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Modesty is weakness. Humility is strength. A world of difference, therefore, exists between the two. The moment you say, 'Baba, it is not my ego,' 'I say in all humility,' this very expression is ego. Even if in your mind you feel that 'I am humble,' this feeling is egotistic.

Now, what is the difficulty? If, in true honesty, you want to express true humility, then some obstacle at once appears. It may be the thought of what others would think about you. Even if, with all your honesty, you express humility, such a thought may come.

In modesty, you are constantly pestered with thoughts of your correct behavior, to such an extent that an inferiority complex is created in you, which is not strength but weakness.

(25 February 1954, Andhra, India, AD p-66)