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Courage is a great virtue, but it may, if misapplied, become a vice. So it is with love, the mainspring of our lives, which may lead to the heights of Realisation or to the depths of despair.

No better example can be given of the two polarities of love and their effects than that of Mary Magdalen before and after meeting Jesus. Between these two extremes are many kinds of love, all of which are good, but some of which are better than others.

I use the terms 'good' and 'better' simply to designate the degree of liberation which they lead to or confer. Even the love which expresses through physical desire is good to the extent that it frees one from the thralldom of personal likes and dislikes, and makes one want to serve the beloved above all other things...

Creed, ritual, dogma, the conventional ideas of heaven and hell and sin are perversions of the truth, and confuse and bewilder rather than clarifying and inspiring.

1 June 1932,
Beverly Hills, California,
Me p-99-100.
Also Lord Meher-vol-5-p-1657-1658