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 There are number of theories on creation on universe; Manu and Smiriti, Adam and Eve, Big band theory, Darwin’s theory and scientific theory of theory from single cell of amoeba.

Baba spoke of a calm and quiet Ocean, saying that the Ocean was God, who was in a sound sleep. One day the Ocean was stirred by a whiff of wind and awoke from sleep, saying, "Who am I?" No sooner had it asked the question than an unlimited number of drops were flung on the shore far from the Ocean. These drops, separated from the Ocean, became individual souls, and each soul in turn asked the question, "Who am I?" and that is how evolution started.

Each drop first took the form of gaseous matter, and then evolved to various forms of stone, metal, plant, worm, fish, bird and animal until it reached the human form. Evolution then ended and reincarnation began. Baba said that the drop soul has to take form eight million, four hundred thousand times, (something like 50 crores of sleeps of death) and as it travels through all these experiences, it comes nearer and nearer the Ocean.

Eventually it begins its final journey, which Baba called involution, across the seven planes of consciousness that will reunite it with the Ocean. When it comes to the sixth plane, it stands face to face with God, the Ocean, but here is a deep, deep chasm that is extremely difficult and painful to cross. When the soul succeeds in crossing this chasm, it reaches the seventh plane and merges back into the Ocean, becoming one with it, and realizes, "I am the Ocean that is God.”

On May 23 rd 19xx,, Baba began dictating for the first time the Theme of Creation in the room on the back veranda of the mess quarters at lower Meherabad. Baba would dictate on the alphabet board, which Chanji would read. Feram Workingboxwala would take it down in shorthand and later type it out. Adi K. Irani and Minoo Pohowala were allowed to be present and listen. Baba began by pointing out:

It is all due to the evolution of consciousness that forms evolve. For example, take the body as consciousness and clothes as the body. Now, the size of this shirt is according to your body. If a hand is cut off tomorrow, the shirt might be minus one sleeve. So it is due to consciousness that the body changes.

Discussing the beginning of the evolution of forms, Baba dictated:

The ocean was very warm and still, and due to the presence of gas and air in the water, it became rusty. Algae were formed from this rust, then gradually seaweed. The algae used to sink below from above. When it reached the bottom of the ocean, it became seaweed. From the original algae came seaweed, and from seaweed, vegetation.

Baba then described in detail some unusual creatures in the evolution of forms, relating as far back as prehistoric times when dinosaurs existed:

One of the first gross forms of reptiles had three heads. It was about one hundred and seventy-five feet long and fourteen feet wide. The middle head was about six feet in circumference. The three heads were joined together. The side heads were about two feet in circumference. Its front part resembled a reptile and the back a fish – the front was stout and the back portion thin. Its belly was ten feet round and tapered to a breadth of six feet at the tail. The middle head contained a jaw with teeth, just like the fish; but the side heads had only holes connected with the gills, and no teeth. All three mouths were connected with one another, and when breathing they breathed simultaneously as it had one windpipe. Each head had an eye, so the creature had three eyes.

From prehistoric times birds have two eyes. They come under a different class, having evolved out of and beyond worms and fish. One bird is so peculiar that no one can have any idea of it even in his wildest imagination. This bird is half bat and very large – about fifteen feet high. It has two legs like an ostrich. Its neck is about two feet in circumference. Its head, however, is small, only about two feet – when compared to its body. Its wingspread is six feet. Its beak is like a vulture's, the end being thick and the point being thin.

The missing link is a creature exactly like a gorilla but with a short tail. And whereas the gorilla uses its hands while walking, the missing link walks on its feet. His face is like a chimpanzee's, and his figure and gait of walking are like the gorilla's. After this missing link, the first human form evolves [it is physically or sexually a eunuch]. Scientists may find signs of this so-called missing link in Java, Sumatra or the Indian jungles of the central provinces in Madhya Pradesh. . .

(Lord Meher, 1st. ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 5, pp-1871 - 1872)