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 (A Saint from Ellichapur)                                

Gulab Baba of Ellichapur was the most interesting of all types of mast not only because He was an important must of 6th plane but also because he was another example of the way in which a great soul struggles like a wild steed against bit and bridle, when pressed into the king’s service.

Gulab Baba lived at Karanj gaon, about eight miles from Ellichapur, and even Kaka and Jalbhai (one of Baba’ brother) went to see him, and he looked perhaps thirty five-forty years old. When Jal and Kaka entered Golan Baba’s house there were twenty-five or thirty people sitting about him, for he was greatly revered, and many people flocked to have the privilege of his darshan. Gulab Baba at once said. “Didn’t I tell you yesterday that two men would come to me tomorrow, and see, they are here now,” and he pointed to Baba’s two men, thus making it clear whom they meant. Kaka and Jal then edged their way through the group of the village people and sat close to Gulab Baba, who remarked, “He wants to paint me with the colour of Divinity, but I do not want that. Kaka interpreted these remarks a reference to Baba, by whose contact Gulab Baba would be given the final spiritual push. Kaka then pressed Gulab Baba’s feet, which is a gesture of great reverence, and uttered the words, “Meher Baba”, as he did so. Gulab Baba then exclaimed, “He has caught me, but I don’t want to go; he wants to send     me to the great homeland (God), but I don’t want to go there.” Kaka again uttered the words, “Meher Baba”, and grasped Gulab Baba gently by both his hand. Gulab Baba at once got up, and without demur followed Kaka and Jal out of his house, and was taken t the village bus stand.

The party then took the first bus for Itarsi that lies about a hundred miles to the north; there they would be able to board train the same night for Jabalpur. At some village or other, the bus halted for about half an hour (Buses in India tarry in the oldest places if the driver has a friend there), and a Muslim, who knew and revered Gulab Baba, begged him to come and take food at his house. Gulab Baba however, gave him a peremptory refusal, and showered him with abuse. Kaka then brought laddoos and Gulab Baba ate half one of these and gave rest to Jal and Kaka.

At Itarsi, the party had some hours to wait for the train and on the station; Gulab Baba did his best to persuade Jal and Kaka to go to sleep for an hour or two. Kaka, however, who is quick to scent the ruses by which a mast tries to escape being brought to Baba, suggested to Gulab Baba that he, and not they, should go to sleep. Gulab Baba then turned to adjacent wall, and addressing the wall as if it were God, said, “Why do send this man to me. He never let me alone for a second?” and concluded this remark, still apparently addressing the wall as if there were God, with a spate of profanities. This episode attracted the attention of loiters on the station, but probably none of them there knew Gulab Baba, for Kaka and Jal were able to deflect their curiosity by saying he was a madman.

They reached Jabalpur at 3 O’clock in the morning, and when he opened the door of the mast ashram, Gulab Baba surveyed the room and exclaimed! “This is his hospital”.

In the morning, Baba, before coming to see Gulab Baba, sent some sweetmeats in three colours green, red and yellow, and also a mattress. Gulab Baba, however, refused to use mattress, saying, “I can’t sit on that, because he has given it with his own hands: He also pushed the sweet away, but aka managed to persuade him to eat little of them

A short while Baba entered the room, and Gulab Baba, addressing Kaka, and designating Baba, said, “ He is God himself, and you have tricked me.” Baba then sat on the mattress, and signed to Gulab Baba to sit beside him, but he refused, saying “I am not fit to sit beside him.”

After some gentle and loving persuasion Gulab Baba agreed to have his hair cut, and he bathed, clothed and fed by Baba. He was fed in a room behind closed doors, and after while the doors were flung open and Gulab Baba rushed out of the room in a frenzy of agitation and cried out, “I can’t see my way out. I am blind. Although he was so excited, Kaka, by dint of gentle persuasion, managed to bring him back, so that Baba was able to continue feeding him, and the meal was completed without further incident.  Baba then gave orders to Kaka to send Gulab Baba straight to Ellichapur. On the way to the bus stand Gulab Baba asked Kaka to come with him and stay with him. Baba contacted him in March, 1939.