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(February 1939)

Ajmer was the first Ashram confined to Meher baba’s work with masts as a distinct class. Ajmer lies on the Aravali hills and is renowned in India for the Shrine of Khwaja Moeinuddin Chisti.

In December 1938, Meher Baba set out with a mixed group of disciples on motor tour. They first went to Hyderabad, Jabalpur, Benares, Mathura, Agra, Delhi and then reached Ajmer in February 1939. A compact little house of a local banker was hired for His stay and disciples brought the masts for Baba. The greatest treasure was the incomparable Chacha whose contact with Baba has been described under five favourites. The great mast 6th plane mast Chatti Baba also stayed here with Baba from July 17th May to 16th July 1941.

Mast Mohammad, one of the five favorite masts also stayed with Meher Baba in February 1939.

The other two masts of unusual excellence were Lakhan Shah and Qabristanwala described as under.

CHATTI BABA (Refer -Group-2)

MOHAMMAD (Refer- Group-2)



Lakhan Shah was a Majzoob-like mast of 6th plane and Baba described him as having 75% Jamali and 25% Jalali characteristic.

In February 1939, Kaka brought him to Baba’s house. Baba shaved, bathed and fed him as soon as he arrived and on the first night he lay down to sleep in Baba’s room. Kaka was asked to keep a watch on Lakhan shah to see that he did not slip away. During the following days he enjoyed Baba’s constant attention and when Baba pressed his feet, he said, “Master does not do that”. He remained with Baba for a week and was sent away and arrangements made with a local man to feed Lakhan Shah every day. In June 1939, he was brought to Meherabad for 15 days stay and was later sent back to Ajmer.



He was little short person in his early fifties and lived in small mausoleum built over grave. He was naked to the waist and was clad in a tattered filthy lungi. He drank the water from gutter and carried an old tin and would ask passers for a coin. He would solicit sweets and food from shopkeepers and householders and would be given whatever he wanted due to the respect of the local people. Because of his comic face and short stature Baba nicknamed him “Socrates” and said that he was a very good mast of the 5th plane. He was brought to Baba’s house at Ajmer by Kaka and stayed with Baba for a week. During these days Baba concentrated most of His energy on “Socrates’.

When the time came for Lakhan Shah and Socrates to be sent away, Kaka was asked to make arrangements for them to be fed twice a day. Socrates had become so devoted to Baba that he was most reluctant to go and begged Baba not to send him away but he was persuaded to leave.