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Following episode clearly indicates that one should be mindful and develop foresight.

The electricity in Baba's bungalow suddenly went out one night, and Baba directed Rano to telephone the authorities concerned. Rano was, of course, a total stranger to Lahore and was wondering from where to phone and to whom. She moved about here and there in the dark, and at last went to a neighboring bungalow and knocked on the door. She asked the owner if he had a telephone she could use, and was shown in. Rano phoned the power company and then returned to Baba's house.

Seeing her, Baba frowned, "Why did you take so long?"

"I did not know where a telephone was."

"Why didn't you acquaint yourself with such information beforehand?"

"How was I to know the current would be cut off?"

"It is a common enough occurrence here. If you don't know that, what do you know? You should be more careful about such things. I often go out for mast work, and if you are not alert in my absence, what will become of the women? They lead a secluded life, and you should be mindful of outside things such as this."

Rano had learned by now that the best thing to do at such times was to keep quiet, and by this incident Baba showed that he wished her to develop foresight.

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