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Honesty is the first stepping stone of spiritual path.

Spiritual aspirant needs to be absolutely honest in thought, word and deed. Slightest deviation, intentional or unintentional will amount to hypocrisy to some extent. The real test comes when one is in position of favourable situation or surrounding to get tempted for graft or dishonesty. Very few are able to resist the temptation of graft or dishonesty for their material benefit unless one has strong gifted will power by grace of God or Master or Avatar.

Developing one virtue, say honesty only inculcates other virtues also. Kabir, the Perfect Master of His time said, ‘Eke sadhe sa sadhe, sub sadhe sab jai.’ which means: If one masters one virtue, other virtues will develop automatically and if one tries to master many virtues simultaneously, one is led to nowhere.


Baba said:

If you tell others not to tell lies, then even at the cost of your life, you should not tell a lie; otherwise, it would amount to hypocrisy. My workers should be 100 percent honest and do My work with all hearts united. Both the parties must give in; only then will there be no trouble in Baba-work. (Lord Meher-4995-1963)

Be pure and simple, and love all because all are one.  Live a sincere life; be natural, and be honest with yourself.

Honesty will guard you against false modesty and will give you the strength of true humility.  Spare no pains to help others.  Seek no other reward than the gift of Divine Love.  Yearn for this gift sincerely and intensely, and I promise in the name of My Divine Honesty, that I will give you much more than you yearn for. (Path of love, p17)


Try to remain honest at all cost and under any circumstances

Babas words

If a person acts dishonestly with us; if people create difficulties for us, if people deceive us, yet we remain honest. We are very fortunate, because these deceivers; or so called enemies are our friends. They wash off our weaknesses; our sins, and make our path clear towards God. They do not deceive us but they help us; and deceive themselves.”

“People die in all sorts of ways but it is nothing to be upset about; they are born again and again in different gross bodies. But during one’s lifetime, one should do whatever one honestly feels without getting attached to actions.


Remain honest even you suffer-an episode

Babas words

Because of selfishness, greed, and temptation everywhere, such situations are created by demons.  And because of this, honest persons suffer.  Actually, this suffering is a blessing for honest people.  If your situation is miserable, and even amidst that situation, you remain honest, that is a great thing.  You get courage and faith in God.  The test for us, of course, is to remain honest, even though we suffer.

How one can be honest?

In reply to above question, Baba Said:

First- become honest with yourself. There should not be the slightest tinge of hypocrisy in your actions and behavior. Act according to your conscience. If you don't listen to the voice of your heart, it would be hypocrisy. If you are a saint, call yourself a saint, and if you are not, call yourself an ordinary man. If you are not a saint and call yourself one, your heart will prick and pain you, and a storm will be created within! So why unnecessarily bring down trouble on your head?

If someone requests your blessing, and if you have not that power or right to give it, your heart is troubled with the thought that if you give the blessing and it is not fulfilled, what will happen? The secret will be out! You have no power to bless. So it is better that you show yourself as what you are within to avoid all conflict. It is easy to be cut into pieces, but the upsetting of the heart is very terrible. By constantly disregarding its dictates, it becomes numb without feeling. That is like going down into a ditch!4653-1960

Here is one real episode which is self-explanatory,

Once Baba and His group resumed their journey, they stopped to buy apples from an old woman on the road. Baba sent Habibullah to her and the woman agreed to sell sixteen apples for one rupee. Habibullah added a few more words of bargaining and the woman threw in two more. He returned with the fruit and they drove on in the taxi. Stopping the taxi after about a mile, they got out and sat under a tree to enjoy the snack. Habibullah gave sixteen apples to Baba, which He distributed. Baba then noticed the two extras and asked Habibullah where he had gotten them from. "The old woman gave them to me," he replied.

"Did you pay her?"

"She gave them to me for free."

"Go back and return them," Baba commanded. So Habibullah walked back over a mile to return the apples. The fact was that after he had already agreed to buy sixteen and had paid the woman a rupee, he had coaxed her into giving him two more as his commission.

(Lord Meher-p-2530-1944)