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Meher Baba

The physical presence of Masters does not yield its significance except in the context of the inner planes. The ancient Rishis attached great importance to having the Darshan of saints and Masters, the source of the flow of love and light which makes an irresistible appeal to the inner being of the aspirant even when he receives no verbal instruction.

The effect of Darshan is dependent upon the receptivity of the aspirant, whose reaction is determined by his own sanskaras and past connections. Often the aspirant is satisfied with the Darshan of the Master and has no desire for anything else from him. To derive bliss from the mere Darshan of the Master is a great thing because it indicates that the aspirant has desirelessness and love, the two essentials of spiritual life.

Having had the Darshan of the Beloved, the aspirant naturally desires nothing except to have more and more Darshan or company of the Master as possible, which results in drawing the aspirant closer to the Master on the inner plane of life.

(God to Man and man to God-p. 160, ed C. B. Purdom)