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Happiness and suffering in life do not last long. Remain calm and patient while experiencing these ups and downs in life. I am with you.

Consider the mental and physical suffering as gift from God which, if accepted gracefully lead to everlasting happiness

Real happiness lies in making others happy.

Everyone can be happy, but some feel happy and some feel miserable. Those who constantly want something will never feel happy. Misery is bound to accompany wanting. Those who never want for themselves but for others, they can feel happy because they want others to feel happy.

The problem of happiness is therefore the problem of surrendering desires.

True Happiness can come only to one who will find courage to strike free from attachments which he has formed through a sterile lifetime.”

True happiness begins when one learns the art of adjustment to other persons, and right adjustment involves self forgetfulness and love. Hence arises the spiritual importance of transforming a life of the limited self into a life of love.

You are meant to be happy to make others happy.-Meher Baba

Happiness is birthright.

It is the birthright of every human being to be happy, but most of us feel miserable. It is due to the load of sanskaras or impressions gathered throughout evolution. In our evolution, through all the forms – stone, worm, bird, fish, and animal – we gather impressions.

God, who is in everything and in everyone, is deaf to formal rituals, ceremonies, prayers in mosques, churches and temples. But He hears the voice of the heart. When you help others, God knows instantly and is pleased. No amount of prayer or meditation can do what helping others can do.

The main thing that counts is love for Me. How will you love Me? By loving God as well as others. If you make others happy, God pays heed. Do you follow? I have been saying the same message throughout the ages that all are One. We are all One, and all of you love Me.

I am in everything, and everything is in Me. In India I bow down to the lepers, the poor, and the lame. Why do I bow down? Because I am one with everything! God is in everyone. Age after age, I have been bringing the same message, but mankind does not listen. Christ had to be crucified; otherwise, humanity would not have listened to Him.

Be happy by giving your burden to Master who is always ready to accept.

Happiest is he who expects no happiness from others. Love delights and glorifies in giving, not receiving. So learn to love and give, and not to expect anything from others.

You should really feel and consider yourself as the happiest and most fortunate among men that you have renounced the illusion and surrendered to a Perfect Master. You should now feel free from worries and quite at ease, like one who has his burden lifted off his head and feels light.

The great mistake you make is that you lift the burden from your head, but instead of placing it on the head of the One who willingly accepts it with all responsibility; you keep it hanging over you in the air, hesitating to give it lest you lose something valuable! Thus you neither bear the burden, nor allow it to rest on the head of the One who wants it to be transferred – namely Baba. You keep it hanging between the two, and place both under suspense, thereby aggravating your suffering. Either keep it yourself or give it up entirely.

Happiness from any act is short-lived-only real happiness is permanent and everlasting

Everyone in world, consciously or unconsciously, seeks happiness in form or another. Even a murderer seeks happiness, which he hopes to find in murder, and this is why he commits murder. Why and when does a man murder? Either through hatred or jealousy and because he thinks he will find happiness if he commits murder and take revenge.

Why does a man commits suicide? Because he expects to find happiness in death. Why does another man drink? It is because of the happiness he expects to derive. But what happiness is derived and how long does it last? No sooner does it cool down he feels broken, dejected and miserable.

It is the same with lust. A person does it all for the happiness he or she derives, but it is only for the time being that one derives happiness, and when it is over, the person is miserable again.

Real happiness is different. It never changes, nor ceases. It is permanent, everlasting, and it lies there within you. It is sleeping (latent) and might be opened (unlocked). Once it is opened, one is always happy.

I am the source of all happiness-the Sun of Bliss-but there is a cover (curtain) that veils you from the Sun. The Sun is there, shining, spreading its lustre all over the world. But you do not allow its rays to approach you; you obstruct them with a veil. Remove that and you will see the Sun.

I will help you open the curtain and enable you to feel happiness within.

Try to be happy

Try to be always happy. Never think that life is dreadful, “I am tired of life.” Such thoughts really make life miserable. Life is worth living. If you think like that, all difficulties will appear insignificant.

I will help you to try to develop love. Never think, “I am alone,” “I have so much to do,” “I am poor,” and so on. All are poor. The whole world is poor. Even the millionaires are poor, because they have greed and want more. Love someone, and I will help you. Do not worry.

The woes of this world are imaginary, and are the self-created result of our own ignorance. Having no cause, they are therefore unjustifiable. If there is no reason or cause, then it naturally follows that the result is unreal, insubstantial and meaningless.

So why worry about the happiness or misery of this world, which has no cause behind it except imagination? Just go on observing things as a passive spectator as they go on around you, keeping the mind free and happy. As Hafez says,

'Both the happiness and sorrows of this world will pass away,
so it is better to always remain peaceful."'

Be mentally free and happy. As is the cause, so is the effect. The cause may be big and important, or small and insignificant. But the result will definitely be according to the cause.

Meher Baba,
October 1922, Bombay,
Lord Meher, Vol. 2, pp. 439-440