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As consciousness passes through involution one must ascend to the next plane, and then on to the next, because the plane is the station (the central place) where one can take off or move on ahead.

One cannot move from heaven to plane, but only from plane to plane, station to station.  The fourteen by-lanes in the heavens are doorways in and to the planes that lead to one of the seven lanes that lead from plane to plane.

If one journeys direct from one station to the next station without moving here and there in the city – the heaven, one is safe; but if one moves about or takes on powers, it is inevitable that one will be dazed or enchanted.

Once one is enchanted, one will become entranced by the allurements within the heavens' different sections and thus progress no further. The subtle heavens are filled with unimaginable ecstasy, and so if one succumbs (becomes a mast) it is understandable.  Those masts who lose themselves in the intoxication and bliss of the heavens do so out of love for God and are overwhelmed in their experience of becoming God.

The work with the God-intoxicated was the main work of the Ancient One during this Incarnation, and thus this age is called the Age of Wine.

(The Everything & Nothing-p- 65 – 66)