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Meher Baba said that Avatar descends on the earth after a cycle of 700 to 1400 years and brought down by five living Perfect Masters of that time to redeem the spirituality and lessen the suffering of the humanity as a whole. Avatar’s personality is one and the same who appears at different time in different times in different names and acts and teaches according to the prevailing circumstance and level of understanding at that time. Avatar at did not advocate any religion or set to be formed in His name except general code of practice for spiritual benefit of the humanity, but it was on part of followers who formed a group and separated it as religion in the name of the Avatar. The essences of teaching of an Avatar, at different time in different name though appears different but if interpreted in real sense are one and the same as explained by Avatar Meher Baba, the Avatar of present cycle.

Meher Baba claimed to be one and the same in spiritual hierarchy of Avatar as named below.

  1. Zoroaster – (Parsee religion)
  2. Ram- (Hindu)
  3. Krishna- (Hindu)
  4. Gautama Buddha- (Buddh religion)
  5. Jesus Christ- (Christian religion)
  6. Mohammad- (Mohammdan religion
  7. Meher Baba-        (No religion)

Meher Baba said, “I Belong to No religion, all religion belong to Me” I will bring beads all religions in one string”