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On 4th August 1956, Baba came to the conference room for interviews, conducted behind a curtained-off portion of the room. Most of those meeting Baba were San Francisco Sufis, but many others came — including Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind, 62, a Sikh spiritual teacher and author, who had had a strong influence on some of Baba's lovers (such as Joseph Harb) before they had come into Baba's contact.  Baba later met with all, and Don read the message "God's Divine Business." (Lord Meher-p-4073-1956)



Air Force Commander Jasbir Singh of Batala, had come to the meeting with his father Shiv Charan Singh of Batala, He asked, "Baba, please show me the way to control the mind."

"The best way for it is to remember me wholeheartedly four times a day — at 7:00 A.M., at noon, at 5:00 P.M. and before sleeping at night. If you stick to these timings, your mind will be so changed that you will even forget your mind!" (Lord Meher-p-3630-1954)



On the 13th January 1965, a young man named Jaswant Rai of Punjab arrived unexpectedly at Khushru Quarters and met Adi. Jaswant had sold all his possessions and come with the idea of dedicating his life to Baba's cause. Adi explained that Baba wanted His followers to fulfill all their worldly responsibilities while at the same time loving and obeying him. The young man seemed deeply depressed and spoke of suicide. Adi took pity on him and took him to Meherazad, where Baba permitted him darshan. Lovingly, Baba instructed him to return home and remember him wholeheartedly. "I am there with you always," He assured him. (Lord Meher-p-5116-1965)



He was Sikh from Punjab.

An influential man, the Deputy Director of Medical Services of the Army's Southern Command stationed in Poona, Major General B. N. Bhandari, 55, heard of Baba that year. Since he was living just a few miles away, he came one afternoon with his wife, Kamla, 42, who was a physician. Their first meeting made a tremendous impact on them. They said they felt "transported by the overflow of love emanating from his Divine Being."

When Kamla Bhandari approached Baba, he asked her, "How are you?"

"Thank you, I am all right," she said.

"Are you happy?"

"Yes, Baba."

"What do you want?"

"I am in search of God."

"Your objective will be realized."

Baba's reassurance drew the couple close to him, and they became his devoted followers.

On the 31st, March 1963, Army Major-General Bhandari, his wife, Kamla, and their two daughters arrived at Guruprasad to have Baba's darshan. Baba told him:

China is hesitant to attack India. There are two views about it in China. If she attacks, there will be a lot of chaos and suffering in India. If she does not attack, there will be tension and great suspense in India. The coming fifteen days are crucial. I have to decide which way is best. But the eventual victory will be that of India. I look after the affairs of the entire world. I am the Sole Authority.

General Bhandari and his wife returned happily after spending a short while with Baba in Guruprasad.

General Bhandari and his wife, Kamla, from Poona were also visitors that day. The general had to go to Delhi and had received Baba's permission to see him before he left. Baba was gracious enough to pose for photographs, though it meant getting up and coming outside, which was physically painful. Before they left, Baba presented the couple with two books signed by him.

General Bhandari of Poona was being transferred to Delhi. Having the urge to pay respects to Baba on his way to Delhi, without prior intimation, just as Adi was leaving for Meherazad on the 2nd, Bhandari and his wife came to Khushru Quarters, with their seventeen-year-old daughter, Reva. Adi told them to follow his car to Meherazad, and Baba met them lovingly, along with Sarosh's party.

The brigadier general was a Sikh from the Punjab, and Baba remarked to him that Guru Nanak was a Perfect Master.

His wife asked, "Have you read about Guru Nanak?"

"I have not read," Baba gestured, "I know!"

The brigadier asked, "Baba, I have heard that it is beneficial to repeat the divine name, but which name is best to repeat?"

"Do you love your wife?"

"Yes, Baba. I love her very much."

"What would you do if she were staying far away from you?"

"I would remember her, of course."

"Would you remember her with a rosary in your hand? Would you sit in a corner and repeat her name?"

"No, I would think about her spontaneously with love."

Baba stated, "In the same way, automatic remembrance of God in a natural way is what is worthwhile. And without love, it is not possible. When there is intense thirst for the remembrance of the Beloved, love is born, and one's only thought is of the Beloved.

"This is called real japa [repetition of a divine name]. Then, even the impossible becomes possible. It is the glory of the name." The brigadier was highly impressed by Baba's explanation.

General Bhandari and his wife bid a tearful goodbye to Baba. Out of his great kindness, Baba had met them, knowing this was the last time the couple would ever see him. (Lord Meher-p-5058-1964)




Bhalendra Singh was brother of Kusum M. Singh of Delhi. He came with his second wife for first time to meet Baba in gathering of 1961 along with Kusum her husband Mohkam Singh. (Lord Meher-p-4761-1961)




Shiv Charan Singh of Batala had come to the meeting with his son, Air Force Commander Jasbir Singh. He asked, "Baba, please show me the way to control the mind."

"The best way for it is to remember me wholeheartedly four times a day — at 7:00 A.M., at noon, at 5:00 P.M. and before sleeping at night. If you stick to these timings, your mind will be so changed that you will even forget your mind!" (Lord Meher-p-3630-1954)




During Mast tour in 1943, Baba and Mandali men left by the morning train on 27th October 1943 for Hoshiarpur, which they reached in morning, Baba wanted to go to the telegraph office first and then have a meal, but Baidul suggested going in a certain direction to contact a nearby mast. Their tonga driver, however, got lost, and they ended up wasting time rambling about for a long while, which upset Baba's mood. His instructions had been disregarded, and his plans were consequently upset. The mast could not be traced. However, Baba did, on the way, come across a young mastani walking past their tonga whom he contacted. She was called Mastani Bavaji. She was quite beautiful and fair of face, and wore scarlet clothes. She had many devotees

They then drove back to the town and found a restaurant where they had a meal. They hired another tonga. Baba wanted to go to Harmoya first, where he wished to contact a particular mast. Despite the recent memory of his first mistake in overlooking Baba's precise instructions, Baidul made another serious mistake in disregarding Baba's instruction. Baidul indicated that the village of Sisoli was closer, and told the tonga driver to head there. After several hours of futile rambling on very rough, sandy roads, they got lost. Finally after crossing through numerous fields and sand (and with the help of a fine young lad as a guide), they arrived at 3:00 P.M. in Sisoli, which was only seven miles away. (Lord Meher-p-2386-1943)