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1AhmedNagar (MS)At Khushru Quarters Ahmednagar7000 persons23th Sept, 1954 2Ahmed Nagar (MS)Ahmednagar Centre reopened500 persons20th Oct, 1960 3Bombay (MS)Ashiyana-Residence of Nariman Dadachanji800 persons14th Aug, 1955 4Bombay (MS)Sunderbai Hall3000 persons22th Dec, 1957 5Bombay (MS)Hasman HallNumber not available22th Dec, 1957 6Dehradun (UK)DehradunNumber not available23th Mar, 1953 7Dehradun (UK)DehradunNumber not available1st Nov, 1953 8Hyderabad (AP)Jubli Hills Hyderabad70 Men28-to-30 Jun,1952 9Madras ( TN)Meher Ashram Saidapet Madras700 persons2nd Mar, 1930 (M) 10Madras ( TN)Goschen Hall Chintadrepta Madras500 persons2nd Mar, 1930 (E) 11Madras ( TN)Meher Ashram Saidapet Madras400 personsDec, 1930 12Madras ( TN)Meher Ashram Saidapet Madras750 persons15th Feb, 1931 13Madras ( TN)Meher Ashram Saidapet Madras750 persons16th Feb, 1931 14Madras ( TN)Meher Ashram Saidapet Madras400 persons5th Dec, 1933 15Madras ( TN)Meher Ashram Saidapet Madras1000 persons18 th Feb, 1934 (M) 16Madras ( TN)Meher Ashram Saidapet Madras800 persons18 th Feb, 1934 (E) 17Madras ( TN)Meher Ashram/Meher Bhawan15000 persons2nd -4th Apr,1947 18Mahabaleshwar 100 persons7th Apr,1955 19Meherabad (MS)Reorganized Meher journalNumber not available11th Jul, 1938 20Meherabad (MS)56th Birthday of Upasani Maharaj4000 persons29th May, 1940 21Meherabad (MS)Ist congregation of disciples99 lovers27-to 29th Dec-1942 22Meherabad (MS)Meeting125 lovers14th May, 1943 23Meherabad (MS)Mandali & lovers Meeting40 (22 men  Lovers +18 Mandali)23-to-25th May, 1943 24Meherabad (MS)Mandali & lovers Meeting32 Lovers and Mandali15-to-20th Aug,1949 25Meherabad (MS)Disciples and Mandali35 Disciples & men mandali31th Aug, 1949 26Meherabad (MS)1st day Sahawas300 Lovers8th Nov, 1952 27Meherabad (MS)Final  Declaration read out950 Lovers29-to-30th Sep, 1954 28Meherabad (MS)Sahwas -Gujrati group97 lovers4th -8th Nov, 1955 29Meherabad (MS)Sahwas-Telgu group181 lovers12th-16th Nov, 1955 30Meherabad (MS)Sahwas-Hindi164 lovers20th-24th Nov,1955 31Meherabad (MS)Sahwas-Marathi213 lovers28 Nov-2nd Dec,1955 32Meherabad (MS)Sahwas-Marathi213 lovers28-to 11th Dec, 1955 33Meherazad (MS)End of Baba’s seclusion739 persons12th Feb, 1957 34Meherazad (MS)Discussion on 1958 SahawasMandali and 32 lovers8th Sep, 1957 35Meherazad (MS)Sahwas550 Men and 200 women15-to 26th Feb, 1958 36Meherazad (MS)Mehera Birthday250-women23th Dec, 1963 37Meherazad (MS)Meherazad compound wall70 lovers24th Sep, 1961 38Meherazad (MS)Special event to see Mahera12 close lovers & some mandali31th Jan, 1968 39Nasik (MS)43th birthday of Meher Baba10000 poors17th Feb, 1937 40Navsari (Gujrat) 50000 persons29th Jan, 1956 41Pandharpur (MS)Ashram of Gadge Maharaj70000 persons6th-7th Nov, 1954 42Poona (MS)Guruprasad, East West Gathering5000 persons1st to 5th Nov, 1962 43Poona (MS)Somwar Peth300 Baba lovers11th  Dec, 1955 44Poona (MS)Guruprasad20000 persons14th Jan, 1956 45Poona (MS)St. Mira School Poona10000 persons23th Mar, 1957 46Poona (MS)GuruprasadNumber not available8th Dec, 1957 47Poona (MS)Guruprasad3000 persons1st-to 5th May, 1965 48Raipur (Chhattisgarh)  1953 49Rajahmundry (AP)Meeting with workersNumber not available1st Mar, 1954 50Sakori (MS)Ashram of Upasani Maharaj2000 persons18th Mar, 1957 51Saoner (MS) 20000 persons1st Jan, 1953



CITYPLACENO OF CONTACTSDATE 1Baghdad (Iran)BaghdadFed crowd of beggarsOct, 1936 2BamTV interview at BamNumber no known27th July, 1956 3BamBaba's House at Bam225 Lovers20th May, 1958 4BamBaba's House at BamA group of people21st May, 1958 5BamBaba's House at Bam-MorningA small group28th-May, 1958 6BamBaba's House at BamA small group29Th May, 1958 7California (USA)Myrtle Beach Centre-Open day1500 men17th May, 1952 8California (USA)Myrtle Beach Centre-Lagoon Cabina group of dancers17th May, 1952 9California (USA)Lagoon cabin at Myrtle BeachA group of people17th May, 1958 10California (USA)Lagoon cabin at Myrtle BeachSahwas22nd May, 1958 11California (USA)Lagoon cabin at Myrtle BeachSmall group23rd May, 1958 12California (USA)Lagoon cabin at Myrtle Beach40 boys & girls24th May, 1958 13California (USA)Baba's houseA group 20 women25th May, 1958 14California (USA)Lagoon Cabin-morningA group of women26th May, 1958 15California (USA)Lagoon cabin-after-noonA group of dancers26th May, 1958 16California (USA)Lagoon Cabin- in morningA small group27th May, 1958 17California (USA)Lagoon cabin-in eveningA small group27th May, 1958 18CannesCaldana VillaA group of visitors13 th May, 1937 19

England (UK)

East Challamcombe property -Combe MartinA group of persons13th Sep, 1931 20Hollywood (USA)HollywoodPress conference29th May, 1932 21Hollywood (USA)Beverly Hills, HollywoodFilm industry members30th May, 1932 22Hollywood (USA)Knickerbockker Hotel , HollywoodReception31th May, 1932 23Hollywood (USA)


etro Goldwin Mayer Film Studio

Many film actors1st Jun, 1932 24Hollywood (USA)HollywoodInterviews for film18th Dec, 1934 25London (UK)Kitty Davy's house in LondonA group of persons12th Sep, 1931 26London (UK)Hygeia houseMany visitors30th Nov, 1934 27London (UK)Hotel RubinMany interviews13th Jun, 1952 28London (UK)Hotel RubinNumber no known17th Jul, 1956 29London (UK)Hotel Rubin at tea partyNumber no known19th Jul, 1956 30Los Angeles (USA)Hollywood Hotel at Los Angeles-Number no known31st Jul, 1956 31Los Angeles (USA)Hollywood Hotel at Los Angeles- morningNumber no known1st Aug, 1956 32MarseillesMarseillesMany visitors22nd Jun, 1934 33New York (USA)New YorkPrivate interviews12th Dec, 1934 34New York (USA)New York200 persons13th Dec, 1934 35New York (USA)Idlewild International airport of New York60 persons20th Jul, 1956 36New York (USA)Hotel Delmonico New YorkNumber no known21th Jul, 1956 37New York (USA)Hotel Delmonico New YorkNumber no known22th Jul, 1956 38New York (USA)Restaurant Longchamps at Manhattan house150 Guests22th Jul,  1956 39New York (USA)Sight-seeing tour by bus700 persons23rd Jul, 1956 40New York (USA)Press conferenceDozen reporters23rd Jul, 1956 41New York (USA)At lunch100 people23rd Jul, 1956 42Ojai (USA)Meher Mount OjaiNumber no known2th Aug, 1956 43San Francisco (USA)Conference room-Holiday Lodge  San FranciscoNumber no known3rd Aug, 1956 44San Francisco (USA)Conference room-Holiday Lodge  San FranciscoNumber no known4th Aug, 1956 45San Francesco (USA)Holiday Lodge  San FranciscoA group of dancers5th Aug, 1956 46San Francisco (USA)Lilliput Theatre San FranciscoA group of people5th Aug, 1956 47San Francisco (USA)Conference hall  Hotel Holiday LodgeA group of people6th Aug, 1956 48SouthamptonSouthampton Sea PortLarge party5th Dec, 1934 49Sydney (Australia)Grant's room in SydneyA group of people10th Aug, 1956 50Sydney (Australia)Grant's room in SydneyA group of people11th Aug, 1956 51Sydney (Australia)Dr. O'Briens House  in MelbourneA group of people12th Aug, 1956 52Sydney (Australia)Mayfare theatre in SydneyA group of people13th Aug, 1956 53Sydney (Australia)Big hall of Beacon Hill in SydneyA group of people13th Aug, 1956 54Washington (USA)Washington200 persons30th Jul, 1956 55ZurichZurich airport40 persons16th Jul, 1956