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Karim Baba was a great Majzoob like Jalali mast of 6th plane. His face and eyes radiated such a plenitude of fire and glory and the mandali of Meher Baba named him “the tiger man” He really possessed a power of provoking a mood of admiration mixed with fear.

Meher Baba first contacted him in June 1940 in Calcutta. At that time he was sitting on pavement clad in filthiest of clothes and was surrounded by old tins, rags and a medley of debris. Entwined about his throat were tangled skeins of fine steel wire and about his ankles, toes and wrists were tag ends of old rags. It was said that he had been sitting on this section of the pavement for 6 years, exposed to sun, rain and wind.

Meher Baba fed him, gave cigarettes and contacted him 4 or 5 times and explained that Karim Khan was the spiritual chargeman of Calcutta.

Karim Baba was brought to the Ranchi Ashram by Kaka on July 7 or 8 of 1940. He was lodged in a special little room and Baba would go there several times in a day to feed him and sit alone with him. He was usually silent but would laugh and sing when Meher Baba was with him. Unlike other masts brought to Baba, Karim Baba was never bathed although Meher Baba fed him and sat with him several times in a day.

At the end of July 1940, Karim Baba was brought to Meherabad with other inmates of the mast Ashram at Ranchi. A special cage was erected in old hospital building on Meherabad hill and Karim Baba was made comfortable in this cage. Meher baba occupied an adjacent room and would go and sit with him many times each day and would attend personally to his needs. Meher Baba went into seclusion on 1st August 1940 in mast Ashram on the hill for this purpose.

After 2 weeks Baba explained that his work on Karim Baba was over and on 16th August 1940 he was sent back to Calcutta with Kaka. Karim Baba was reluctant to go and as train drew closer to Calcutta he became restless and irritable and twice gave Kaka a prodigious slap. He was taken back to stretch of pavement and Kaka made arrangements with a doctor nearby to feed him regularly twice a day and money was given for purpose.

Although Meher Baba visited Calcutta 2 times in later period, he never again met Karim Baba.