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Soona Hodivala had found out about Baba through his relative Banumasi Kerawala in 1937 and met him for the first time in Bangalore two years later. Soona had not felt drawn to Baba, but after she had an experience of seeing Baba's face in a portrait of Zoroaster, she became totally his. The Hodivalas had since moved to Aden, but returned to India in August 1965, for their son Jimmy's wedding. Jim Hodivala   was anxious to have Baba's darshan, but because Baba was in seclusion the possibility was remote. He asked Sam Kerawala to write to Eruch about this, and soon afterwards Eruch cabled the Hodivalas that Baba had agreed to see them "for two minutes only." (Lord Meher-p-5738-1965)