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(October 1939 to the end of March 1940)

A large square white house stood in a large garden overlooking the golf links was taken for Baba’s stay and the house was known as ‘The Link’. Baba and his party reached this place in Bangalore early in August 1939. The mast Ashram grew slowly in October 1939.

Following mast were contacted and brought to this Ashram.

Chatti Baba also came to Bangalore Ashram on 1 st December 1949 and stayed her till April 1940 and left for Meherabad thereafter. His description is also given under subhead Group 3 (Advance Souls) at page-29

Mohammad also moved to This Ashram in August 1939 and stayed till April 1940, when the Ashram was shifted to Meherabad. His description is also given under subhead Group 3 (Advance Souls) at page-29


He had no connection with the Ashram but was the first to be contacted by Meher Baba in Bangalore. He was the spiritual chargeman of Bangalore at that time and was brought by Kaka to “The Links’ where Baba stayed and made his way to Baba’s room. He picked up Baba’s shawl and alphabet board and looking at Baba said suddenly “Now my account is closed”. Baba wanted to feed him but he refused but agreed to come to next day from a meal for Baba’s hands. At his request he was taken back to his place. The next day Kaka went to him and asked him to come and reminded him of his promise to be fed by Baba. He refused to come and gave a gentle kick to Kaka and abused him. Chaddar Baba never met Baba again.

Meher Baba said that Chaddar Baba was on the 6th and had come to him for the spiritual push and that he would die shortly, 18 days after this meeting Chaddar Baba passed away.

CHATTI BABA (Refer-Group-2)


MOHAMMAD (Refer-Group-2)



He was brought to Bangalore Ashram on 10th October 1939 from Belgaum by Pendu and Nilu with great difficulty. He was a typical Jamali mast of the 6th plane. Baba once told in admiration of this mast that with one slap he could raise you in an instant to the 6th plane. He loved flowers (hence his name) and slaked lime which he could chew for hours, mixing it with sugar. At first he refused to be bathed by Baba but eventually agreed and always remained standing for hi bath. He also declined to be shaved. He stayed here till April 1940 and later sent back to Belgaum in June 1840.



Chinnaswamy was a mast of the 3rd plane. Meher Baba first contacted him in Trivandrum in January 1940. Baba liked him so much that He brought him to Bangalore Ashram on 10th January 1940. He had a passion for chewing pan and drank his tea hotter than anyone could bear. When he smoked, he would put the burning end of his cigarette in his mouth and would extinguish it by masticulating the burning stub.

He was a great lover of Music and would often sing and dance and in midst of dancing would sometimes soar into spiritual ecstasy and fall senseless to the ground. Despite his age, Chinnaswamy was as mischievous as a 10 year boy. He was sent back to Trivandrum in March 1940 after Baba completed His work with him.



Shariat Khan was contacted in Chikmaglur by Baba and brought to the Dak bungalow in Hassan. He was brought to the Ashram on 20th January 1940 and was later taken to Meherabad in April 1940. He never let off talking, singing or dancing from time to time he awoke till he rested at night and kept Ashram lively. He was a young person; short and neat of built and always wore a shoddy old fez cap. He always kept repeating ‘Shariat’ and that became his name. He was docile and affectionate and was always perpetually in good mood and lost his mood only a couple of times. He was an entertaining Mahbubi mast.



Ramshish was brought to the Bangalore Ashram from Mangalore on 17th October 1939 and left for Meherabad in April 1940. He had very little body sense and allowed himself to be shaved and bathed by Baba. He had a good voice and attractive smile. He was a moderate mast.



Ghafur Saheb of Madras was a good mast and is peculiar as rare mixture of the Jalal and Mahbubi types. He was an old man who had bangles on his arms and wore a piece of women’s bodice. Baba contacted him in Madras in September 1939 and asked Adi Sr. and Kaka to bring him to Bangalore by car. He stayed in Bangalore for only one day when Baba asked him to be taken back to Madras immediately. It seemed that a number of Pathans who respected Ghafur Khan were angry at his disappearance and were pacified only after he came back.

The Bangalore Ashram was closed back at the beginning of April 1940 and was opened again in Meherabad in May 1940.