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Baba demonstrated how the problem of untouchability to be solved.

Relevant Episode

Once, Baba was bathing Harijan boys of the school. All were present. A well-dressed learned gentleman who had some religious authority came and sought Baba’s darshan. Baba sent words to him, “You would not get darshan unless you bathe one of the Harijan boys.”

It was a habit with these pundits not to touch Harijan and if they touched by accident, they would take bath and wash their cloths too. The pandit replied that he would obey Baba’s order and was ready to bathe the Harijan.

He was ushered in a bath room. He took out his turban, shawl and coat and remained only in shirt and dhoti. He up-turned his sleeves. Baba asked him to take a seat near His and asked one of the disciples to bring a Harjan boy.

The young Harijan student came and stood before the pandit. Soap and water were there. So the learned pandit bathed the Harijan boy with hot water and cleaned his body completely Baba asked to take mucus from his nose; the pandit did it also and gave a complete bath to him. His body was dried with a Turkish towel and the boy was sent away.

Baba folded His hands before the learned pandit who bowed to Baba and kissed and washed His feet with water. He put a little of that water into his mouth and smeared his body with the remaining portion and in the presence of us all declared, “I have got the real darshan of Sadguru Meher Baba” and left as a happy man. This is how Baba demonstrated the problem of untouchability to be solved.