At this, Baba pointed on his alphabet board, “I have not learnt anything”. “Are these five words correct?” Adward moving his head in affirmation said, “Yes.” After that Baba talked to him something on spirituality and he left satisfied.

Whenever people came to meet Baba, the Baba would ask them such a question that they would themselves get the answer of their problem.

(Lord Meher-pp-88)