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One may be misguided by meditation

Meditation is the concentration of mind over any object. Concentration over formless God is difficult. When we meditate over a physical form of saint Sadguru or Avatar it becomes easy. It is an attempt to constant remembrance but it is fraught with its own dangers of getting misled by its effect and false experience. That is why Baba said meditation is superfluous and not necessary. In higher state of meditation one temporarily enters the subtle world and hears music and smell fragrances and enjoys but comes back to normal conscious after some time. Coming to normal gross consciousness the gravity of his action is increased however he gets addicted to meditation to enjoy the experience subtle experiences of music and smell, and gets false impression that he is making progress in spiritual path and he may take it as final destination of God realization. Only Avatar or Sadguru can save him if he is meditating on Him.

In Babas words

Meditation means to forget the self, by not thinking of anything but the Self. Meditation gives peace and some inner revelation to some fortunate ones. The meaning of meditation is deep within one’s self. It is self-hypnotism in the divine play-to lose yourself.

Meditation is good. If you love and meditate, there is no harm. If you love and do not meditate, there is no harm. But if don’t meditate as if you have taken a quinine powder! Meaning is that it is something to somehow or other be done with and gotten over. If you are interested in meditation, you ought to do it with joy. If you do not like meditation, then you have to take My name; and if you love Me, taking My name ought to give you joy. Do it when and where you like. Meditation is not necessary. It is superfluous.

Meditation has never made a person one with God. I attach more importance to love than meditation. Love without meditation is more than enough. Meditation without love is not enough.

Intelligent meditation is a natural process of the mind, which avoids the monotonous rigidity and regularity of mechanical meditation.

Remember Me wholeheartedly and continuously while attending your worldly duties. This is best form of Meditation which is natural and spontaneous.

The meditations, yogas, concentrations do not teach what Baba teaches you through everyday living; that is, to be kind to those who ill-treat you and to love those whom you dislike.

Those who can meditate should do so, those who cannot, should repeat My name for half an hour. You must meditate daily. For some meditation is suitable, for others, it is not; and a very few enjoy it. The meaning of meditation is to go within yourselves, right inside of you. Those who love God that love takes them within.

Benefits of meditation

  1. Meditation serves an excellent purpose of counteracting the might of Maya. One who mediates with sincerity may sooner or later become free from the clutches of Maya and be drawn to the truth or God.
  2. If along with sincerity meditation is practiced with regularity and sufficiently for a long time, it is capable of making one’s mind pure and permanently inclined to the divine path.
  3. The third advantage of meditation lies in the fact that if the meditation is very deep and intense it is likely to produce the state of Yoga Samadhi. Though Yoga samadhi has nothing to do with Nirvikalp Samadhi (State of God-realization) and must not be confused with spiritual perfection, an aspirant is likely to derive some benefit from it.
  4. Last but not the least, greatest advantage of meditation is that which lies in a chance for direct God-realization! It is not impossible to get the Nirvikalpa Samadhi, Hakikat, the complete realization of the state ‘I am god’ through meditation! But it is possible, provided that mediator has come under the influence of a living Perfect Master, has pure and spotless character, and is possessed of dogged determination that knows no defeat, even if it comes to the question of giving up the very life in the cause. With these qualities, one must mediate without any other object in view that of becoming one with the Almighty.

Meditation or anything done in the cause of truth never goes in vain. It is bound to bear fruit sooner or later.



Baba explained- There is only one true yoga and that is 'you go.' The meaning of yoga is as simple as that.

I know of no other yoga than “You go.” You are your own curtain, and only when you go can you come. The problem is how will you go? The only solution is love. When you 'go' (annihilated) through love for God the Beloved, you 'come' (emerge) as you really are."

Nowadays, there are many yoga ashrams. People think that yogas help in their spiritual progress. Actually, yoga can help in your physical health, but not spiritually. If you come into contact with a real yogi, you can make spiritual progress, but it is very, very difficult. This progress is from the back side, and it is very dangerous.

For one who is in contact with Avatar or Sadguru, yoga is meaningless

When one is in contact with a Sadguru, yoga is meaningless and totally useless. What is the use of fasting for even a hundred years to attain God? What is the use of dying a physical death for God? Just remember my one instruction: remain bowed – submit to My wish. You have to become like the dust beneath My feet. (Lord Meher, 1st ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 3, p. 833)


Renunciation means giving up things that you love most. Renunciation is the stepping stone to the spiritual path. As soon as renunciation is born, the pilgrim enters the path. But such renunciation is most difficult. It is not an easy thing. The reason is that the mind, which is the root of all disturbances, must be stopped. When it is annihilated, only then does renunciation happen. But it is not easy for the mind to either stop or be annihilated. It is as difficult as carrying the Himalayas on your head

Wearing yellow robe, begging for bread visiting holy places, do not necessarily prove sanyas or renunciation. The true sanyasi is he who has renounced his lower self and all worldly desires.

Outward renunciation is unnecessary when the Avatar's daaman is held. Obedience to the Avatar is essential.

Those who love the Avatar and are under his direct guidance do not have to renounce anything. The lovers of the Avatar have simply to obey the Avatar's instructions and to love Him wholeheartedly.

Renunciation is not necessary for Baba lovers-an episode

Keki Nalavala's son, Naosherwan, was studying in college in Dehra Dun, but since seeing Baba in Poona in May 1965, Naosherwan had been acting peculiar. He suddenly announced to his parents his decision to renounce everything and go directly to Meherazad, where he hoped to live with Baba as one of the mandali. If Baba refused, he said he would go to a cave in some remote place and meditate on Baba. His final exams for bachelor's degree were approaching, but he decided not to appear for them. When his mother heard this, she secretly sent telegrams to Baba about his decision. Baba hurled her telegrams and commented, "Outward renunciation is unnecessary when the Avatar's daaman is held. Obedience to the Avatar is essential."

Baba sent following telegram and letter to Naosherwan. Renunciation not necessary. Appear for your examination. No darshan until 1967 end. Rest assured one day My grace will be on you to know Me as I am. My love blessing to you and all at home.

In addition, Baba dictated this following letter to the boy. For spiritual aspirants renunciation is of no help, but those who love the Avatar and are under his direct guidance do not have to renounce anything. The lovers of the Avatar have simply to obey the Avatar's instructions and to love Him wholeheartedly. (LM-5219-1966}