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William Shakespeare has said that “The entire world is a stage and all the men and women are merely players”. Unconsciously he has rightly said the spiritual truth. Baba has said “The world is a drama. You weep, you laugh- to weep and laugh again. It is all a tamasha (a show). When the inner eye is opened, you will see this clearly” (Lord Meher Online Edition Page 4744).It can be explained as under.

Every man or woman is destined by God to play certain role on the world’s stage in His Divine drama. Before performing a lifelong act, God feeds the role to be played in the form of thoughts, speech and actions in one’s subconscious mind of which man or women are not aware. There is difference between the worldly drama and Divine drama. In the Divine drama God makes the man or woman numberless copies of Himself. In other words God Himself is born as man or woman on the earth for playing a particular role. Or one can say that God hypnotizes Himself with the identity of the role to be played. The fact is that he or she is not aware of his or her original self (i.e. Godhood) during the divine drama (between birth and death). This is unlike the worldly drama, where the actors are very much aware of their real self viz. student, employee or shopkeeper etc. and the role being played by them on the stage viz. Laila, Majnu, Ram, Ravan etc.

In the Divine drama, after the role of an actor is over (death of a person), he or she is again sent on earth with different role in the drama. This is just like worldly drama where an actor or actress is given another role in the same or the other drama.

Reference Book: Divine Drama by Bob Mossman: The Valiant Life of Charles B.Purdom

Contributed by Dr. J Kumar Delhi