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It is true that during miseries and sufferings, it looks real and we are miserable also but truth is that miseries/sufferings are nothing, illusion. For example, one person is sleeping and dreaming and another person sitting next to him is waking. For the waking person sitting beside him all the miseries and sufferings being experienced by the sleeping person in dream is nothing because the person is just sleeping. However, in dream the miseries and sufferings of a dreaming person seems real, but as soon as he wakes up, he feels that all those miseries and sufferings were nothing, illusion. This is true with our present miseries and sufferings also. We are dreaming so our miseries and sufferings seems real. When we will wake up (i.e. after God-realization) we will know that all these miseries and sufferings were nothing, illusion only.

The truth is that this world is God’s dream. In His Dream, He has become we (our false selves) and we are dreaming. Although we, as man are dreaming but not knowing that it is actually God (our Real self) who is dreaming in us. However, God knows very much that it is actually He, Himself is dreaming in each of us and He is conscious of both His dreaming as well as waking states simultaneously, whereas we are conscious of our dreaming state only leading to our endless miseries and sufferings throughout life. Just like in our dreams, in God’s dream also everything is predetermined (as per God’s will). Just like in our dreams, we do not have any control over God’s dream also as everything is predetermined in both types of dreams. If God (as Avatar in the form of Meher Baba) happens to enter into our dream as human being and tells us that all our experiences, dukh, sukh of the world is nothing, illusion and world is like a dream, it would be difficult for us to believe. Our reality (world) in dream state is nothing and so is our miseries and sufferings in our dream.

God as one I (Real Self) has become numerous i’s (false selves) and each i is dreaming. When i (false self) come in contact with an Avatar or Sadguru, who takes him out of his dream, he becomes God-realized and realizes that he was dreaming and his all miseries and sufferings were nothing, illusion. Each and every i (false self) i.e. each one of us will come out of our dreams sooner or later which is certain.
Spiritual Masters, Sadgurus and Avatars always say that don’t worry, be happy, be surrendered to God, and accept everything as His will because they know that we are dreaming and everything in our dream is predetermined, fixed. Spiritual leaders and scriptures say that for God-realization do any of the four Yogas (Bhakti, Karma, Dhyan or Gyan) or remember/love God more and more because by doing this we will be able to forget our false selves (ego) and come out of our dream state. When they say love your fellow beings, they mean each of us are not different from each other but forms of the same one God. We are miserable only as long as we are in dream. So, we should try to love and remember God more and more to receive His grace for waking us from our dreams.

Dr. J. Kumar