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The Law of Karma might be said to be an expression of justice or a reflection of the unity of life in the world of duality.

Suffering, miseries, happiness and joy come according to Divine Law of Karma which is the counterpart of ‘Law of cause and effect’ in the physical world. Our own actions cause these and no one else is responsible. As you sow so you reap.

Karmic links established in one incarnation are carried in successive incarnations. Give and take between persons forges karmic and sanskaric ties and creates counter claims which have to be met. Hate begets hate. Love begets love. Lust begets lust and so on. -Meher Baba

Meher Baba explained

Law of Karma

Although the whole universe is illusion, yet it is governed by a law, a definite law, and that law deals with every detail. We cannot escape from the Law of Karma. But when we transcend illusion, the law does not bind any longer. Every action that you do binds you-, every little action, whether good or bad. But there is one way to get liberated from these bindings, and that is through love.

The Law of Karma is impartial and inexorable. It knows no concessions, gives no preferences and makes no exceptions. It dispenses justice. By the divine law you are shielded from remembrance of past lives, for it would not help you in living your present life but would make it infinitely more complicated and confusing. The law of karma prevents the ego-mind from escaping the result created by its good or bad actions.

The world is a slave to needs. The need must become your slave. You must learn to use modern conveyances-not be used by them. I do not want you to give up your need, but I want you to be free from them.

“The successive incarnations with all their particulars are closely and unfailingly determined by rational law, so that it becomes possible for the individual soul to mould its future through wise and intelligent action. The action of the past lives determines the conditions and circumstances of the present life, and the actions of the present life have their share in determining the conditions and circumstances of future lives.

Karma persists as a connecting link and determining factor through the mental body, which remains a permanent and constant factor through all lives of the soul.

The carrying out of Karmic debts and dues will be endless but for the release of karmic bindings through activising grace of the Master.

People do not want to go through their karma. They do not want to be ill even though this is one the easiest way to work of karma

Every action binds you

I tell you there is an ant, and suddenly Don kills it, of course, a binding is then created – the impression of the act of killing. You cannot be free from that binding. You are bound because you killed one ant. Every action that you do binds you – every action, every little action, whether good or bad. The good action also binds you, but you are bound then, let us say, by a chain of gold. And, if the actions are bad, then you are bound, say, by a chain of steel.

Good actions lead to good results, and bad actions lead to bad results. An individual will reap as he sows. If a person had done an evil to someone, he must accept the penalty for it and welcome the evil rebounding upon himself. What he does for another, he has also done for himself, although it may take time for him to realise that this is exactly so. The Law of karma is an expression of justice.

Karma that truly counts are actions done after sense of good and bad is developed

Broadly speaking, karma is of two kinds: that which binds and that which helps toward emancipation and Self-realization. Good as well as bad karma binds as long as it feeds the ego-mind through wrong understanding. But karma becomes a power for emancipation when it springs from right understanding and wears out the ego-mind. Right understanding in this respect is best imparted by the Perfect Masters, who know the soul in its true nature and destiny, along with the complications created by karmic laws.

The karma that truly counts comes into existence after a person has developed a sense of distinction between good and bad. During the first seven years of childhood, the impressions that are released for expression are very faint. They also entail a consciousness of the world correspondingly less responsive to the distinctions of the world. Therefore, the actions of children under seven years do not leave any strong or effective impressions on the ego-mind, and they do not play any important part in shaping their future. True and effective karma, which moulds the ego-mind and its future, begins after the individual develops a sense of responsibility. This sense of responsibility is dependent upon a sense of distinction between good and bad, which usually dawns fully after one has passed the first few years of childhood.

Stored impressions determine the conditions of incarnation:

The ego-mind, seated in mental body, takes lower bodies according to the impressions stored in it. These impressions determine whether individual will die young or old; whether they will be beautiful or ugly; whether they will suffer from physical handicap, like blindness, or will enjoy general efficiency of the body; whether they will have a sharp or a dull intellect; whether they will be pure or impure of heart, fickle or steadfast in will; and whether they will be immersed in the pursuit of material gains or seek the inner light of the spirit.

One is not aware of sanskaras of past lives

By the divine law, you are shielded from remembrance of past lives, for it would not help you in living your present life but would make infinitely more complicated and confusing.

Law of karma -a story.

To show you how karma persists as a connecting link and a life-determining factor of future lives. Meher Baba gave this example. There is a king who has vast possessions. But he is a worthless king. He spends all his energy and money in selfish pursuits and luxuries and has no care for his subjects. In his next birth he is born blind and becomes a beggar and thus compensates for his wrong doings.

Now this king has a servant who is honest and faithful and hard-working. In his next birth because of his merits he is born into a cultured and well-to-do family. One day, when he is going along the street he hears a pitiable cry from the pavement. It is from the blind beggar who was the king in his previous life crying aloud with outstretched hands, Have pity. Give me a penny in the name of the Lord. And because all actions however trivial, are inwardly determined by the Sanskaric ties, creating claims and counter-claims, the rich man is unconsciously drawn towards the beggar and gives him a few copper coins.

A king crying out for alms and a servant taking pity on him-what a comedy, what an irony of fate! This is the working of the Law of karma, the expression of justice in the world of values.

A mythological story on law of karma narrated by Eruch Jassawala:

It is said that there was one day a tussle between Shankar, the Lord and His consort Parvati, in the heavens. Parvati was being reserved and silent with the Lord, and the Lord asked why she was cross with him. She said, 'How indifferent, how callous You are to Your devotees. And this has made Me think, “Is your love for Me so very great or are you also callous with Me?”

The Lord replied, 'What's the matter? How can I be callous? Everyone is well looked after, everybody is provided for. (As Meher Baba Himself said once, I dare not to care for My lovers.)

'I assure you that You are callous and indifferent to Your closest devotees.'

'Why, what has happened?'

And Parvati said, 'Come and see; there is a devotee of Yours who spends every day chanting Your name, repeating your name, and living only on what people give him to eat. He has left the world; he has nothing to provide for his family, he has dedicated his life to You.'

'Well, that is his lot. And that's how it should be; it will promote his progress on the path to Me.'

But she said: 'No, I don't believe in that. You must provide him with some worldly means because he is wholly and solely Yours.'

'What do you want Me to do, further than what I have already done in My omniscience?'

'I would like you to give him a lot of wealth.'

'Alright, I will give him a lot of wealth, because you want it that way.'

It seems that even God has to submit to the wishes of the consort!

Well, the devotee used to take a regular path from his hut to the market place where he would beg. And throughout the day and night he would chant the name of the Lord. So while he was walking towards the market place that day, a thought came to mind. I am getting older and the world seems to be changing. There doesn't seem to be the same compassion and pity in people as previously. I shall have to do something more in order to draw upon the compassion of mankind. What if I were to pose as being blind? Then they might be drawn to give me more.

So on the very day that the Lord throws down from the heavens a sack full of gold on the path that the devotee takes each day. The devotee decides to practice blindness. He shuts his eyes, walks with closed eyes so that he can draw upon himself the mercy of mankind and he walks right past the gold that is lying there on the path.

The Lord looks at His consort and says: 'See, that is the law of Karma. According to what is determined as your share in life that much is yours and no more.





According to Meher Baba

Abide by law of land-an episode

Once, three men rode on bicycle to reach Guruprasad in Poona. They were intercepted by traffic police on the way but relieved on their explanation to police. However, when they reached Guruprasad, Baba scolded them for not abiding the traffic rules.

Another episode

Once Meher Baba was returning to Satara after a visit to Poona and the car driven by Eruch suddenly got out of control and dashed against culvert and landed in a ditch at a place 12 miles from Satara, Meher Baba and mandali were seriously injured and Dr. Nilu died. The police filed a case against Eruch but the judge declared that the accident was an act of providence and only cancelled the driving licence of Eruch. Meher Baba respected the law and never permitted Eruch to drive car in later years.






Love is a gift from God.

Love is the desire for happiness of others.

Love is dynamic in action and contagious in effect.

Love is essentially self communicative.

Love is nothing if it is not spontaneous.

Love is the reflection of God’s unity in the world of duality.

Love is meant to be experienced and not disclosed. What is disclosed is not love.

Love is meditation in its highest form, but only that love which does not forget the Beloved for a single moment.

Love is a mighty force. It not only enables one to put the ideal of selfless service into practice but also transforms one into God.

Love is different from lust. In the lust there is reliance upon the object of sense and consequent spiritual subordination of the soul in relation to it.

Love if exposed is an insult to love.

Love dissolves ego.

Love does not require the presence of the Beloved in order to love.

Love exits in all phases of life.

Love for Me should not have wants or demands.

Love as it is generally and commonly understood is but an attachment with selfish thought and motives involved.

Love and coercion can never go together. Love has to spring spontaneously from within.

Love alone knows how to give without necessarily bargaining for return.

Love also means suffering and pain for oneself and happiness for other. To the giver, it is suffering without malice or hatred, to the receiver; it is a blessing without obligation.

Love can be awakened by constantly thinking of the Master.

Love for God, love for fellow beings, love for service and love for sacrifice; in short, love in any shape or form is the finest “give and take” in the world.

Love needs no propaganda.

Love puts the soul into direct and coordinate relation with the reality which is behind the form.

Love seeks union with the Beloved.

Love resembles death in that it annihilates snobbery, vulgarity and all distinctions.

Love varies with degree, and the ultimate final state of Union with God.

Love means Longing, Love means restlessness, Love means harassment. Love means separation.

Love means the renunciation of the self. Prayer means selfishness, no matter how high the prayer may be. So there is a vast difference between when one prays and when one loves.

Like a tree Love has branches; branches of whole hearted devotion, perfect non-violence, selfless-service, self-denial, self-sacrifice, self-renunciation, self-annihilation and Truth.

Live not in ignorance. Do not waste your precious life-span in differentiating and judging your fellowmen, but learn to long for the love for God.

All narrowness limits love.

Avatar is the ocean of love.

Direct Path to God is the Path of love.

Everything else may fail but love never fails.

Extreme love for God or Master leads to Ecstasy (Maha-Bhav). Ecstasy turns into divine Love for God or Master on the spiritual Path.

Fear and love are incompatible.

God and Love are identical.

He who loves his spiritual Maser for the sake of love, ever intent of giving it and never desirous of receiving it, is a true lover.

If you love Me, let your love not be wasted by escaping your lips in worlds it is an insult to real love, if and when such love happens to be deliberately exhibited.

Infinite love for God leads to knowledge of infinite reality

It is easy for you to love those whom you love, but to love those whom you hate - that are something.

Meditation is the culmination of love.

My work is dissemination of love.

One who loves desires the will of the Beloved.

Status of love is so sublime and can never be reached by mind.

The light of love is not free from its fire of sacrifice. Like heat and light, love and sacrifice go hand in hand.

There is no Goal beyond love.

To love Me is to forget yourself completely.

To love Me for what I may give you is not loving Me.

There is no Sadhana greater than love. There is no law higher than Love. Above all, to love is best.

Unquestioned love for God or Master leads to ecstasy.

With love, one can follow any yoga most suitable to his or her temperament. It will enable an aspirant to follow the rigid principle underlying the spiritual path, and when and where necessary make him turn his back to the worldly pleasures for the sake of the union with the beloved God.

When you love you give. When you fall in love you want.

When one truly loves God, one longs for union with Him and this supreme longing is based on the desire of giving up one’s whole being to the beloved.

Where there is love there is oneness, and there can be no question of any particular religion or caste system, superiority or inferiority, touch ability or untouchability.

Your love is most precious offering you can give. -Meher Baba

Meher Baba explained


Love means, to give up everything and wanting nothing in return. That is called love. Lover is prepared to sacrifice own life for Beloved. The sublimity of love wants nothing.

Worldly love, is also love, but some selfish motive; possessive love. The love of world, man for woman, woman for man, is a speck of love, it wants something.

There are degrees of love in Divine Love. Divine union wants union with Beloved, but when that love reaches its zenith, it does not want anything, not even union. No question of possession or wanting. It is giving.

Love has no limit, but the mind is in the way. This obstacle cannot be removed without My grace. It is impossible, because mind has to annihilate itself. For example, if one were asked to jump over oneself, the most one could do would be to take a somersault! Yet it is impossible to jump over oneself; one may jump over others, but not over oneself! Thus one may want to realize "Baba" as He really is, but the obstacle remains.

My lovers may be likened to one who is fond of lions and admires them so much that he keeps a lion in his own home. But being afraid of the lion he puts him in a cage. The lion is always encaged; even while he feeds the lion, he feeds the pet animal from a distance and from outside the cage. Baba is treated like the lion by the lovers. There is love; there is admiration, there is an intense desire to see Baba comfortable and happy and Baba is also frequently fed by love of the lovers. But all this is done, keeping Baba segregated from one's own self.

What is wanted of the lovers is that they should open the "cage" and, through intense love, throw themselves inside the cage to become food for the lion of love. The lover should permit himself to be totally consumed through his own love for the Beloved.

Books and discourses will not bring about one's spiritual regeneration. Mind cannot be annihilated by mind, for one cannot jump over oneself. Only by loving Me as I ought to be loved, can the mind be destroyed. Anyone may have love for Me, but not the love I want.

In spite of all explanations and reading of books, words remain mere words. They do not take one any further than intellectual satisfaction. Only love for God works the miracle, because love is beyond mind and reason. Where then is the necessity to read? I authoritatively say: I am the Ancient One. I have been saying this to the entire world. If you love Me with all your heart, you shall be made free eternally.

Love defined - to Warner, (an author-disciple)

Warner, a well-known author asked Baba, "For a long time, I have been trying to find out the actual definition of love. Can you tell me what it is?"

Baba responded, "Love means a life of giving without expectation of receiving any reward." Warner was impressed, and Baba continued, "People must give and then receive. First give and then you will have all. But instead, people want to first have all and then think of giving. This is not the right way."

Love is the most precious offering one can give-an episode.

A poor carpenter had done his utmost to erect Baba's hut in Meherastana. While labouring in the cold day and night, he had fallen ill. He was so ill that when Baba arrived he could not attend the darshan program.

The next day, with a crowd trailing behind Him, Baba himself came to the poor man's tiny, one-room hut. Hearing noise outside, he came out and was dazed at seeing Meher Baba there. He ran to Him like a crazed man and fell weeping at His feet. Baba and the mandali raised him up on his feet and led him back inside to his bed. Sitting next to him on the broken cot, Baba wiped away his tears with His hand. "O Lord, forgive me," the man cried. "I cannot offer You anything. No fruit, no flower and no coconut – still you have been merciful enough to enter a poor carpenter's hut."

Baba answered compassionately, "Your love is the most precious offering you can give."

True or real love


The only Real Love is the love for this Infinity (God), which arouses an intense longing to see, know and become one with its Truth (God).

True love means the dedication of one's self or the complete surrender of one's self to the Beloved. It seeks the happiness of the Beloved without the least thought of obtaining happiness from the Beloved.

True Love is unconquerable and irresistible.

The way of pure love is a continued sacrifice.

True love is God’s gift to man.

Infinite Love and God are identical.

There can be no compromise in true love.

Pure, real unadulterated love has not even a tinge of lust. Lust for sex, lust for power, lust for name, lust for fame, lust for self-comforts defile the purity of love.

Pure Love gives - never asks.

Pure love is matchless in majesty, it has no parallel in power and there is no darkness it cannot dispel.

Pure love not only combines in itself the merits of all the disciplines but excels them in its entire efficacy to lead the aspirant to his Goal.

Infinite love for God leads to Knowledge of infinite reality.-Meher Baba

What is meant by Real Love?

We use the word "Love" very loosely. Suppose a man sees a beautiful woman and he falls in love with her. His love wants to possess that woman. He becomes restless; he has no appetite, he loses his sleep. He thinks of the woman all the time. But to love Me is much more than this so-called love of the world, of a man loving a woman. It is much more than that.

Only one who can dare to love Me can love Me as I ought to be loved. To love Me really would mean one has to cut off his head, place it on his palm and offer it to Me. Cutting not in the sense of chopping it off. That is very easy. "Head" means all your thoughts and desires – everything. Bringing them to Me means placing them at My feet. Then you begin to love Me; then you begin to find Me, to see Me in everyone and everything. Baba concluded: "I am the Lord of Love. At the same time, I am the slave of My lovers."

How Pure Love can be experienced?

Pure love is not something which can be forced upon somebody, nor is it something which can be snatched away from another. It is attained after the aspirant has succeeded in overcoming selfishness, when the false 'I' in him does not exist.

"It might be said that it is difficult to attain and, at the same time, it could also be stated that the state is easy to reach. Paradoxical as these statements might seem, they are nevertheless true.

"It is difficult to attain the state of selflessness, as long as the aspirant has not resolved to reach it. In the absence of a firm determination, the external attachments connected with the lower self prove to be too strong to overcome, with the result that the aspirant does not find it possible for him to attain his goal.

On the other hand, if the aspirant with a strong will decide, once and for all, to achieve his aim at any cost, he finds his task easy. For example, you have an old coat which you like very much. You cannot get rid of it, until you make up your mind and boldly take it off to throw it away once and for all. Such bold decision, methods make a task easy, which would otherwise be difficult.

Self-renunciation is absolutely essential to experience pure love. This renunciation does not mean that one has to leave all worldly connections and affairs and go off to the jungles. On the contrary, it means remaining in the world and discharging one's duties faithfully, yet, at the same time, keeping aloof from all attachments. This is not an unattainable ideal, but a practical goal which can be attained with ease, provided, of course, that the aspirant sincerely and boldly resolves to reach it.

Just as a man when very hungry feels the desire for food intensely, similarly, when an aspirant deeply desires to experience pure love, he feels the longing for it. At the proper time, he gets the necessary directions and help from a Master to attain the goal of selflessness. He is then able to enjoy, finally, the bliss of divine love.

Baba concluded by stating, "This state of divine bliss is to be experienced, not to be intellectually described."

Real lover of God is like a thirsty man in a desert-an example.

As a thirsty man under the scorching sun in the desert values water more than pearls or diamonds, so also a real lover of God only thirsts for Him and considers everything else as dust before Him! A real lover is not after name, fame or wealth. He only yearns for God, his Beloved. He who does not possess this attribute is full of selfishness!

Real love is unconditional –a mythological story about Lord Krishna

Krishna, while living in Dwarka with His favourite wife Rukmini, would often softly utter to Himself “O Radha... O Radha.” Rukmini felt jealous and asked Him why He kept remembering Radha so often when she loved Him so much and would do anything for Him.

Krishna did not say anything, He just smiled. A few days later Krishna complained of stomach-ache. Rukmini gave Him medicines, but the pain did not go away. He kept moaning in pain. Krishna told her that only the charnamrita (blessed water) of a person, who truly loved Him, would put an end to His agony. He then begged Rukmini to give Him some. A shocked Rukmini refused: “How can I commit such a sin? You are lord of all, and if I gave You my charnamrita I would be surely go to hell.” Krishna then asked Rukmini to send an attendant to Vrindavan and try to procure some charnamrita from someone there. Soon the attendant returned with a cupful of charnamrita and Krishna sipped it, all the pain disappeared. He then asked the attendant. “Who gave you this charnamrita?’ The attendant replied, “No one in Vrindavan was ready to give it on learning it was for Lord Krishna. Then one young woman came running up to me and gave me this cup. Her companions cautioned her, “You fool Radha; you are committing the greatest sin and will rot in hell.” But she did not care. “She said, “I don’t care about what it happens to me but I cannot bear to see my Beloved Krishna in pain.” She begged me to rush back to Dwarka and give this to You.

Krishna turned toward to Rukmini standing by His side and said,” See Rukmini, Radha is not afraid of going to hell for Me. She only thinks about Me. So if Radha loves Me so much, should I also not long for her?”

This is true love is about. It is unconditional. True love gives without taking and takes without giving. There are no expectations from the giver and receiver. True love feels and yield space for other.

An example of Real Love – a story

Here is a story of an example of that love. There was a great saint named Zikaria. He would always do what pleased God. Once in a dream, God ordered him to sit under a certain tree. When he awakened, he went and sat there and never moved for five years, in spite of tears and pleading from his family and friends. Hearing about this, the king of the place sent his men, ordering Zikaria to come to him, but the saint would not budge. The king then ordered his men to saw him in half if he did not obey, and Zikaria let himself be sawed without moving.

Another story on Real Love

The following story reveals something of the nature of this love, this real love that Baba was talking about. It concerns a king and a queen who lived and ruled some centuries ago. They loved each other and were happy together. The king was a wise and just ruler, and under his reign his kingdom flourished and peace and prosperity prevailed over the land. The King's subjects were happy and content. In short, it was almost an idyllic existence, but there was one flaw, one minor thing which prevented the queen from being completely happy. And this was that the king seemed to have no interest in God. It was not that he was against God. He had no objection to his subjects or his wife worshipping God as they saw fit, it was just that he never seemed to join in.

Because the king was such a good man, whose life seemed naturally full of virtue, it was not immediately apparent that he was not a believer. But, as time passed, the queen noticed that the king always seemed to make some excuse so as not to attend religious festivals. And while she understood that the nature of his duties prevented him from worshipping as regularly as she did, she realized after a while that not only had she never seen him perform worship, she had never even heard him utter a short prayer. In fact, she had never heard him mention the Lord's name.

Now, the queen was very religious, and when she began to suspect that her husband, the king, was not a lover of God, she became quite upset. She did her best to persuade him to join her in her devotions, but no matter how hard she tried, he always found some excuse for not joining her. This was the only thing that marred her happiness, but as time passed, it became a bigger and bigger thing. She would think to herself, "My husband is such a good man, his kingdom is peaceful and prosperous, his subjects are happy. Just think how perfect life would be if only he loved God." Or sometimes she would fear that because her husband did not love God, the peace and prosperity might be taken away, and the more she thought about it, the more upset she got.

She began to lose interest in her duties as queen. Uppermost in her mind was the thought that her husband did not love God as he should. Next to that, nothing else seemed important. She began to spend more and more time by herself in the palace temple. Her eyes, which previously had always twinkled with delight, now seemed pensive and brooding. Her constant cheerful smile was replaced with a frown. The king observed this and was sad, but whenever he asked the queen what was wrong, she would say, "Nothing." For she had already told the king she would like it if he worshipped regularly, and he had said, "Ask me for anything but that."

And so life went on, with the king attending to his duties, and the queen becoming more and more despondent and withdrawn. Now it so happened that one day, after this had been going on for some time, the king awoke and went to the ramparts of his palace. This was his usual custom. He would rise early and climb up to the ramparts and look out over his kingdom. He used to feel that he could ascertain the pulse of his kingdom from there. He had learned to tell, just from standing there in the early morning hours, whether there was any unhappiness or sorrow in the kingdom that needed attending to.

Well, this morning, as he looked out, he was surprised to see that many people were already awake and were busy putting up decorations. Others were cleaning the streets or their homes, and it was clear that some sort of major celebration was about to take place. This puzzled the king. He couldn't think of any festival or celebration which took place at that time of year. He called his prime minister and asked him what was happening.

"It is the queen's order, sir," the prime minister replied.

"The queen's order?"

"Yes, sir. Early this morning she got up and ordered that today was to be a day of rejoicing. She instructed that orders were to be given to all your subjects that today was a day of celebration."

"Why did she do that?"

"I don't know, Sir, She didn't say."

The king was puzzled at this. Of course it was in the queen's power to pass such an order, but as she had taken no interest in the affairs of the kingdom for some time, this was a complete mystery to the king. Why had she suddenly given such an order? He went to see the queen, who greeted him in her best clothes and with a dazzling smile on her face.

"Did you order this celebration?" the king asked.

"Yes," the queen admitted.

"Why? What is it? What has happened that has made you so happy all of a sudden?"

"Oh my king," the queen exclaimed, "I am so happy. At last what I have been praying for all these years has come true. Last night, while you were sleeping, you turned over and I heard you utter the name of God. That is why I have ordered this celebration."

"What!" exclaimed the king "Has my Beloved escaped from my heart and passed through my lips?" And with that the king sighed and dropped dead.

Pure love-explained to a lawyer from rural area -an episode

The following was the dialogue between a rural lawyer and Meher Baba

The lawyer, quite frankly but gently, told Baba, "I have heard many people talk about love, but I still don't know what love really is."

Baba asked, "Are you married?" "Yes."

"Do you have any children?"  "Yes."

"Do you love them?"

"Yes, in the ordinary way. But I cannot say that is real love. My object is to have real love, not this worldly affection and attachment. I visited saints, in the hope of experiencing love, but so far have not succeeded in any way."

Baba praised the man's longing for true and divine love, and dictated the following:

"You must first understand what real love means. Selfish motives, even in what people call love, often deceive them, and they mistake selfish feelings for love.

"I will make the point clear with an example. A person talking of love will say, 'I love my Beloved. I want my Beloved to be with me,' and so on. In all these expressions of love, the 'I' and 'my' are predominant.

"Another example: Suppose you find your child running about in tattered clothes and feel unhappy about it. It will pain you, and you will readily feel for him. You will do all in your power to see that he has good clothes and to make the child happy.

"On the other hand, if you see someone else's child in the street in a similar state, would you feel the same and act as readily as you did in the case of your own child? If not, it shows how your attitude toward your own child is merely a result of your selfish feelings.

"Your feelings could be called the outcome of true love, only if your attitude toward the unknown child of a stranger in the street were the same as toward your own child, under the same conditions.

Complete absence of selfishness is the true characteristic and real test of pure love.


Divine love


Human love is for many in the One. Divine Love is for the One in the many. – Meher Baba

There are two kinds of love; one love is the worldly love, one loves his life, his children and the world. The other kind of love is Divine love, and that can be had (only) by complete renunciation of the whole world. But this does not mean that you leave your family, children and your worldly responsibilities. Not outward, but mental renunciation is of importance, and that can (only) be had by the grace of the Perfect Master.

Divine love is the gift of God to man. It can be compared with the grace of the Sadguru which enables man to realize God in a flash. The true lover of God (Mard-e-Khuda) is he whose whole life has become like dust. The agony of love is so dear to him that, although it burns him to ashes; he will not part with it for anything! Though it may make him an outcast from society, a stranger to sleep, hunger and comfort, he prizes this blissful torture above all things in creation. Only God can implant this Divine love in the human heart.

The lover continually burns within himself in the fire of divine love. But the wonder is that despite leading such a life of consummation, the real lover keeps it hidden within himself as an invaluable treasure. He does not want to give it up. His burning within is blissful, although in its fire he ultimately becomes the very dust.

Divine love is like a tree, this love has branches: branches of wholehearted devotion, perfect non-violence, perfect selfless service, self-denial, self-sacrifice, self-renunciation, truth and self-annihilation. In this love are embodied all the yogas known to saints and seekers. The highest aspect of this love, which surpasses that of love itself, is the aspect of complete surrenderance to the will of the Beloved, that is, absolute obedience to His wishes, whatever the cost.

Divine love is the real love, but you cannot do that, so thinking of Me continually is the next best. That too you can't do. If you naturally say My name just while you are working or quiet, as often as you can spontaneously, that is good. But perhaps you can't do that either, so do these; Repeat Baba's name aloud every day for not less than half an hour and not more than one hour. Now, there is no love in that-no value at all in repetition-but in this case, it will bring love, it will establish the link (with Me), because I am telling you to do it.

But if you don't even want to do that, don't do it. It doesn't matter. Do what you want to do but try to remember that I am in everyone, in every man, woman and child. Be happy, live naturally, but serve Me in others as much as you can.

Difference between love and devotion (Bhakti)

Love burns the lover. Devotion burns the beloved.

Love seeks the happiness for the beloved. Devotion seeks for blessing from the Beloved.

Love seeks to shoulder the burden of Beloved. Devotion throws the burden on Beloved.

Love gives. Devotion asks. Love is silent and sublime, devoid of outward expressions. Devotion expresses outwardly.

Love does not require the presence of Beloved in order to love. Devotion demands the presence of his Beloved to express affection for the Beloved.

- Meher Baba

Directives on love

If you really want to live a life of Love and service and when you really have that want, you will not need to worry how to lead that life –you will live it.

I love you. Don’t worry about your weaknesses. Eventually they will go and even if they linger, Love will one day consume them. Everything disappears in the ocean of love. Because I love you, you have pool of love within you.

My best advice to you is to create love for God. Earn something in My contact; otherwise, if you spend time in discussions on religious doctrines and dogmas, it will take you nowhere toward truth. It is all rigmarole and will waste your precious time, and might better be used in thinking of God, meditating and creating love. Love is the sum and substance of all religions and the only essential of all creeds. Leave the rigmarole alone.

To love those whom you could not hate is natural; but to love those whom you cannot love is to love Me as I should be loved.-Meher Baba

Eight ways of loving God

  1. To love God in the most practical way is to love our fellow beings. If we feel for others in the same way as we feel for our own dear ones, we love God.
  2. If, instead of seeing faults in others we look within ourselves we are loving God.
  3. If, instead of robbing others to help ourselves, we rob ourselves to help others, we are loving God.
  4. If we suffer in the suffering of others and feel happy in the happiness of others, we are loving God.
  5. If, instead of worrying over our own misfortunes, we think of ourselves more fortunate than many, many others, we are loving God.
  6. If we endure our lot with patience and contentment, accepting it as His Will, we are loving God.
  7. If we understand and feel that the greatest act of devotion and worship to God is not to hurt or harm any of His beings, we are loving God.
  8. To love God as He ought to be loved, we must live for God and die for God, knowing that the goal of all life is to love God, and find Him as our own Self.

How to love God?

How do you love anything? If you fall in love with a beautiful girl, what happens? No system or principle exists for such a man. He will not fear ridicule. If people call him mad, he does not mind. To lose one-self to find the Beloved by hook or crook is the main thing. So when you become prepared in your heart of hearts to attain union with God by hook or crook, at the cost of your life and ridicule by the whole world, then may be you can be said to have entered the lane of divine love.

We have to love Him silently and honestly even in our everyday walk of life. The least show (display) of our love keeps God hidden. While eating, drinking, talking and doing all our duties, we can still continuously love God without letting anyone know about it. When God is found, you can have no idea what infinite peace and bliss results. So, I give you all My love so that someday you can love God as He ought to be loved.

But the love of the worldly who are absorbed day and night in the thought of God while discharging their daily duties is even greater than the love of a Mard-e-Khuda! Such people are never bound by anything. They do everything, yet simultaneously do nothing!

Two way of loving God

Everyone now uses the word love; it has been made so very cheap. If one really loves, one would never utter that word. What does it mean to love God? It is a very, very great thing. The true lover of God never says anything. He forgets that he loves God.

How will you love God? How should you love God? Not through meditations, not through so-called prayers and other things. There are two ways. One is to leave all and everything. That means to have nothing of your own, not even your body – to renounce absolutely everything. Everything means not only your surroundings but everything, including yourself.

The second thing is something great. There you do not have to renounce anything. You can lead a family life, be in the world, do your work or business, attend to your services, attend theatres, parties, everything. But always do one thing. Constantly think; constantly try to make others happy, even at the cost of your own happiness. That is the second way of loving God.

To love God is a difficult task

Status of love is beyond the reach of mind. Only those who carry their lives in their sleeves can reach the threshold. In perfect love there is perfect obedience. Very few have courage, the one who loves everyone.

Love God without fear

God is to be loved not feared. As a matter of fact nobody fears God. What many fear is hell or some punishment which they expect to undergo for their sins, just as schoolboys fear the cane and not the school teacher.

Do not be afraid of God, for how can you love Him if you fear Him. Fear and love do not go hand in hand. The truly religious man is he who is God-loving and not God-fearing.

Love for your family also amounts to love for God-an episode

Baba called an inspector of police named K. S. Savant and his wife, Hemlata, to Satara, and they arrived on the morning of Sunday, They were old lovers, experiencing a certain difficulty which Baba wished to clear up. At home, Hemlata would sit in her prayer room absorbed in Baba's remembrance. She would neither cook nor care for her children, who would go hungry until Savant returned from work in the evening. He had to cook their food, feed and look after them. Savant had written about this to Baba, and so Baba sent for them.

Baba advised Hemlata, "I am very happy with your love. I know how you remember Me day and night, and remain focused on Me. Your mind never wanders and this is good. I am God and so I am in everyone. But while I am happy in you, I am unhappy in Savant and the children. When I feel hungry in these children and do not get food, then I become unhappy with you. If, in these children, I do not get clean clothes to wear, I feel unhappy. When in Savant, after a hard day's work, I return home and find the children miserable, I am unhappy with you.

"So in you, you keep Me happy, but in Savant and the children, you keep Me most unhappy! If you keep Me happy in all, I will be so pleased with your love that I will even change your fortune!" Baba's simple admonition affected Hemlata so much that she was totally transformed. On their way from Poona, she had not uttered a single word to Savant or the children, and was in a withdrawn mood. But after listening to Baba, she smiled and embraced Savant, and the couple left happily. Baba had shown her the true way to worship Him. Sitting in meditation is not enough; one must fulfil one's practical responsibilities.

One should not bargain in love-an episode

Bachoobhai and his group continued to entertain Baba with bhajan. Ravikant Rawal made every one laugh with a wild tale. While he was narrating another one, Baba interrupted him, remarking, “I will hear the rest of it when I come back after seven hundred years.

Rawal wittily replied, “Why the hell would I come again in another birth after having taken hold of Your hand?”

Ravikant Rawal was an old lover of Baba and had come in Baba’s contact in a curious manner. He was not a particularly handsome, but fell in love with and wanted to marry a beautiful girl. Her parents were opposed to the match, and Rawal met no success in his efforts to persuade them otherwise. Then he came to Baba, beseeching Him that somehow He should bring about the marriage, if Baba did, he would be slave for life.

Baba had a hearty laugh and then asked, “Is there bargaining even in My love?”

Rawal said, “I don’t know anything about that. I am at your feet, and You will have to fulfil my wish.”

“Then do one thing,” Baba instructed. “For a year, stop talk of marriage, and if the girl’s father sends you a message, refuse to marry her! After one year, I will see to it.”

Rawal obeyed, and the parent of the girl came to know that Rawal was no longer interested in their daughter. The father remarked with a laugh, “Who would give his daughter to such an ugly man any way?” Meanwhile, he tried his utmost to arrange his daughter’s marriage, but without success.

At last, he sent word to Rawal and the latter smugly replied, “I will never marry her. Don’t talk to me about it,” Her parents began insisting him, but Rawal was adamant in his refusal. Thus a year passed. He informed Baba of all the events, and Baba permitted him to marry her. Rawal told the girl’s parents, “I have no desire to marry her, but since you are insistent, I agree.” So, in the end, Rawal married the beautiful girl whom he fell in love with, and from then on was always at Baba’s feet and began coming to Baba on every possible occasion.

Three types of lovers of God

There are three types of lovers of God. The first is the mast, who loves and knows only God. He loses all consciousness of self, of body and the world. Whether it rains or shines, whether it is winter or summer, it is all the same to him. Only God exists for him. He is dead to himself.

The second type of lover is the one who lives in the world, attends to all worldly duties fully, yet all the time in his heart he knows that this is temporary, that only God exists, and he loves God internally, without anyone knowing it.

The third type, which is the highest, is very rare. Here the lover surrenders completely to Christ, to the Avatar, to the God-man. He lives, not for himself, but for the Master. This is the highest type of lover. Unless you have such love, merely to criticise and to judge others will take you nowhere.

Devotion (Bhakti)

When love gets intensified it turns into devotion or Bhakti.-Meher Baba

Meher Baba discoursed

Niskam and Sakam Bhakti

Worship may be sincere, it may be from the heart, but if the worshipper offers it with the expectation of any return whether in shape of worldly benefits or for blessing even the after death, his worship is Sakam. And this Sakam Bhakti is generally connected with the first stage of Bhakti Yoga. When the worship is offered from the heart for the sake of worship only and without any thought of reward in this or the next life, it is called Nishkam and is concerned with the second stage and third stage of Bhakti Yoga. True aspiration to see and be one with God is the chief motive for the highest worship, but this aspiration is poles asunder from worldly desires. This aspiration is such that even when one comes face to face with God, it remains in full blaze until the union is affected.

Efforts must be made to turn Sakam Bhakti into Nishkam, even in the very first stage. In the beginning worship is necessarily Sakam. A man may cease to worship God for the sake of temporal gains. But it seldom happens that while worshipping, a man in the initial stage, can help avoiding thoughts for reward in life to come. And although this Sakam Bhakti is nothing but beggary, it is all the same for the beginning of true Bhakti, as while begging directly or indirectly of God for any kind of favours; the worshipper sincerely praises God.   Because the praise, actuated by thought of gain, is from the heart, it is likely to turn into disinterested praise, which in turn leads to Nishkam Bhakti.

Devotion or Bhakti is superior to all other methods of approach toward Truth-a story.

There was a king who was not only religious but had belief that bkakti is best path to follow for spiritual advancement or to find God. He wanted to testify and strengthen his belief. So he thought a novel method to test. He invited all experts of all spiritual seekers and wayfarers viz yogis, astrologers, tantriks, Ramalachrya and a saint. The king himself held a small piece diamond in his fist and called everyone one by one, yogi, astrologer, tantric and ramalachrya, except saint without disclosing what he had in his fist. The king asked every one the only one question. “What is in my hand?” Everyone calculated in his own way and answered “Diamond"

King had thought to test the saint at last and got disappointed with the idea that and even if saint would pass the test with the same answer, his belief for supremacy of bhakti over all other roads will not be established.

At last king called saint and put forth same question to him. The saint answered, I don’t know. I don’t possess any mystic powers as others may have. I am just a believer of God. I just pray God and try to remember Him as I could. But king insisted to answer the question. Saint replied I really don’t know. Any material thing is worthless like mitti in sense of spirituality, so take it as mitti. Once again disappointed king for a wrong answer opened his fist but to the utter surprise of king and all others, diamond had turned into mitti, The King was delighted to have witnessed the testimony of supremacy of Bhakti over all others. (unknown source).

A true example of true bhakti by Kalyan disciple of Ramdas-story.

Ramdas was a spiritual Master at the time of Shivaji. He had many disciples, the favourite among whom was Kalyan. Ramdas wanted to test his devotion. He asked all His disciples to come together, and he pretended to be sick to the point of death. He had put a mango over the knee-joint to simulate swelling, and bound it up. It seemed to be swollen like a tumour, which Ramdas said it was. Then He asked His disciples whether any of them would suck out the poison from the knee-joint, saying that whoever did so would die in His place, but that He would be pleased. While all the other disciples hesitated, Kalyan arose immediately and sucked the knee-joint. But instead of poison, he sucked the juice of the mango.

This is love - to be ready to die for love of the beloved, for the happiness of the beloved. All this means love, faith and sacrifice.






Lust is the lowest, most distorted form of love.

Lust binds expression through the gross body.

Lust is the dissipation and carving of the senses.

In lust there is accentuation of suffering: but in love there is a feeling of unity and joy.

Lust is very much like greed in many respects; but it differs in the manner of its fulfillment, which is directly related to the gross sphere. Lust finds its expression through the medium of the physical body and is concerned with the flesh. It is a form of entanglement with the gross sphere.

A lustful man, no matter what good qualities he may possess, cannot move along the spiritual path; he is like a cart with one wheel.

Promiscuity in sex gratification is bound to land the aspirant in a most pitiful and dangerous chaos of ungovernable lust.

Sex is a manifestation of the ignorance attempt which the cautious mind makes to compensate for the psychic fragmentation entailed by identification with the sex of body.

Sex is a specific kind of bodily attraction which presupposes differentiation of forms, a specific kind of psychic entanglement with the forms, and specific expression of life and energy. Craving is implicitly present in the repression of sex as well as in its gratification. Both result in vitiation of consciousness through lust or the desire for sensations. The mind is therefore in veritably restless as either alternative.

The sex act is considered a grave sin on the path and prohibited to spiritual aspirants.

The process of sublimation of lust by Master’s grace leads to increase of the element of love.

When love reaches the animal level, it is expressed as lust and is linked with gross body. Lust is the most limited form of love. –Meher Baba

Difference between lust and love 


Lust is dissipation. Love is rejuvenation.

Lust is nothing else but the desire for self happiness. Love is desire for the happiness of others.

Love is the reaching out of spirit. In lust there is excitement. In love there is tranquillity. Lust seeks fulfillment. Love experiences it.”

In lust sole reliance is upon quenching of the senses with consequent spiritual subordination of the soul. Love however puts the soul in direct and reciprocal touch with Reality that is beyond forms. In lust there is dwarfing of life; in love an expression of being. Lust generates a sense of hopeless dependence upon a form which belongs to another entity. Love enhances the spirit and its Sacred Fire fuses the lives of lover and Beloved into one. Lust is blundering with separateness and group. Love is progression in Unity and joy.

Nowadays lust is taken for love. The subtle difference is missed. There is a very subtle difference between love and lust, but it is quite clear. They are two things. You love rice and curry, this is lust. You love a cigar, lust again. You love curry and eat it, but do not give anything by the act. You finish the beloved!  - Meher Baba


Meher Baba explained 


In lust, man has a tendency to fasten his lust upon several persons of the opposite sex. The ideal of brahmacharya (celibacy) does not allow even the touch of the person of opposite sex. Now if the Master, who is entirely free from lust, wants to help a strongly lustful person, He knows that the aspirant is incapable of brahmacharya. Therefore, He allows him to legally marry, but He asks him to limit his lust only to one woman. Then gradually, as lust diminishes, he may be asked to give up all acts of lust, even with his wedded wife, although he can maintain and continue the married life. In this manner, lust is gradually eliminated and the goal of brahmacharya is finally obtained.


In 1967-68 Meher Baba revealed to Bhau Kalchuri about the sanskaric state of homosexuality. The soul is eternally and absolutely sexless: however, during the process of incarnation with the counterbalancing of opposite impressions (“eunuch”-“man”-“women”), the embodied soul’s human consciousness accumulates and, therefore, contains sanskaras of both opposite sexes. Both male and female sex sanskaras exist in the human mind and human form; however, the state of human consciousness is that “the homosexual is in male form but working it out or spending his female sanskaras, whereas he is meant to be spending his male sanskaras.” since the soul has reincarnated as a man. A lesbian is “working out or spending her male sanskaras, whereas she is meant to be spending her female sanskaras,” since the soul has reincarnated as a woman.


For the aspirant a life of strict celibacy is preferable to married life, if restraint comes to him easily without undue sense of self-repression.

Celibacy is good for progress in spiritual path who can control their sex emotion. Contact with Perfect Master helps one to gain that control, but as few very strong power to control themselves, marriage for most and women is advisable. Indeed it is much better to marry and devote your attention to one person than to remain bachelor, and like a bee pass from flower to flower in search of new experiences.

Celibacy is unimportant. Some men marry, others remain single; but a man is not more backward spiritually because he has married. A woman can inspire him by her love to know the Truth. But she must develop love and not lust. This is the key to happiness.

For the celibate as well as for the married person the path of inner life is the same




For ordinary persons, married life is undoubtedly advisable unless they have a special aptitude for celibacy.

From spiritual point of view, married life will be success only if it is thoroughly determined by the vision of truth. In fact, through intelligent handling of the marriage, a person may traverse so much of the spiritual path that it needs only a touch by the Master to raise him into the sanctuary of eternal life. Sex in marriage is entirely different from the sex outside marriage, in marriage the sanskaras of lust are much lighter and are capable of being removed more easily.

Marriage is a sacred bond of mutual trust, honour, and selfless responsive love. If it is inspired by lofty ideals marriage will serve as a pleasant gateway to the entry of the two souls to infinite kingdom of God.

Marriage does not interfere with man or woman loving God. Whether you stay single or you get married is of little importance. What is important is that you love and obey Me.

The bond of marriage is a sublime partnership for life where the two souls are fighting together the battle of life.

Throughout up and downs, happiness and miseries of married life, the type of love should be nurtured by honesty of purpose equanimity of mind and steadfastness of the ideals.

Value of marriage lies in lessons of mutual adjustments and sense of unity with other. –Meher Baba

According to Meher Baba


Every human relationship is based on love in one form or another and endures or dissolves as that love is eternal or temporal in character.

Marriage, for example, is a happy or unhappy, lasting or fleeting, according to the love which inspires and sustains it. Marriage based on sex attraction alone cannot endure. They lead inevitably to divorce or worse. Marriages, on other hand, which are based on a mutual desire to serve and inspire grow continually in richness and beauty, and are a benediction to all who know of them.

A woman can play an important part in the development of divine grace. She is man's equal. So long as she is true to herself, all will be well. But once she surrenders to her surroundings, the function of marriage fails. It is then you have divorces.

Delusion of sex

Self has no sex, but when self treats itself as the body, the illusion of sex appears; and therefore, duality. The Self in each of us is sexless, but the self in a person thinks itself as a woman, and in another thinks itself as man. This is delusion. A very subtle difference. It all comes from thinking of ourselves as the body.

The soul is to the body as the bald man is to his wig. The bald man puts on his topi when he goes to work in the morning. When he comes home and goes to sleep at night, he takes it off. In conclusion, you must learn to use the body when you need it for work, and to free yourself when you no longer need it.

Lust is greatest obstacle of spiritual path

In the spiritual path, lust is the greatest obstacle. Even the thought of fornication should not enter the mind. That is why I tell you "Keep your langoti tight," which mean to have no lustful thoughts, do no lustful actions, and do not touch or even look at a woman. Lust is so forceful that even looking at a woman can start a man thinking about sex and thinking leads to action.

Compare the love between a child and his mother, the child plays in her arms and touches her without creating the least thought of lust. But the slightest touch between the father and mother may arouse lustful thoughts in them.

Sanskaras of sex is deep and worst red colour

There are seven colours of sanskaras. Red is the worst and the deepest. It is the most lasting impression, and takes the longest to be wiped out. These red sanskaras are caused by the sex act; hence they are a great check on the progress and advancement. The sex act is considered a grave sin on the Path, and prohibited to spiritual aspirants.

Thoughts of sexual desire may come, and even a rush of impulses, but one should not commit any action with another person. Even masturbation is better, though it is harmful to the physique. Sexual intercourse has the worst consequences. It attracts to oneself the worst sanskaras of ages past of one's partner, hence it is most difficult to wipe out. It incurs immense ineradicable damage to one's spiritual progress

Solution of problem of sex

In order to solve the problem of sex, the minds first understand that both alternatives are equally creation of imagination working under influence of craving.

Foremost, you should try to get rid of lust, as all other vices are on account of it. For instance, if a parrot's throat is cut, it dies. But if its wings are clipped, it does not die, after some time the feathers of the wings grow back. Lust can be compared to the parrot's head. Therefore, when lust is still present and we conquer other evils, such as anger, the evils again revive; everything rises out of the head. But if lust is killed once and for all, every other evil is also destroyed; you have cut off its head.

There is no need to stop thoughts from coming. This is a very important thing. In no book it is mentioned. It is only for My lovers that I am pointing out today the secret of this spiritual darkness.

Lusty, good or bad thoughts should not be checked. Let them come, rather encourage them to come! Do not feel nervous or get despondent, but never allow them to express themselves in actions.

What happens then? To clean the slate of the mind these sanskaras should be spent in any way. If they are not spent in this birth they will have to be spent in the next birth. So they should be spent through thoughts only. If they are spent through physical actions, as we have said, new sanskaras are created. So they should only be spent mentally. When their force is spent, you are free.

Now why do these thoughts come? From where do they come? They are not borrowed, nor do they come from somewhere outside. They were deep within you. If they do not surface now, they will surge up some other time. So I repeat, don't worry, and if you follow Me hundred percent you will be free.

An aspirant can use marriage for spiritual progress

In the beginning, the aspirant will, in relation to the partner, feel lust as well as love. But he can, with conscious and deliberate cooperation with the partner, gradually lessen the element of lust and increase the element of love, until love becomes utterly pure and free from lust. But in order to achieve this purpose, he must strictly limit himself to his partner in matters of sex.

Be simple, honest and natural in married life- reply to a couple

Your anxiety to please the Lord by living an ideal married life in accordance with His wish is indeed very touching. The ideal, however, is not arrived at overnight. The true meaning of married life unfolds very gradually, and with it, very, very gradually, the aspirant gets a hold over biological urges.

Be patient. Let your love for her, hers for you and the love both of you have for the Beloved Lord, dispel all tension, confusion, and desperation in your married life. Remain happy and contented with the blessings of His Love upon you both. He has blessed you with His love so make the best of it in this life. Waste not your precious time analysing the meaning of words of the discourses and in devising ways and means to make your married life compatible to the sexual/biological urges according to the written word. If you continue to do so, you will be engrossed and entangled all the more in words and thoughts of sex, whereas your beloved Lord and Master wants you to remember Him wholeheartedly and get lost in Him rather than His words. Why should one give such importance to sex and celibacy? There are many other things more important than this given in the discourses.

Beloved Baba wants you both to love each other and love and gentle to all; He would want you to be simple, honest, and natural in your married life.

On Birth Control

The use of physical means for preventing the birth of children without mental control is spiritually disastrous for an aspirant. but it is permissible for an aspirant to use, in increasing degree, mental control along with physical means, if he considers that he cannot undertake responsibility of children and if he does not in any way slacken his attempts at mental control and sublimation and if he uses the physical means provisionally and intends to give up them as soon as possible?

Birth control must be essentially self control (mental control) and nothing else. There should be no second add to it. Any physical means, under no circumstances, consideration or conditions, would be available.

Lust discussed with mandali men

Baba made each of the mandali promise never to touch any woman lustfully. As for those married men, they were to promise not to touch any women except their wives.

Lust is not bad. Because of this lust, you have been born as human beings. It is due to this very lust that you will turn from men into God! But even if lust is there in you, don't put it into action. From the spiritual point of view, lust is the worst possible weakness. The real hero is he who successfully fights it. Fornicating with a woman who isn't your wife is one of the worst possible sins. What had to happen, has happened, but from now on, beware of carnality. Follow My orders and stay away from lust. What lasting pleasure can one derive from such stinking parts? It can destroy your spirit and character, as well as infect the body.

The secret of My work is, though I know everything, I do not interfere. The fact is, you should have this lust, but you should do your utmost not to fall prey to it. You should put up a fierce fight, and though defeated a thousand times, you should again be ready to continue to fight the lust.

Were I to wish it, I could destroy the lust in you in no time. But what would be the use of destroying it? Inevitably I will destroy it. In the meantime, continue on with the battle inside yourselves. This is the law; it is necessary. Then joy will come in defeating lust. Without a struggle, there is no pleasure in fighting. The real pleasure lies in success after so many defeats. Wars won without obstacles, without sacrifices and untiring effort afford no pleasure. This should be a life and death fight! Lust is there to be fought. It is a lifelong struggle. It will be a conflict in you to the end of your days. It should be there to fight you, and you should always be alert and ready for battle – to kill.

In truth, lust is necessary for evolution. It starts developing in the vegetable forms. With the increase in lust, there is advancement in evolution, since lust means energy. And with the increase in energy, consciousness expands.

But these are points on this path which you will never understand. There are thousands of points thinner than hair. Remember it is no easy thing to eradicate sanskaras gathered during birth after birth, and lust is the hardest of all sanskaras. But be heroes and fight lust; you will defeat it. The real pleasure is to fight it and not succumb to it! Knowing this, I let it remain, but I will destroy it in you when the right time comes. Until then, go on fighting and never give up.

Explanation  to His  mother on His marriage by Meher Baba

One day, Shireen (Meher Baba’s mother) talked with Baba as He was seated on His gaddi after everyone had taken His darshan and garlanded him with flowers. Shireen said, "Merwan, now you are worshiped as God on earth. Since I am your mother, I should also be respected, and I tell you now that there is only one thing left I want in this world – You must get married!"

Baba silently laughed and then dictated in reply, "What you say is perfectly true, mother. You are on the same level with Mary the mother of Jesus, with Yeshoda the mother of Krishna.

You must be respected and you too will one day be worshiped, as it was through your womb that God has taken birth.

As your son, I would never disobey you. Of course, I respect your wishes. However, in order to get married there must be a man and a woman. What am I to do? God has put Me into such a state that I do not find anyone else in the world but Me! I experience Myself to be in all.

When a man goes to a cinema and watches a movie of a beautiful actress on the screen, can He marry her? No, because she is only a two-dimensional image on the screen. Likewise, I see you all on the screen of Maya. How then can I get married?" Shireen was sincere in her wish, and Baba's reply made her weep. She had nothing else to say to counter His point.






Maya signifies ignorance. It is Maya that drives the man to think of the universe and its charms as reality.

Maya is God’s shadow. Where Maya is there, there is God. When the illusion of finite things has vanished, with it has also vanished Maya, the creator of illusion.

Maya can be compared to ringworm on skin. The more you indulge in it, the more you get infected in it and become painful and miserable.

Maya is not duality It is that which causes duality. Maya is not illusion. It is the creator of illusion. Maya is not false. It is that which gives falsity. Maya is not unreal. It is that which matters real as unreal and unreal as real.

Meaning of God realisation is emancipation and freedom from the bondage of Maya. But one has to be in Maya to come out of it. Do not get enmeshed in it and keep away from its tricks and snares.

If worldly desires and anger take hold of your mind, then no matter how much you may practice tapa-japa and meditation, you are still entangled in the toils of Maya. Maya is the source of all worries, anxieties and troubles.

The chief props and agents of Maya are Kama, krodh, and lobh (Lust, anger and greed). Unless and until you subjugate them it is impossible for you to enter upon the path that leads to union with God.

The working of Maya expresses itself by giving to a thing an importance that is not real and this is a form of ignorance.

The false world is created by Maya or the Principle of Ignorance.-Meher Baba

According to Meher Baba

Maya –Infinite Illusion

God is Infinite Reality, whereas the cosmos is infinite illusion. But both are not infinite in the same sense. God is One Infinite and illusion is infinite in numbers. God is Infinite Unity and illusion is infinite duality. Always God is. All along illusion is not. Illusion or no illusion, God remains Beginning less and endless, while illusion has a beginning in illusion and it also ends in illusion.

The infinite illusion includes an infinite number of suns, stars, moons, planets and worlds. The whole of the creation goes on evolving ad infinitum in illusion.

God uses Maya to conduct the affairs of the world.  Suppose you come along and mistake the string for a snake. This mistake creates Maya. But, if you see that string is only string and nothing else, then where is Maya? It is only your false supposition that is really mayo. In the end, when it is found that it is only a string, you laugh at your false presumption because your fear is gone-the illusion is removed. In the same way, when one attains realisation, he laughs at these false notion of Maya the world and all its connections-for they are totally false and not real.

Therefore, the very moment Maya (desires, passions and anger) enter your head, thrust it out. Do not let in at all. If a rabid dog goes after you, you shout to drive it away. If on the other hand, you give it food, it will follow you and will not go away. Similarly, Maya is like a dog. Do not allow it to enter your mind. Drive it away as you would a mad dog. Drive it away with all your strength, for once it sticks to you, it will be quite impossible for you to free yourself.

People say God has created Maya, but that is not so, for example take the hair on head. The hair is Maya and the head is God, the creator. Although the hair grows on the head, the head does not know how, why and where it comes from. Then how can it be said that the head created hair, or God created Maya? But in the same way, the very creation of Maya itself is dependent on God.

Maya is sheer illusion-a force of imagination. Where there is lust, there is Maya. Where is anger, there is Maya. Where is greed, there is Maya. He who renounces Maya finds everything. Do not be slave of Maya. Subjugate Maya and you will see God in all His Perfection.

But it is next to impossible to realise God. One must die to gain this state, not by drowning or committing suicide, but by renouncing Maya and freeing oneself from its deluding allurements. And this Maya is so tyrannical and powerful that even the best persons succumb to its lures. The real heroes who eat her up are very rare.  So hold tightly to My feet to ease your way or else you will not get even a whiff of reality and your strenuous efforts to reach the goal age after age will not bring you nearer to it.

Maya in no way limited by time.

Maya cannot have a beginning or end in time, because time itself is a creation of Maya Any view that makes Maya a happening that takes place at some time, and disappears after some time, places Maya in time and not time in Maya. Time is in Maya; Maya is not in time.

Times, as well as all the happenings in time, are the creations of Maya. Time comes into existence because of Maya, and disappears when Maya disappears. God is a timeless reality, and the realisation of God, and the disappearance of Maya, is a timeless act. So Maya is in no way limited by time.

Remain in Maya but do not get enmeshed in it

During brief visit to Madras, Baba explained about Maya 

If a person wants to take the pearl from the bottom of the ocean, then he should not shout at the pearl to come up while he sits on the beach. If he really wants the pearl, he should try his hardest to plunge to the bottom of the ocean to get it.

Now, say that the water of the ocean is Maya and the pearl is God. According to spiritual law, it is then essential that the diver not get wet nor even touch one drop of water while diving! This means it is possible for him to dive and obtain the pearl, but it is impossible for him to not touch even a drop of water in the effort. This impossible aspect of spiritual things really makes the diver worthy of the prize.

In order to not touch water, the diver must put on a full diving suit; and after putting on an air tank, he can dive down. Only then will he be able to follow the rule of bringing up the pearl without getting wet.

To compare the above with spirituality, take the water of the ocean as Maya, the pearl as God, the diver as the seeker, the diving suit as love, or the willingness to renounce the world, and the man on the beach or boat in charge of the air compressor as the Sadguru. Without the help of the Sadguru to manipulate the air compressor, it is thus impossible for one to dive down and take the pearl, which means to free oneself from the clutches of Maya while remaining in Maya.

The meaning of God-Realization is emancipation – freedom from the bondage of Maya. But one has to be in Maya to come out of it. So remain in Maya but do not get enmeshed in it. Keep away from its tricks and snares.

How strong is the grip of Maya on the world?-a story narrated by His disciple 

Once there was a beggar. He used to beg in front of a temple, and as soon as he had collected hundred naiya paisa (cents). He would convert them into one pure silver rupee coin. By the time he had collected Rs. 25, he was an old man and realized that soon he was going to die. He was in a plight as to what to do with his precious coins. So he thought that as they were his life's work, he should not part with them. They had become so precious and dear to him he decided that they should be buried with him. But knowing that people would rob the money from his dead body, he thought of a plan to keep the coins inside his body. He piled up the 25 silver coins and tried to swallow them all. There were too many and he had to clench his mouth shut over them. Straining with the effort, he suddenly died! Nevertheless, he got his wish. The coins remained tightly shut in his mouth!

Since he was buried at public expense, it was done in a haphazard fashion, and soon his body was eaten away by animals.

His bones with the skull (with Rs.25 inside!) were lying on the ground. Some schoolboys of the village were passing by, and coming across the skull kicked it and heard the jingling of the coins. All of them kicked the skull as hard as they could to knock out the coins, but it was no use as the teeth's grip was so tight. They tried to break open the skull with stones, but to no avail.

So they took the skull to a wise man in the village, who told the skull, "Look here, man, all these people want to take your precious money away, but I want to add to it. Here are five more coins!" Upon hearing this skull opened at once, and the wise man struck it from behind and removed the coins.

So from this tale you can see how strong Maya’s grip is. The more you get, the more entangled in it you become.







Meditation means to forget the self, by not thinking of anything but the Self.

Meditation gives peace and some inner revelation to some fortunate ones. The meaning of meditation is deep within one’s self. It is self-hypnotism in the divine play-to lose yourself.

Meditation is good. If you love and meditate, there is no harm. If you love and do not meditate, there is no harm. But if don’t meditate as if you have taken a quinine powder! Meaning is that it is something to somehow or other be done with and gotten over. If you are interested in meditation, you ought to do it with joy. If you do not like meditation, then you have to take My name; and if you love Me, taking My name ought to give you joy. Do it when and where you like.

Meditation is not necessary. It is superfluous.

Meditation has never made a person one with God.

I attach more importance to love than meditation. Love without meditation is more than enough. Meditation without love is not enough.

Intelligent meditation is a natural process of the mind, which avoids the monotonous rigidity and regularity of mechanical meditation.

Remember Me wholeheartedly and continuously while attending your worldly duties. This is best form of Meditation which is natural and spontaneous.

The meditations, yogas, concentrations do not teach what Baba teaches you through everyday living; that is, to be kind to those who ill-treat you and to love those whom you dislike.

Those who can meditate should do so, those who cannot, should repeat My name for half an hour. You must meditate daily. For some meditation is suitable, for others, it is not; and a very few enjoy it. The meaning of meditation is to go within yourselves, right inside of you. Those who love God that love takes them within. - Meher Baba

According to Meher Baba

Benefits of meditation

  1. Meditation serves an excellent purpose of counteracting the might of One who mediates with sincerity may sooner or later become free from the clutches of Maya and be drawn to the truth or God.
  2. If along with sincerity meditation is practiced with regularity and sufficiently for a long time, it is capable of making one’s mind pure and permanently inclined to the divine path.
  3. The third advantage of meditation lies in the fact that if the meditation is very deep and intense it is likely to produce the state of Yoga Samadhi. Though Yoga samadhi has nothing to do with Nirvikalp Samadhi (State of God-realization) and must not be confused with spiritual perfection, an aspirant is likely to derive some benefit from it.
  4. Last but not the least, greatest advantage of meditation is that which lies in a chance for direct God-realization! It is not impossible to get the Nirvikalpa Samadhi, Hakikat, the complete realization of the state ‘I am god’ through meditation! But it is possible, provided that mediator has come under the influence of a living Perfect Master, has pure and spotless character, and is possessed of dogged determination that knows no defeat, even if it comes to the question of giving up the very life in the cause. With these qualities, one must mediate without any other object in view that of becoming one with the Almighty.

Meditation or anything done in the cause of truth never goes in vain. It is bound to bear fruit sooner or later.

Difference between meditation and love

Meditation creates peace, not love. Thinking brings about love when done continually and deeply. In meditation, you try to stop thinking. The stoppage gives peace. But to love, you must think of the Beloved. If your mind become still, your beloved does not exist anymore. Then how can there be love where there is no Beloved.

This is very important difference between meditation and love. When you meditate, you try to forget everything, even yourself. In loving, you forget everything and self, but you remember the beloved. In real and perfect meditation, which is rare, you forget your body, yourself and everything else. In loving you also forget self, body and everything, but you remember the Beloved! In the meditation, the Beloved does not exist. That is why it is said that in meditation, most of you can get is samadhi- forgetting everything and deriving peace. But never God realisation! It is only attained by love.

Six  most important methods of Meditation

  1. Those who are inclined to think of the impersonal aspect of the Almighty, i.e. Impersonal God, it is advisable to retire into solitude, and taking a comfortable seat, begin to contemplate on Him thus; 'God is one. God is infinite. God is everywhere. God is beyond everything.' Then they should bring the immeasurable space commonly known as the sky to their mind's eye, and begin to concentrate on the idea of the Impersonal God across this imaginary background of the blank and unlimited sky for as long a time as possible.
  2. One should sit for meditation in the same way as shown in the first example. But the line of thought in this method must be as follows: "God is true. All else is false. This world and all that is seen and perceived is a dream, a mirage, an unreal phenomenon. God is living within my own self as the soul of my soul." After contemplating these thoughts for some time, one must turn one's attention to the heart. Imagine a flame as one's own atman (soul) to be there, and concentrate as much and as long as possible on this imaginary flaming spot in the heart.
  3. The line of thought to be followed in this kind of meditation (the other preliminary conditions to be the same as in the first two methods) is this: "I am not this body. I am not finite. I am the self. I am eternal." Following some contemplation in this way, one must suddenly close the two external eyes as tightly as it is comfortably possible to do, and then mentally gaze intently upon the centre of the forehead from inward as much and for as long as possible, avoiding all other thoughts, whether high or lowly, during this concentration.
  4. This is at once a very simple and very difficult kind of meditation. All that one has to do is to retire into solitude and sit in a comfortable position, with both the external eyes closed, and try to keep the mind a blank. One has neither to think about God, nor about the devil, neither about immortality nor about eternity, and neither about the existence of the world nor about its non-existence. In short, in this meditation one must try to remain mentally blank throughout the sitting, for as long a period as possible.
  5. One should sit aside in solitude, close the eyes and contemplate and mentally say and reiterate this: “God is my beloved. I am His lover. I want union with my beloved, the Lord, the great God.” Following this process for awhile, one should begin to repeat mentally any one of the names of the Almighty in any language, but in such a way that half of the name must be pronounced (of course mentally) while inhaling the breath, and half of it to be pronounced while exhaling the breath. While carrying on this reiteration rhythmically, one should try to concentrate all attention on the reiteration of the name only.
  6. One who is inclined to think of the personal aspect of the Lord, i.e. Personal God, must sit with one's soul for one's companion in a quiet spot, close the eyes, then try to bring before one's mind's eye the whole face of any Prophet, God-incarnate or Sadguru of the past or the present age, and concentrate on it as long as possible. In order to facilitate the bringing of the features of any Perfect Master to one's mind's eye, His portrait must be gazed at deeply before closing the eyes in meditation.

Wherever and whenever possible, one should select a quiet and solitary spot on or around a hill or mountain, or by a bank of a river, for sitting in meditation. Failing this, one should retire into a room all alone, and keep the door closed during meditation

It is unnecessary to lay down hard and fast rules regarding the posture. Any sitting posture which one finds most convenient should be adopted. But once it is adopted, one must stick to it and sit in the same way daily. Where there is a need of mental reiteration of the name of God, one must select any one name and adhere to it daily. Therefore the most comfortable sitting (not reclining) position and the most appealing name should be carefully selected once for all.

There is no length of time that can be called too long for any of the meditations, and every hour of the night and day is suitable for any meditation. But the best period for meditation is the early hours of the morning, 4 to 7 am. It is preferable, though not quite necessary, to take a bath before sitting in meditation.

Now which of the methods is the best one? It is not the method, but the force that one would use behind a method that counts. The saying, 'One man's food is another man's poison,' applies just as much to meditation as to gastronomy. It would be foolhardy to say that this or that particular kind of meditation is the best. That which suits one's own inclination, or that which appeals most to one, is the best kind of meditation for that one. The question of success depends on one's own self. Purity counts as much as perseverance, and devotion as much as determination.

Let it be borne in mind that there should be no limit to or a particular fixed period only, for meditation. If meditation cannot be continued throughout the waking state without a break, it must be as long as possible. The intensity of meditation is in proportion to the longing for the goal.

Every hour, every minute, one must crave for God as a drowning man craves for life. The longing for God brings about extreme unrest, a kind of mind-crushing torture, and this mind-crushing torture must be so strong that no thoughts except those of God enter the devotee's mind. This intense longing is very rare in this matter-ridden age. In order to generate this longing, the help of a Perfect Master is required in most cases. The grace of a God-realised Master works wonders, but one must, so to say, extort this grace from Him.

Meditation and concentration should be as natural as a lizard concentrating on its prey, oblivious to everything else. Its concentration is so one-pointed that it only waits to pounce, with no other thought except the hunt, until it has caught its prey.

Meditation done out of love ends in union

The mind is a terrible thing. It may be called a curse. Its business is to think and think – the more so when we do not wish to think of a particular person or thing. For instance, when you sit down for meditation or concentration on the Guru or Beloved God, other worldly thoughts of a thousand and one kinds, of which ordinarily you would not have dreamed, are sure to rush into your mind. Thoughts always creep in with their continuous onslaughts, for it is the business of the mind to think, think and think.

But the real thinker and meditator is he who would not pay attention to these thoughts and would go on meditating on the image of his worship, even amidst the strongest attacks. This intervention of other ideas is not a sin, or a defect, or even a mistake of the sadhak – aspirant. These thoughts do and will come as long as that terrible mind is there. The sadhak has only to persist strenuously to drive away these as much as he can and think of the Beloved – God. He should not give up meditation or feel disturbed or disappointed by these attacks.

You need not worry or cry that you cannot meditate due to other thoughts disturbing you. Don’t get up from your sweet sound sleep at midnight with the idea of doing meditation? That is half the work done -sacrificing your sweet sleep for meditation of your own accord without any compulsion. Do you not try to sit down for hours until morning to meditate on Me when others are in sound sleep? This is three-fourths of the work done. Now, only one-fourth is left; that is, thinking of only one thing. And try to do that. If you are successful, all right; if not, don't worry. Three-fourths of the work has been done by your waking up and trying to sit for hours in meditation. It is no fault of yours if you do not get the image before your eyes. Persevere and persist in your efforts. Do not be discouraged and give up the effort. Do not try to throw away the sitar because it is hard to tune. Try to adjust and tune each string persistently, with the firm intent of making the instrument work. Similarly, try to catch outside thoughts by the ear and throw them out.

Suppose there are innumerable mosquitoes swarming around and some start biting you at night. What would you do to get rid of this annoyance? Would you just sit there and cry? No! You would at once get a mosquito net. You would resort to a remedy and it eventually would have the desired effect. Even though the mosquitoes would come in hordes at first, you would not feel disturbed, for they would almost all be outside the curtain, though a few might have come inside the net. Likewise, deal with all these thoughts. They, like mosquitoes, are sure to come and annoy you, but you have to put up a curtain of thoughts about Me, by letting My divine image be present before your mind's eye. Meditate on Me so that the other thoughts automatically stop pestering your mind.

Remember what I explained, call to Me and keep Me in mind, and then meditate on My movements, gestures, facial expressions and activities, whatever you remember. If thoughts interrupt, let them. Do not pay any heed.

Continuing, Baba stressed the importance of awakening early in the morning, between 4 and 6 A.M., for meditation and then quoted this saying:

During the first part of the night, most people are awake.

During the second part of the night, before midnight, merry makers and gluttons are awake.

During the third part of the night, after midnight, thieves are awake.

During the fourth part of the night before dawn, yogis are awake.

There is a great difference between a yogi's meditation and sincere meditation on Infinite, Impersonal God or the Guru, Infinite God in person. A yogi's meditation ends in samadhi, while meditation done out of love end in union. A yogi's meditation ends where love's activity begins.

One may be misguided by meditation

Meditation is the concentration of mind over any object. Concentration over formless God is difficult. When we meditate over a physical form of saint Sadguru or Avatar it becomes easy. It is an attempt to constant remembrance but it is fraught with its own dangers of getting misled by its effect and false experience. That is why Baba said meditation is superfluous and not necessary. In higher state of meditation one temporarily enters the subtle world and hears music and smell fragrances and enjoys but comes back to normal conscious after some time. Coming to normal gross consciousness the gravity of his action is increased however he gets addicted to meditation to enjoy the experience subtle experiences of music and smell, and gets false impression that he is making progress in spiritual path and he may take it as final destination of God realization. Only Avatar or Sadguru can save him if he is meditating on Him.




Yoga means annihilation of the Ego by control of senses.

Yoga means poised and balanced so that success or failure does not upset you in the least. You are your own curtain and only when ‘You go’ can you come. The only solution is Love.

You go and yoga will come to you automatically.

Yoga implies separateness

In karma yoga one tries to lose ones "self" in selfless service for others; in dnyan yoga one tries to lose one's self in contemplation and meditation. In raj yoga one tries to lose one's identity with the individual self and establish identity with the Universal Self by aiming, through constant mental poise and non-attachment, to be in the world and yet not of it. In bhakti yoga one tries to lose one's self in devotion to God. Even in these yogas, only when the zenith is reached can the individuality of the lower self be lost yet consciousness remains.

If you seek to live perpetually, then crave for the death of your deceptive Self at the hands of complete surrender to the Master. This yoga is the essence of all yogas.

No yogi can gain eternal freedom or emancipation, even though he might have reached the highest yogic state of samadhi through his practices, because sanskaras (bindings) are still there and all ties have not yet been snapped. But the easiest and safest way to lose one's self is by completely surrendering to the Perfect Master.

Prayer and meditation are two sides of the same coin called yoga of silence.

To follow the path of the true yogas (karma, dnyan, raj and bhakti) is the remedy for the uprooting of this heritage of evils derived from past impressions, expressed by constant actions and sustained by the continual formation of new ones.

True Yoga means detachment from world and leading of life of total renunciation or self-abnegation.

Yoga means control, which is more difficult than cutting off your arms and giving up your eye.

When ‘You go’ (annihilated) the love for God the Beloved comes. You come (emerge) as you really are. –Meher Baba

According to Meher Baba

Three types of Yogis

  1. Those who long for the Goal and shun powers
  2. Those who long for the Goal and also for powers
  3. Those who do all yogic exercises merely for powers

Yoga in broad sense is path or way to proceed toward God realization.

Volumes and volumes have been written on yoga and more can be written. Baba has defined yoga in simple words “You go and yoga will come.”

Baba did not make yoga compulsory for everyone but it is meant for individual who are inclined toward it. According to Baba Yoga is a mechanical exercise and much less spiritual

Spiritual journey in contact of a living Sadguru or Avatar is the easiest and safest way to realize God.

No one is however advised to make an attempt to awaken Kundalini

It is given in the Hindu Shastras that a very common effect of rousing Kundalini pre-maturely is that it rushes downwards in the body instead of upward, and thus excites the most undesirable passions to such a degree that it becomes quite impossible for man to resist them. Such a man becomes wicked monsters of depravity. There is school of black-magic which purposely uses these powers and to escape from its thraldom may take more than one incarnation. The pre-mature unfoldment of Kundalini intensifies everything in man’s nature, and it reaches the lower and evil qualities more readily than good.

The method of arousing Kundalini is kept deliberately concealed from the laity as it should never be attempted except under the expert guidance of a Master. If the body is not pure it may get paralyzed and crippled.

According to Meher Baba: “Pre-mature awakening of Kundalini is fraught with dangers of self-deception as well as misuse of powers.

The Kundalini enables man consciously to cross the lower planes and it ultimately merges into the Universal Cosmic Power of which it is part. Ordinarily Kundalini is the name of power latent in the individualized soul.

The awakened Kundalini cannot by itself take anyone to seventh plane. When awakened and directed under the guidance of some great yogi, it can give many rare experiences which have both advantages and disadvantages. The awakened Kundalini is helpful only up to certain degree after which it cannot further progress. It cannot dispense with the need for the grace of a Perfect Master.

For one who is in contact with Avatar or Sadguru, yoga is meaningless

When one is in contact with a Sadguru, yoga is meaningless and totally useless. What is the use of fasting for even a hundred years to attain God? What is the use of dying a physical death for God? Just remember My one instruction: remain bowed – submit to My wish. You have to become like the dust beneath My feet.

Do not desires occult powers; they are obstacles on the path. Take a spider, for instance, it is all right as long as it remains still, but the moment it starts weaving a web, it gets so entrapped it cannot free itself. The more it tries, the more it gets entangled, caught in its own web.

There is only one true yoga-Meher Baba explained to French professor

A professor of French from Deccan College came to meet Baba. The man revealed to Baba that he was interested in yoga.

Baba explained to him, "What do you mean by yoga and what do you aspire to attain through it? There is only one true yoga and that is 'you go.' The meaning of yoga is as simple as that.

I know of no other yoga than “You go.” You are your own curtain, and only when you go can you come. The problem is how will you go? The only solution is love. When you 'go' (annihilated) through love for God the Beloved, you 'come' (emerge) as you really are."

Nowadays, there are many yoga ashrams. People think that yogas help in their spiritual progress. Actually, yoga can help in your physical health, but not spiritually. If you come into contact with a real yogi, you can make spiritual progress, but it is very, very difficult. This progress is from the back side, and it is very dangerous.







Mind, which is subject to dispositional and impressional determinism, seeks and creates an over-powering false world, becomes enmeshed in it, and projects into it a false value that must in the end, due to its very nature, betray itself.

Mind divides a reality which is essentially indivisible. It clings to a form which is essentially perishable. It glorifies itself in actions which are essentially binding and in achievements which are essentially insignificant. It enjoys and suffers against a background of vacuity, thus depriving itself of any real happiness or understanding.

Mind is like a wound up alarm clock. It will ring at appointed time but only so long as the winding is there. Let it ring and take its course but take care not to wind it again (by indulging in bad actions)

Mind is in illusion. Mind tries to think of that which has no beginning and no end, but mind cannot reach it because mind itself is illusion.

Mind may die, Maya may die, Body dies and dies but hope and thirst never dies, thus said the slave Kabir.

Mind is like a bird cage with its many bars imprisoning the bird. The door of the cage is the heart, through which (when opened) the bird can fly to freedom so easily." But even when the keeper comes along and opens the door, the captive bird flutters about dashing against the cage, hurting its wings and trying frantically to get out through the many narrow openings between the bars and giving up each time. After a while the bird is exhausted with its effort and collapses, dropping to the floor of the cage looking dazed and helpless-and then, then it sees the open door, and in a moment is out of the cage and flying to freedom!

Do not listen to mind listen only the voice of heart.

Feeling at work and thoughts at rest is heart.- Meher Baba

Happiness and misery, virtue and vice, pleasure and pain, heaven and hell, birth and death, are the creation of the mind and depend on the mind.

He who gets control over the mind gets everything under control.

Ignorance ceases to exist when mind ceases to exist.

It is mind that makes us slave of worldly desires. The mind also can enable us to become the masters of destiny and to realize the Supreme Self.

Keep your mind quiet, steady and firm. Do not submit to desires, but try to control them.

God is beyond the reach of mind. It is a matter of experience. Mind is very elusive and creates innumerable excuses in order to entrap you. It causes you to say, I cannot live just for God. I have my duty towards my family, towards society, the nation and the world. And so you are pulled more into Illusion than towards Truth

The mind persists through birth and through death in spite of and through its changing vicissitudes. If the mind is annihilated, God reveals Himself. And so long as one is not conscious of God, mind persists.

The mind is the treasure house of learning but the heart is the treasure house of spiritual wisdom.

The fact is that we are God, but we are misled by this shameless mind. The mind is so shameless that the more you wish to get rid of it, the more you become entangled in it- just as when you try to take out one foot from the mud, your other foot gets more deeply stuck. All the same, you have to get rid of this trouble. - Meher Baba

Meher Baba explained

Mind and Heart

Feelings at rest and thoughts work is Mind

Thoughts at rest and feeling at work is Heart.

Four stages of Mind

Mind working is Man

Mind slowed is Mast

Mind working fast is Mad

Mind stopped is God.

It is difficult to get control over mind

Mind is a good servant, but a bad master. This means if you control it, it will act as you want. The mind is a bad master if it has control over you to go its way.

Once the mind's control is firm you are lost! Mind is a storehouse of low desires and always misleads you. It has the stamp of animal desires on it from billions of years.

If you control the mind, desires become inactive. Because the mind also has good desires from human lives, those desires are worked out.

If you get nervous or angry, you cannot control the horse. If you have control over your mind, the animal will become quiet. If control is lost, both the rider and the horse are lost. The horse is just like the mind; it is good if controlled, but dangerous if it becomes the master.

First thought that comes to one’s mind is the inner voice of the heart.

First thought that comes to one’s mind is the inner voice of the heart. Later mind comes into play and results in one’s action. Mind takes over his voice of heart according to his sanskaric compulsion. It can be explained by a simple instance. Suppose one sees a beggar wrapped with bandage on his wounds. First thought may come to one’s mind that he should help the beggar by giving alms. Before he converts into action according of his first thought of inner voice of heart, his mind intervenes. He may think that beggar is pretending and is not worth for receiving alms and leaves the beggar.

Man-O-Nash  or Annihilation of mind

Man-o-Nash is real samadhi for the mind. The mind is uprooted and this is the death of mind; the ego immediately feels “I am everything,” and it is disassociated from all experiences of the body, for it has now no concern with body. At this moment either the shock is too strong and the body falls, or the momentum keeps the body going for some time and then it falls.

Mind is born from the very beginning-even before stone age. This birth takes place only once and the death of mind takes place only once. When the mind dies, the false ego gets transformed into Reality. Real ego is never born and it never dies. Ego is always real, but due to mind , the ego feels and acts as the limited and false “I”

Mind goes on taking bodies according to its good or bad impressions. This taking and shedding bodies is not the death of either the mind or ego. After physical death, the mind remains with all accumulated impressions. It is the impressions which make the mind take bodies so that the impressions might be experienced in the process of being wiped out, while the ego remains a witness.

So the Masters suggested action to kill action, that is, action done in such a way that effect of the action creates no result which leads to any kind of binding. This is an almost impossible task. Yet there are three ways by which action can be done without creating the impressions and consequent binding.

The one way is to act, but with absolutely no thought that you are acting. This must be a continuous process. This is selfless action. When the action has to be done without effect it must be done without self interest which is almost impossible.

The second way is that whatever good or bad you do, you dedicate it to God or your Master. This, too, is impossible as the dedication has to be continuous without a moment’s break. If you fail to do so, then the impressions are not created by your actions; but if there is break even once, the reaction is disastrous and all sanskaras fall on you.

The third way is to do what whatever you are asked to do by a Master who is free from impressions and whose mind is destroyed. Such actions do not bind you. This, too, is difficult. You must have 100 percent unflinching faith in the Master; even a moment doubt is fatal.

Submissive, loose and weak impressions are created by the action done without self-interest, even if at times thought of helping or pitying others come into mind, because mind’s part is to make the ego identify with the body and not feel false, and to experience the sanskaras. But when the mind sees that ego is not so ready to accept its dictatorship, and then the impressions formed of above type are weak. Such actions are therefore eventually help towards attaining Man-o-Nash. But for Man-o-Nash there is always the need of help of the Perfect Master. One who is free from binding of impressions can “uproot” the minds of others, even of masses.

This is Man-O-Nash, the annihilation of the false, limited, miserable, ignorant destructible “I” to be replaced by Real “I”; the eternal possessor of Infinite Knowledge, Love, Power, Bliss and Glory, in its unchangeable existence. Mano-o-Nash is bound to result in this glorious state in which plurality goes and Unity comes, ignorance goes and knowledge comes, binding goes and freedom comes. We are all permanently lodged in this shoreless Ocean of Infinite Knowledge, yet are infinitely ignorant of it until the mind which the source of this ignorance vanishes forever: for ignorance ceases to exist when the mind ceases to exist.




Intellect must go before knowledge dawns.

Intellectual explanation can never be a substitute for spiritual experience.

Intellect can be used as much as misused or abused. The deeper the intelligence, the greater the responsibility for discrimination between essential and nonessential services.

Do not mistake verbosity for wisdom. A great flow of words are not   necessary are indication of great intelligence

Do not give any importance to explanation, discourses and books. Words carry no meaning. Whatever we think we understand, we have not really understood. Reality is beyond human understanding (samajh).

It is better to study it, than to be ignorant of it; better to feel it than to study it; better to experience it than to feel it; and best of all to become it.

It is good to use discretion in all things. Before coming to any decision, give more importance to the heart than head. In all the matters, the judgment of the heart should be given preference.

To ask for a purely intellectual proof of the existence of God is like asking for the privilege of being able to see with your ears.

Without actual experience, all philosophical statements are idle talk and all ceremonial phenomena are a further addition to the existing one.

You may go through the scriptures superficially only to drive away the barking dogs when necessary; for instance, when you are called upon to answer the queries of the priests and the orthodox.- Meher Baba

Meher Baba’s  discoursed


The use of knowledge by the mind in the state of thinking Intelligence not thinking is unconsciousness and may be likened to sound sleep. Thinking and imagination are latent in intelligence. When intelligence thinks of Itself, it realizes Its Self and is God. When it thinks about imagination, it is the world, mind, body and ignorance.

For example, take a gramophone record. When it is not being played, it is in a state similar to sound sleep, as is unconscious intelligence; but when the phonograph needle is put on the record, it starts to play. This is like the thinking of imagination that is latent in intelligence and becomes manifest while the mind is thinking.

Take as another example an ocean to represent intelligence, which is calm water at first. But when the wind blows – the desire of intelligence to know Itself – there is movement in the still waters. Intelligence begins to think, forming numerous waves, and the result is an uncountable number of bubbles. When intelligence starts thinking, it creates waves – universes. These universes in turn form bubbles – different worlds.

Baba then put some water in a big bucket and turned a glass upside down in it. He continued:

Although the same water is in the glass as in the bucket, its quantity is limited. Similarly, the ocean is in the bubble; intelligence is in imagination, but limited. When a few outside visitors came in the evening, Baba explained to them: The whole world is enmeshed in the grip of lust for women and wealth, while the real aim of life is to achieve the Truth. Unless God is realized, the purpose of acquiring a human body is frustrated, and the real object of life remains unfulfilled.




But Realization is impossible until intelligence is purified and freed of imagination. This can only be achieved by keeping the company of saints. For this reason, intimate contact with a Master is always necessary for Realization. But such Perfect Ones are very, very rare, while the world abounds with numerous hypocrites and frauds who pose as divine guides. How can one who has not had the experience of Truth guide others toward it?

Difference between love and intellect

The difference between love and intellect is something like that between night and day; they exist in relation to one another and yet as two different things. Love is real intelligence capable of realising Truth. Intellect is best suited to know all about duality, which is born of ignorance and is entirely ignorance. When the sun rises, night is transformed into day. Just so, when love manifests, not-knowing (ignorance) is turned into conscious knowing (knowledge).

According to Hafiz, there is as much difference between the earth and sky as between love and intelligence. Love cannot be understood through the intellect. Love is obtained through uprooting the intellect, and to do so you have to wear your heart on your sleeve. One may be very intelligent, another be absolutely nil. Both can love God if they wear their hearts on their sleeves.

In spite of the difference between a keenly intelligent person and a very unintelligent person, each is equally capable of experiencing love. The quality which determines one's capacity for love is not one's wit or wisdom, but one's readiness to lay down life itself for the beloved, and yet remain alive. One must, so to speak, slough off body, energy, mind and all else, and become dust under the feet of the beloved. This dust of a lover who cannot remain alive without God - just as an ordinary man cannot live without breath - is then transformed into the beloved. Thus man becomes God.

Intellectual exercises can  only give one an intellectual understanding of the path,

It is not through intellectual exercises and such learning, or knowledge acquired by reading or hearing lectures, that spiritual truth can be understood. At the most, these can give one an intellectual understanding, which is the first preparatory stage for ushering one into the Path. What is essential is a true inner feeling, an actual experience of the Truth, which is real, lasting and convincing. When one experiences union with God, one knows by actual experience that one is in harmony with everything and everyone, that there is nothing but one infinite indivisible existence, and all else is but fleeting shadows.

A person however intelligent cannot get Self-realisation without coming into contact of a Perfect Master

All the explanations and articles have no connection with Reality. It is all a play of words and has no lasting value. Reality is beyond mind, beyond intellect. The very fact when you say that you have intellectually understood Reality shows that you have misunderstood it! To have Real understanding, consciousness must remain, and intellect (mind) must go. It does not mean becoming mad like Punjia (an inmate in the Mad Ashram at Rahuri). What I mean is that intellect should be the means of wholeheartedly achieving ends that are accepted by the heart. And if you obey Me with all your heart, intellect will go and consciousness will remain.

A person may be very intelligent, but if he has not the fortune to have the company of a Sadguru, he will not get Self-Realization. On the other hand a person, though dull, who has that rare fortune to have the company of a Perfect Master can have Self-Realization. And I myself will bow down to such a person who is fortunate enough to be very intelligent and, at the same time, who has love for and the company of a Perfect Master.

To Learn God is to unlearn yourself

To learn God is to unlearn yourself. It is a rare privilege to meet a Sadguru, and still more rare to love him as God-in-human form. It is well said: "One who has the Knowledge of God is not known to others.

 An episode

Meher Baba was in America. A negro named Adward James came to Baba for darshan. When any negro came to meet Baba then Baba used to stand and welcome him with great love and respect. Adward had read many books. Seeing   him in front, Baba asked him, “Having read so many books, what you have learnt? Tell Me in five words.” Hearing Baba’s question, Adward could not reply as what he could answer to this question of Baba and he was looking Baba as if he is not able to answer His question. At this, Baba pointed on His alphabet board, “I have not learnt anything”. “Are these five words correct?” Adward moving his head in affirmation said, “Yes.”

Should we not use intellect?

Not a bit, you may use your intellect, but not at the cost disobeying My orders. You may think as long as you have a mind you have to think. Your mind never stops thinking. It will tell you that it could not be night when your eyes see sunlight.

Remember not to let your mind lead you to disbelieve in the Masters word. You must think and understand that there is some important reason and purpose behind whatever benefit of others. Whatever He does, is always for the best. So do as the Guru tells you and let the mind think as it likes. That is enough.


The scriptures are like rotten bones rotted and are as food for worms. Theosophy and philosophy are like good bones rotted and are as food for vultures.

The writings of inspired poets are like fresh bones and are as food for dogs. The writings of spiritually advanced saints are like flesh and are food for tigers. The writing by living Perfect Masers are like brain and are food for men. Good bones when rotted have some semblance of bone, but rotten bones when rotted are like filth. –Meher Baba

Meher Baba explained

Intellectual reading can bring one on to the threshold of spirituality but cannot help beyond that.

Meher Baba said, “Do not try to understand God (Supreme self) by intellect, if you try to understand God by intellect, you will miss to understand Him or misunderstand Him.

God cannot be explained, He cannot be argued about, He cannot be theorized, nor can He be discussed and understood. God can only be lived. The TRUTH is that Reality must be realized and the divinity of God must be attained and loved.

Reading books one can gets some intellectual understanding of the Truth but it is not real understanding

One can by reading books and having theories, gets some intellectual understanding of the Truth, but that is not real understanding. One must experience truth, live truth, realize truth. It is very easy to do this if one takes it to mind. But the people make it complicated that it seems a gigantic task. I will help you. Think much of others and very little of yourself. When you have scarf and this other lady needs one, spare your scarf for her. Even if she has more and you nothing, don’t feel that. This is an example, don’t take it literally. It is also simple. Think less to yourself. I will help you internally.

Even intellectual conviction is difficult

It is very difficult even to have intellectual conviction of God’s all-pervading Existence. This requires rocklike faith in God’s omnipresence. When you cross the hurdle of intellect, you have the conviction-by-sight. Then God is seen as He should be seen, every moment and everywhere. This is real seeing, but even this implies duality. “As you cross the hurdle of this second type of conviction by tearing off the last vestige of separate existence, there dawns unawares the third type of conviction, the conviction by becoming God. This is a very, very rare occasion, a gift of grace from the Perfect Master.

Bookish knowledge is no good in comparison to actual experience-a story

Maulana Rumi was a great savant (scholar) of his time. He could give good speeches and discourses. When he travelled from place to place, the books of his learned lore were packed and carried on camelback. Everywhere, he was accorded the highest honours. Shams-e-Tabriz, on the other hand, was quite naked. One day, they encountered each other and Shams threw all Rumi's books in a well. Rumi was furious with him, but Shams explained that all his books, including the Koran, were like dry bones for a dog! "Until now," he said, "you have been chewing only the bones; it is time you tasted the brain!"

Rumi was greatly upset, and so Shams had all the books drawn out of the well. They were completely dry! This amazed Rumi, and Shams said, "As long as Rumi does not become the slave of Shams, he will learn nothing!" Henceforth, Rumi became His Master's slave, and Shams eventually made him God-Realized. Baba ended by saying,”

Become man of Experience, and for that be like the dust at the Master's feet.

 On His book “God Speaks”

The book God Speaks is a very important textbook for all students who are keen to understand the fundamental purpose and mechanics of life and the universe. God Speaks reveals to us that all the experiences, even of spiritual aspirants of the path to God-realization (gotten in the natural course of involution of consciousness), are of the domain of illusion and are ephemeral and absolutely unimportant; how much more illusory and distracting can be the experience of a layman in a laboratory who experiments with drugs to induce experiences with the semblance of those of an aspirant on the spiritual path.”

When you study the book God Speaks, you will understand how very impossible it is for an aspirant to realize God without the grace of the Perfect Master, and therefore, it is of paramount importance for a genuine spiritual aspirant to surrender himself to the Perfect Master, who has himself realized God.

"Some of the discourses of other saints and Perfect Masters are likely to confuse you by their contrary statements. For example, it is said that Muhammad and Christ declared there is no reincarnation; and it is said that Krishna and Buddha declared there is reincarnation. Now, whom should you believe?”

"So, take My advice and accept God Speaks as the final authority. Nothing of its kind has been recorded before."

Baba advised many to read “God Speaks” which reveals mysteries of the universe as how it came into being and what are experiences of the soul in traversing the journey from God to man (Evolution) and man to God (Involution)

Meher Baba said, “I tell you and all that you hear now about spirituality, love and work can be found written in books. But all these have no value in themselves where Reality is concerned. God Speaks is perfect in itself, but even it can never be compared with Truth. It is explained in God Speaks how all this (creation) happened. Scriptures say the same thing.”

Remember one thing: However much I may explain to you about spirituality, love and God, you will never be able to experience what I say. Intellectually you will grasp it. If you read God Speaks from cover to cover, you will understand it intellectually. But after all that, to love God is quite different, and what love is, I will explain. God Speaks has nothing to do with love, but it gives a clear picture about what God is and how one can love God.

There is spiritual force in My word-said by Baba

There is a force, a spiritual force, in My words which is of great help to the sincere aspirant. So you should work with them and strongly encourage others to work with and read Baba's words."

A part of the spiritual energy is absorbed by reader even if he does not understand-narrated by Bhauji (disciple)

You must understand that whenever Baba gives out words for His lovers to use and read, He attaches a spiritual energy to them-something like an atomic spiritual bomb! Then, when one reads those words, even if he does not understand even one word of what he reads, a part of the spiritual energy will be absorbed by that person. And this energy will be very important for that person in his spiritual progress."

Reading is not necessary for those who love Meher Baba

In spite of so many books, such as 'God Speaks,' 'Listen Humanity,' 'Life at its Best' etc. love for Me need not read anything. Reading is not necessary for those who love... love take one beyond the intellect and beyond the mind. I have been saying authoritatively to the world that I am the ancient one. Love Me. If you love Me with all your heart, then you shall be free.

Books and discourses will not bring about one's spiritual regeneration. Mind cannot be annihilated by mind, for one cannot jump over oneself. Only by loving Me as I ought to be loved can the mind be destroyed. Anyone may have love for Me, but not the love as I want.

In spite of all explanations and reading of books, words remain mere words. They do not take one any further than intellectual satisfaction. Only love for God works the miracle, because love is beyond mind and reason. Where then is the necessity to read?





Miracles are small illusions in the great illusion called the world.

Miracles are justified only when they are performed for the purpose of drawing humanity at large toward the final goal of realising God otherwise they are definitely an interference with the natural evolutionary process.

Miracles do not consist of bringing dead to life, but in the living dead to the ego.

My miracle will be to make you become Me. The only miracle which is worthy of the name is the divine grace that knows no fetters, and that can control the entire universe with all its laws.

Advanced souls of lower planes of spirituality can perform big miracles but they do not do it. These occult powers gained in the traversing the spiritual path by soul of lower plane is to sustain himself unaffected in the gross world and concentrate more toward his goal without being distracted by temptation to perform miracles. Once compelled by temptation of performing miracles, if an aspirant or soul falls prey to it and performs miracles, his further spiritual advancement gets held up.

It should be clearly understood that attachment to miracles is only a continuation of the habit of playing with illusion. It is not miracles, but inner illumination which will one day bring true freedom.

Performing miracles to attract others for own following is a proof of one’s distraction from the spiritual path. Meher Baba said “Biggest miracle I have ever done is to have created this universe.”

Power to perform miracles is no sign of spiritual advancement. Yogi and tantric develop occult powers as a result of certain extreme exercises and can perform miracles but hardly gain any spiritual advancement.

Meher Baba explained


No miracle is an exception of the existing law of universe. We call it a miracle because it cannot be explained by known laws of the gross world. Miracle means known laws are superimposed by unknown laws. The yogi who is not even spiritually advanced can keep his physical body for hundreds of years by using supernatural powers.

According to Meher Baba: “Scope of miracles is very wide. Even the animal world is not exempt from the possibility of miracles. Though mammals such as porpoises and other animals do not have fully developed subtle body, there is in subtle world an equivalent and counterpart of their gross forms. The rudimentary subtle matrix, which has yet to develop into a definite and functionally self-sufficient subtle form, can still serve some purposes and become a medium for performance of miracles. Stories of sorcerers who caused schools of porpoises to come from the open sea to the shore for a native feast are within the bound of probability. But all this realm of supernatural, occult, miraculous and magic (black and white) must be regarded as having no spiritual value itself.

Occult phenomena like stigmata, telekinesis (affecting the flight of objects such as communion wafers through the air), elongation, elevation etc. may amuse, astound or overpower people. But they cannot bring about any spiritual healing or uplift, which is the real thing that matter. They are just an illustration of suspension of ordinary and known laws of nature by the supernatural and unknown laws of the inner spheres.

Ability to perform miracle is not necessarily spiritually perfect

Meher Baba explained that the ability to perform miracles does not necessarily imply high spirituality. Anyone who has attained perfection and enjoys “Christ consciousness” can perform miracles. Healing the sick, giving sight to the blind, and even raising the dead are quite simple for a Perfect Master. Even those who have not become One with the Infinite, but who are only traversing the planes, can perform miracles and are able to make and unmake the things.

Spiritual Masters do not perform miracles in order to just satisfy idle curiosity. Miracles were performed and will be performed, according to existing circumstances. Masters have sometimes performed miracles when they intended to give a universal spiritual push.

Difference between miracles of Avatar and yogi

Divine miracles are generally attributed to Avatars, Sadgurus, or Realized human beings, while occult powers belong to yogis. The former is the outcome of extremely high and unselfish motives, while for the latter the mainspring is invariably the worst kind of selfishness. An Avatar or Sadguru performs miracles when He intends to give a general push to the world toward spirituality, but a yogi generally enacts his supernatural powers to serve his own ends.

For example, a child is tightly holding a parrot by the neck to the point of strangling it. Now in order to save the bird’s life it will not be advisable to try to snatch it from the hands of its young captor because there is the chance of his tightening his grasp. The child must therefore be offered a coin, which will make him let go of his hold on the parrot. In this instance, the offering of the coin means performing a miracle, and saving the parrot from the child’s grip means saving the mind from ignorance and Maya’s grip. Such is the way of Avatars and Sadgurus. However, if a yogi sees a very beautiful woman and desires her, he will materialize gold jewellery in order to attract her. It is evident that there is a world of difference between the motives involved in both these actions.

“Another example, a man has put on spectacle of white glass which makes him see everything white; through in reality all things are colourless. A yogi’s power consists of putting the red or green spectacles before the man’s eyes, and to take the man’s amazement everything appears red or green. A Sadguru, knowing that everything has no colour , not even white, and that everything is nothing, does not believe in wasting time over the changing the colour of the glasses. He works toward removing a man’s spectacles that he is wearing, thereby enabling a person to see the things as they are; however, the yogi only adds to the illusion which a person sees by putting  yet another pair of glasses before his eyes.

Occult power

Occult phenomena are as much within the domain of false imagination as any other phenomena of the material world.

For ages and ages the Atma (soul) has been seeing its own shadow and getting engrossed in the illusory world of forms. When the soul turns inward and longs to have Self-knowledge, it has become spiritual minded. But even there, this habit of wanting to see more spectacle persist for several lives.

The soul wants to experience some miracles or spectacular phenomena or in the more advance stages, it wants to perform miracles and manipulate phenomena. Even spiritually advanced person find it difficult to outgrow this habit of playing with illusion.

Kind of power

Spirituality and spiritualism are two different things. Spirituality has nothing to do with any kind of power in any form

There are three kinds of powers.

  1. The Divine powers of fourth plane.
  2. The Occult powers of the first three planes of consciousness. These are called the mystic powers
  3. Other occult powers

The Divine Powers of the fourth plane are the almighty powers of God. They are source of all powers, whether mystic or the other occult powers .The occult powers, whether they are of planes or not, are different in kind and vary in expression. The miracles performed through manifestation of the divine powers by Avatar and Qutub are called Mojwzat. These are performed for the good of all.

Occult powers of the first three planes called mystic powers cannot be misused by the aspirant of these planes, though they sometime are tempted to display them. These mystic powers are different and vary in expression, such as: reading the mind of others, reciting words or passage from a book without seeing it, allowing themselves to be buried alive for hours together, etc. this display of power should not be confused with the demonstration of mind readers and others who put stage performance.

The one on the third plane can change his physical form at will, and one who does this is known as abdal. This act is also a display of mystic powers, but not the misuse of powers. However, this act should not be confused with dematerialization or materialization of the human forms by the tantriks.

Other occult powers have nothing to do with spirituality or with the mystic powers of the planes.

These occult powers are of two types

Superior type

Inferior type

The one who has these powers can make good or bad use of the same. Good use of occult power helps one to put himself on the planes of the path and even make one Mahayogi. But bad use of these powers make one suffers intensely in the next human form. Good use of superior occult power puts one on the fifth plane of consciousness after four lives ( reincarnations)

Superior types of occult powers are derived from tantrik exercises such as chilla-Nashini or repetition of certain mantras, etc. The one who holds this power can perform miracles such as levitation, flying and floating in the air, dematerialization or materialization etc.

Inferior types of occult powers need no tantrik or any special exercises. They are had through sanskaras of past lives. For example : If someone has done certain good deeds many times in the past, his next incarnation may give him a faculty of inferior occult powers without undergoing any strenuous exercise. His sanskaras give him the faculty of inferior occult power such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, healing, producing sweets or money seemingly out of nothing etc.

All such capabilities form lower or inferior type of occult powers. If one makes good use of the inferior type of occult powers, he derives superior type of occult powers in his next life without undergoing any tantrik exercise. Likewise, the one who puts good use of his faculty hypnotism gains superior type of occult powers in his next life.

Powers of yogis (Siddhis) compared to spiritual powers.

Through different yogas, one can attain strange, occult powers such as walking on water, talking with persons who are at a distance, becoming immune to snake venom through chanting mantras, etc. These powers, attained through yoga, control different vibrations, which have different effects. Each yogi controls one particular vibration through which he is able to perform certain feats impossible for an ordinary human being.

But the peculiarity of this yogic power is that it can control only one particular vibration. So that a yogi who, through his control of a certain vibration, can walk on water, can do nothing else. Likewise, one who can nullify the effects of the poison of a snake bite can do nothing other than that. All these different powers attained through yoga practices are phenomenal, and hence transient and unreal. These have nothing to do with spirituality or spiritual powers, which are already latent in all, but manifest only in a few select ones who have realized the Self.

All life depends on certain subtle vibrations (pran); their connection is more universal through the ether (finest gas). For instance, a yogi wants to obtain a certain connection to something which he desires. Just as there are infinite varieties of things in the gross world so there are an infinite variety of things in the subtle realm. A yogi gets hold of one of these things (powers) and gains control over the vibration pertaining to that particular thing. The spiritualists – true spiritual aspirants, saints and Masters – do not indulge in these petty playthings, because once Realization of God is attained, all powers come to Him and emanate from Him. It is all bliss which He himself experiences, and that bliss permeates everything and flows from none other than Himself.

Gas in its finest state, one discovers in the mental world as Tej. Gas in a very fine state, one discovers in the subtle world as Pran. The vibration of ether, gross gas in a fine state, one discovers in the gross world through deep concentration. A yogi who attains the vibration of ether does not need to eat gross food, and the ether-vibrations help him to maintain his body. A yogi can thus live on ether alone. Similarly, poets, writers and artists attain vibrations of subtle inspiration temporarily from the subtle world. Inspiration comes to them and they feel inspired to write poems, epics and create art; but they do not attain permanent experience which can only be experienced in the subtle planes through the transformation into subtle consciousness. Therefore, the yogis attain a different vibration (than the inspiration of poets, writers and artists) from the subtle world but can only feel one vibration and that too is temporarily – but in a more concentrated form as a power (form of energy). Although temporary, the vibration that the yogi holds in his own body can last a long time – centuries.

Miracles to lovers are reflection of their love for Him

Whatever miraculous experiences are experienced by My lovers who recognize Me as Avatar or those who love Me unknowingly through other channels, are but the outcome of their own firm Faith in Me. Their unshakable faith, often superseding the course of the play of Maya, gives them these experiences which they call miracles. Such experiences derived through firm faith eventually do well and do not entangle the individuals who experience them in further and greater binding of Illusion.

Many miracles have been attributed to Me but I do not perform miracles and do not attach importance to them. Only the firm faith of My lovers has given these experiences. My Miracle will not be to raise the dead but to make one dead to self. My miracle will not be to give sight to blind but make one blind to the world.

It is easy to love Baba if health. Money, fame, influence etc are bestowed. When Baba withdraws all and there is “Nash” of these, to remain steadfast and love Baba-that is indeed My miracle.

“I do not perform miracles. But My spiritual status is so high that and so great that if anyone, in any difficulty, at any place, at any time remembers Me wholeheartedly, the difficulty will be immediately solved.”

Occult powers are worth a penny and have no spiritual value-a story

There is another example of a yogi. He was engulfed in making miracles and collecting followers, and he had many followers. He was very, very proud. He was thinking that he had great power and that no one was equal to him.

At the same time was a Perfect Master, who lived in a secluded place along with His few followers. He did not meet with anyone; He would remain in seclusion doing His Universal Work. One evening, someone came to meet the Master."But the Master did not meet him. So the man went to tell the yogi, 'There is a man who calls himself a Perfect Master. I went to see him, but he did not meet me. You just see, Yogi Maharaj. You have so many followers. You meet everyone. And this Perfect Master did not meet me. I feel very bad. Now, the only recourse is that I go to him and challenge him on your behalf. Should I do it?'

'Yes, yes. Do it, “Replied the yogi.’Go to Him and challenge Him. I don't like such false gurus. He has no power, and still He poses as if He does. Go and challenge Him in hard words”

"So that person went to the Perfect Master. This time, the Master was informed about the man. The Master called him. When the man went to the Master, the Master asked very lovingly, 'What do you want?'

"That man said, 'I want to know whether you are a Perfect Master.'

"'Yes, yes. I am a Perfect Master,' the Master answered very politely.

"'What miracles do you perform if you are a Perfect Master?'

"And the Master replied, 'I don't perform any miracles.'

"Then the man spoke angrily, ’Stop calling yourself a Perfect Master. If you cannot perform any miracles, it shows that you have no power. See my yogi. He performs so many miracles because he has power. You don't have any.”

"Again, very politely, the Master said, 'Whatever your yogi does is just like child's play. It has no meaning. It is useless.'

"The man got even angrier, “Should I go to the yogi and tell him, that whatever he does, it is just child's play?”
"The Master smiled and said, very lovingly, 'Go, go. Tell him.'

"The man left. He told the yogi, 'Whatever miracles you perform, the Perfect Master says that it is just child's play.'

“Wait and see what I do,” responded the yogi. I will make this Perfect Master bow down at my feet. Just wait.”

"So the Master gave the yogi the opportunity. Along with His close disciples, the Master left His place for the yogi's ashram. There was a river in between. The Master sat down on the bank of the river, waiting for a ferry boat.

"The yogi collected all of his followers, thousands of them, and came to the river. He looked at the Perfect Master and said, 'You are waiting for the boat? And see what I do.'

"The yogi walked on the water and crossed the river. When he came to the other side, he said, 'O Perfect Master! Did you see my power? I walked on the water to cross the river, while you remained waiting for the boat.”

"Yes, I accept that you are very powerful,' the Master said very politely. You walked on the water to cross the river.”

"And the yogi said, ‘Then come and bows down to my feet.”

“I am waiting for the ferry boat. When the boat comes, I will pay one penny and cross the river. So what is the worth of your power? One penny,” said the Master.

"And the yogi realized that whatever the Master said was correct. And the yogi himself came to the Master and bowed down to Him before all the others.

Spiritual power exhibited before others is no good. Real power is that which makes you free from all bindings and gives you eternal freedom.

Reply  to barrister who asked Meher Baba to prove His divinity through miracles-an episode

One day, a Parsi barrister came to see Baba. He was not convinced of Baba's divinity and asked, "

“Why don't you prove what you claim to be? Why don't you do any miracles?"

Baba first laughed and then stated at length:

The Creator (God), who is limitless, formless and unbounded, is not bound to prove to His own creation that He is the Creator. It is for the creation to know, find and realize the Creator.

A father never even dream to prove to his own son that he is his real father. In spite of this, if the son doubts him, naturally he tries to search for his real father – and ultimately, the son is convinced that what his father said is true.

You talk of open miracles. Do you take Me to be a madari – magician? Jesus Christ was publicly humiliated, stoned and spat on by the ignorant ones. This mockery, His apostles, such as Peter and James, could not bear to see – and they persuaded Jesus to do miracles to pacify the crowds. Although Jesus was reluctant to do so, yet, in order not to displease His apostles, He openly performed miracles.

What happened as a consequence? He was accused of being a magician, tried, found guilty and crucified.

If I really am that One I have been claiming to be for the last forty years, do you think it is essential on My part to do such things? When God, Who, as I said, is formless, takes a form in a mortal, human body to awaken people when they need awakening – only a few accept Him, and whatever He says is laughed at and mocked. But the same (Impersonal) God – whom very few fortunate ones have realized – without form, is faithfully and convincingly accepted.

As I have often said, this body is not really what I claim to be. And these childish questions simply amuse Me. God needs your intense love. He needs you to become dust for His love, instead of defying Him. It is better to deny God than to defy Him.

Spiritual significance of ‘Mantra’ (Persian-“Zikar”)

A mantra is very beneficial to neophyte on the spiritual path, particularly, so when it is given by the Guru. The first and immediate result accruing from frequent repetition of a word is the concentration of mind on the subject to be gained. Secondly, the sound vibrations as a result of continuous repetition induce, in the course of time, harmonious sympathy to the sound vibrations of the higher planes, engendering a blissful feeling-a factor greatly encouraging to the beginner. This blissful feeling, coupled with the awakening of mental powers, is called the Mantric force, and it has immense possibilities for good as well bad.

Guru Mantra for Nausserwan- an episode

In 1925, (before Baba's silence began), at Meherabad, Nausserwan wished to ask Baba for a mantra upon which he could meditate. It had been on his mind for a long time, but he did not say anything about it to Baba. When he came to Meherabad, Baba called him to His Jhopdi and said, "Today, I'm going to give you a Guru-mantra."

He then whispered into Nausserwan ear, "Remember Ahuramazda daily with all your heart."

Referring to this incident, Baba asked Nausserwan, "Do you still want a mantra?"

Nausserwan replied, "No, it isn't necessary. Receiving Your love is My mantra."

Powers of a Trantric

It is possible to derive occult powers if you gain tantric knowledge – mystical formulas for attainment of supernatural or magical powers. These powers may then be utilized for good or bad purposes – good when they are used for removing evil spirits from people and ghosts, bad when they are used for selfish ends and self-aggrandizement. These tantric powers have nothing to do with the Spiritual Path and the divine powers of the planes. Miracles performed by people possessing such powers are very childish. Even Vivekananda got himself in a terribly bad predicament when he began to crave such powers. His Guru, Ramakrishna, saved him in the nick of time.”

A person wanting to possess such powers makes a small circle (Chilla-Nashini) around himself and sits within its limits for forty days and nights repeating a particular mantra. If he succeeds in sitting there for the full forty days without a break, he gains certain powers. But it is not easy to go through such an ordeal and do such penance, as the person often sees weird and terrifying sights and is practically forced to leave the boundary of the circle due to fright. If he leaves the circle, he gains no occult powers and would have to start the process again

Occult powers have no importance-a story

A Yogi had powers to give sight to the blind and so had a very big following. He stayed in a huge building that had several floors. One day while he was standing on the terrace of his house, he saw a cow fall in a well. He instantly stretched out his hand toward the well and pulled out the cow.

Very close to his house was a river and on the other bank lived a Perfect Master. Since the Master did not perform any miracles, His following was very limited. The Master, on learning of the cow incident, sent one of His men to ask the Mohammedan to stop all that nonsense. The Mohammedan flew into a rage and swore that he would revenge himself on the Master, and made his plans.

One night, he sent for a very beautiful prostitute and, for a fee, asked her to go to the Master with wine and pork. She was instructed to entice the Master to eat the pork and drink the wine. So she went. The Master appeared very happy to see her and thoroughly enjoyed her company, and also the food and wine she had brought for Him.

The next morning, the prostitute returned to the Mohammedan very happy with the news of her success. The Mohammedan was also very happy now that he had the proof to denounce the Master and His spirituality, as He had gone against the tenets of the Muslim religion (by eating pork and drinking wine).

The Mohammedan, with a band of his ardent followers, decided to go to the Master to denounce him. He rode on a horse and soon began crossing the river, while his followers waded after him. When the horse was in midstream, the horse stopped and began to urinate in the river. Observing this, the Master shouted out and reprimanded the Mohammedan for allowing his horse to pollute the river.

The Mohammedan scoffed at this and thought the Master was completely insane, for he could not imagine how a little urine could pollute the whole river. He shouted back at the Master: "How can this urine pollute a river?"

The Master replied: "How then can a little wine and pork pollute the Ocean that I am?" The Mohammedan understood the depth of these words and went to the Master and surrendered himself to Him.

Baba concluded, "Powers have no importance. Only love counts on the path. This requires the daring to annihilate oneself. Miracles are childish things."

Spiritual progress in company of Avatar or Sadguru

There are two ways for spiritual progress: First, through the planes, and the other through the asman (city). "For example, if you want to go to Bombay, you can go to the Ahmednagar station and take the train directly to Bombay. If you want to go through the asman (city), then what happens?

You just wander through the city, looking at different things. You feel so intoxicated that you forget your aim and just wander in the city, seeing the beauty of Ahmednagar. In this way, you become stuck in Ahmednagar and do not progress further. You just see the beauty of the city. You think that you have made a lot of progress through real yoga. But you just see the city and remain stuck there.

But if you are taken by a Perfect Master or the Avatar, you travel directly from station to station. You do not have to wander here and there.

A different type of spiritual aspirant called tantriks, gain powers with certain types penance but they are not spiritual powers:

Then there is another type of spiritual aspirant. They are called 'tantriks.' They don't have spiritual power, though they consider their powers spiritual. These tantriks do certain types of penance, and they gain power. These are of two types: Black and White.

Black tantriks are those who do things to harm people. They undergo very bad penances. They go to burial places during the full moon, where they eat the flesh of a dead man. They perform such bad acts to gain power. And when they gain powers, they use those powers to harm others.

There is another type of tantrik power, called White Power. They also do certain penance, but they don't eat flesh or shit. White Power, if used for good purposes to help others, entitles the person who has acquired it to enter into the first plane. But those who use Black Power to harm others suffer and suffer in their next births.

Nowadays, Black Power has become very, very powerful. Previously, it was only in India, but now it is in many countries. That is no good. It is harmful, and this Black Power should not be used to harm others.

There are tantriks who think that they are very powerful. They perform different miracles. People think that these are spiritual powers. But spiritual powers are those which help minimize desires and ultimately make you free from desires and wants. People witness miracles. They don't know that these miracles are nothing but additions to Illusion. They create delusion. "You do not have to gain, but to lose, lose to the extent that the false self is lost forever. Then you can sing, sing the Divine Song eternally, free from bindings.

Occult powers of tantrik are worst from spiritual point of view-an episode

At Shahane's house, Rustom read out an article from the newspaper to Baba about a live snake being created from a piece of metal. This elicited the following candid explanation from the Master:

This is due to occult powers, but remembers that it has nothing to do with ghosts. Ghosts and occult or black magic are quite different. Spirit (mind and energy) itself, as in ghosts, is a power, originally the power of cause, but occult powers are powers that are caged and covered.

A tantrik seeks occult powers. By acquiring such powers, the tantriks spirit contracts very bad sanskaras, worse than the sanskaras of the worst sins, and reaps the fruit accordingly. So I advise you all not to fall prey to such madness. This has no connection with the spiritual path to God – the planes. On the contrary, the treader of such a path is far, far away from the spiritual path because he accumulates the worst possible kind of sanskaras, which prove an obstacle to his progress on the path.

Footnote: Tantriks are persons who temporarily acquire minor occult powers through certain exercises or practices. In modern terms, the Sanskrit word translates to mean a person who is a sorcerer or magician, either black or white. Tantrik exercises are based on scriptures called mantras which were legendary passed down by Shiva, the greatest of yogis. Such practices were always disapproved by Meher Baba for the modern seeker.

The least said about occult powers the better. This type of tantrik spirit, in comparison to ghosts of suicides, is even more terrible, and neither receives nor gives benefit from his efforts. He gains occult powers through various studies or by very undesirable practices – like eating excrement, drinking blood and other such obscene acts.

Ghosts are not like tantrik spirits. Ghosts are people who have committed suicide and have no body.  They enter another body and then make the body of whomsoever they enter do as they wish.

Tantrik practice takes a very long time, and the person concerned acquires only the power of making his body large or small. He can make his body smaller than an ant's and then assume his human bodily form again. But he changes into another form for some material gain or objective. He can enter another's body by making his body small, but his own gross bodily sanskaras are with him in his tiny form.  In this action there is also the danger that through some accident he may be trampled on some other person while in his little body. In short, after long and hard study such tantriks magicians, sorcerers do not benefits in any way but, on contrary, risk contracting some of worst possible sanskaras. So there is no use in playing such a worthless game of magic-sorcery!




Meher Baba said

Develop foresight-an episode

The electricity in Baba's bungalow suddenly went out one night, and Baba directed Rano to telephone the authorities concerned. Rano was, of course, a total stranger to Lahore and was wondering from where to phone and to whom. She moved about here and there in the dark, and at last went to a neighbouring bungalow and knocked on the door. She asked the owner if he had a telephone she could use, and was shown in. Rano phoned the power company and then returned to Baba's house.

Seeing her, Baba frowned, "Why did you take so long?"

"I did not know where a telephone was."

"Why didn't you acquaint yourself with such information beforehand?"

"How was I to know the current would be cut off?"

"It is a common enough occurrence here. If you don't know that, what do you know? You should be more careful about such things. I often go out for mast work, and if you are not alert in My absence, what will become of the women? They lead a secluded life, and you should be mindful of outside things such as this."

Rano had learned by now that the best thing to do at such times was to keep quiet, and by this incident Baba showed that He wished her to develop foresight.

Be careful about cleanliness

One day, the tea kettle was found to be unwashed and Baba was furious about it. he reprimanded the mandali at length:

It would be better for you people about cleanliness as far as My food and drink are concerned. For Me, cleanliness and uncleanliness are the same, but one or the other should be observed perfectly. If you want Me to remain clean, then you should pay the greatest possible attention in keeping My clothes, food and water thoroughly clean. Otherwise, if I start appreciating dirty, I will be so dirty that people would think twice before approaching Me. I can live in a filthiest way, in totally unhygienic surroundings, which you people would never be to do so. So remember this.

The symbolism of the coconut fruit, conventionally offered to the Master-an analogy.

The outer threads on the hard cover of the coconut represent the physical body. The outer hard covering represents the subtle body with all its surging impressional desires. The inner kernel in the coconut represents the mind with seeds of impressions. And the inmost water is essentially not different from the water of the ocean, from which it is ultimately soaked up by the roots of the trees on the shore. It may therefore be likened to a portion of divinity itself.

Now, because of the sheaths of the inner kernel, the outer cover and the thick layer of threads, the inmost water remains completely hidden from view; and the identity of the inmost being of the coconut with the ocean itself is not even suspected. So the coconut, with all the covers, is symbolically offered to the Master in order that He may reveal the inmost essence of the soul as it is.

The Master takes off the threads on the exterior one by one. This is like relieving the burdened mind of ordinary men. It corresponds to taking from them all bodily attachments one by one and ultimately taking away from them the attachment to body itself. Destruction of the body through physical death does not solve any problem, because the ego-mind grows new bodies in new incarnations.

Through utter non-attachment to the physical body, the soul is relieved of the limitations of the outermost covering, symbolized by the threads of the coconuts. When the hindrance of the physical body is removed the body begins to function consciously. This is the state of the Yogis. 

But the sheath of the subtle body, with all its surging desires, has also to be shed. This corresponds to the Master's breaking open the outer hard covering of the coconut. And when the obstructively of the subtle body is removed, the soul begins to function consciously through its mental ego-body. This is the stage of the advanced souls.

The ego-mind corresponds to the inner kernel of the coconut, and the Master has to break open even this inner kernel to take the soul to its own essence, which, in this analogy, corresponds to the inmost water in the coconut. Breaking the inner kernel means that the mind of the person ceases to function completely. It comes to a standstill since the seeds that activate the ego-mind are all burnt up.

 Importance of Earth planet

Of the three worlds in the Gross sphere which are inhabited by human beings, ours, the earth, is the one where the man is highest spiritually. , Man on our earth possesses in his personality equal degree of head and heart (50% head and 50% heart) whereas, man in other two worlds possess 100% head and 75% head and 25% heart respectively. Man, in course of his reincarnation, is born in any of the three worlds but must finally take form and reincarnate on this earth to fulfil his Divine destiny, which is God Realisation.

In the gross sphere the earth is the last and nearest stepping stone to the path. The two other worlds are most close to the earth in the matter of inhabitation.

Altogether there are 18000 worlds with life but these two worlds and the earth are akin to one another in matter of human life. Our earth is nearest to the creation point (Om point). Our earth alone is directly connected with subtle and mental worlds. It is only on our earth that it is possible for human beings to possess intellect (head) and love (heart) in equal proportion.

India- the land of spirituality

From ancient times, India has been a land of spirituality. So being born in India is a matter of spiritual pride, in as much as a person is seemingly so near to spiritual goal. The best of people born in America, Europe, Africa and other countries, with their good karma from this life, are born in India in their next life; and the worst of those born in India with false pride, egotism and undesirable karmas are born in Europe and America, or in places which are spiritually backward.

Number of souls increasing on the earth planet

Scientists will soon discover a little of what I say. There are 18,000 worlds with life and three worlds are inhabited by human beings. In some, the people are extremely intelligent, in others less so, and in still others still less. None of them who live in these worlds have any experience of the subtle or the mental worlds. Human beings from those planets must be born on this earth to experience the subtle and mental worlds.

Science is practically heading toward its zenith today because of the very intelligent souls from other planets coming here. Our population is increasing by leaps and bounds for the same reason that souls are migrating from other worlds as they want a human body on the earth in this Avataric age. All this has been recurring since timeless ages in a never-ending tide and ebb. Even this earth expends itself in time and another such earth will take its place.

Significance of seven colour flag-represents seven colours of sanskaras

Baba’s flag represents the colour of the Rainbow.

Bottom strip is red which signifies the sanskaras of animal nature in man representing a concentration of lustful sanskaras since man’s impressions are mainly made up of lustful actions. Next five strips on the top of red are: orange, yellow, green, purple, pink and sky-blue at the top. The top most strips is blue, the blue of very clear sky signifying the Divinity in Man

Later Baba stated, the seven colours represent the seven colour of consciousness. They also represent, besides sanskaras and impressions. The colour on the flag signifies man’s rise from the grossest of impressions of lust and anger symbolized by red at the bottom to the culmination to the highest state of spirituality and oneness with God- symbolized by sky blue at the top.

Seven colours also represent


Orange-- Love


Green--- -Renunciation

Purple- -- Knowledge


Sky-        Blue-Surrender

It was proposed that a flag be flown near the Jhopdi and on 23-4-1924. Baba remarked, “Flag should be of 7 colours. Red should be at bottom of the flag and sky blue at the top. Arrangement of the other five colours is your decision.”

Significance of the number seven

The evolution of creation has seven stages. There are seven planes and seven types of desires. All these sevens should be eradicated once and for all. However, the number seven is significant. There are seven types of sanskaras, seven types of colours, seven types of flights of imagination and seven types of sounds. The reason all these have seven variations is that in the beginning of creation – with the start of the original whim in the Beyond, Beyond state of God – there was a clash between Matter (Akash) and Energy (Pran), and Energy's powers were divided into seven forces.

The original sound coming out of the creation, or Om point, also turns into seven sounds. This higher music of the mental and subtle planes is indescribably sweet. Even if you listened to it for twenty-four hours without a break, you would not tire of it. It is enrapturing; one absolutely drowns in its melody. But remember that in the mental and subtle sphere, the sweetness of this music's sounds are only shadows of the Original Sound.

In the gross world, the shadow of this melody is again divided into seven parts; only expert singers can express these tones and octaves. Sound is created by contact between two things. When you speak, your voice passes through seven veils; but you do not notice this because the sound comes so quickly. Your physique, a by-product of your sanskaras, determines whether your voice is sweet or harsh.

Everything is made up of seven, seven sub-divisions of the first subtle plane (the astral), seven stages of evolution, seven planes and seven heavens in involution.

Anything bestowed by God is for the good of the individual-a story

Once upon a time there was a king. He was sitting in company of his prime minister. The king got a cut in one of his finger while trying to cut a fruit with knife. Expressing grief over the incident, prime minister also said “Whatever God does it is always good.” On this comment of prime minister, enraged the king and He imprisoned the prime minister.

Next, king decided to go for hunting in the forest with his fellowmen. By chance king was left behind his fellowmen in the night and caught by forest tribals. Tribals decided to sacrifice the king next day to please their deity (God). They kept the king in their custody overnight. In the morning, tribals found that King had only four fingers in his right hand and therefore unfit for sacrifice therefore released e king.

When king came back to his capital and told the incident to his prime minister that God is great and yesterday, I was saved from death by God’s grace as my one finger got a cut incidentally. The prime minister said, “Yes, God is really great. God always does good for everyone. King asked the prime minister, “The incident of a cut in my finger was good act of God for me but how it was good for you when you were imprisoned by me. The prime minister explained, “Had I not been imprisoned by you, I surly would have gone on hunting adventure along with you and killed by tribals. God always does everything for our good.” King was happy with explanation of prime minister and released him from the prison. (Unknown source)

Message for students, local artists, social workers

Literacy is not education, and education is not culture–and all these cumulatively do not represent Gyan or Gnosis, which stands in a class by itself, independent of any concomitant factors.

Illiteracy and ignorance invite exploitation. Illiteracy also becomes a willing tool in the hands of those who exploit. Education devoid of culture is inherently destructive, although it apparently simulates advancement and progress.

Since all types and classes of people have claimed it for their political and material greatness, culture with them is a vague and indefinable something. But true culture is the result of spiritual values assimilated in life.

The student world of India, therefore, while evolving morally and mentally, must keep before their mind's eye the unfoldment and development of their intrinsic spiritual culture which, once developed, imparts life and beauty to all undertakings – educational, technical, industrial, social, moral and political – and gives a unifying effect to their differences. This is what is termed as the highest character for a nation or an individual.

Moustache symbolises  manliness

A moustache is a sign of manliness–to endure all strains in adverse circumstances, both material and spiritual, and against the powerful sources of Maya. It is a sign to stand up against anger, lust and greed, and not to be so delicate, sensitive, and feeble-minded like a (fickle) women. A man must be the personification of manliness, always ready to offer his head when times come. Men with such a qualifications are required in this path. They are real heroes who endure all hardships and sufferings to reach the Goal. All other men are like cowards in spite of flaunting moustaches however long.

In short, be a true to your moustache; that is, be a man. Don’t frown and fret and try to runaway like a coward from the battlefield of the Path without winning. Heroes do or die!

Message to be displayed in all centres where Baba’s statues are installed

Kodury Krishna Rao had established Mehersthan (House of Meher) on the western banks of the Godavari River in Kovvur, Andhra, where Baba had given darshan in 1954. A life-sized bronze statue of Baba had been built and installed at Mehersthan. The opening ceremony was fixed for February 28th, 1963. Baba sent the following eight messages to Kodury to be displayed in Mehersthan:

(1) Tear away the curtain of set ceremonies and rituals and you will find that I am the Worshiped, the Worship and the Worshiper.

2) To clothe simple worship with garments of ceremony and rituals is to expose Me to the cold winds of ignorance.

(3) To love faithfully the God-Man is to worship God truly.

(4) To find Me here in Mehersthan, search the depth of your heart.

(5) Mehersthan is built for Me with love, but I may only be found here by My lover who brings Me here in his heart.

(6) As the heart is, so is the house; as the eye is, so is the image within the house.

(7) The heart of man has always been the ancient temple for the worship of the Ancient One.

(8) Nothing can house the Ancient One that does not house love.

Directives for running centres in Meherpuri (Distt. Hamirpur ) and other centres

There should be strict rules framed and displayed to maintain discipline, cleanliness, and hygienic conditions in and around Meherastana.  Meherastana should have a watchman to look after the property, but no regular and paid pujari. Every lover of Baba is in himself is a true pujari.

Help beggars-in kind not cash--an advice from Bhauji (disciple)

The subtlety of the exchange of sanskaras is difficult to be understand, and therefore, how to judge whether the poor should be helped or not? Nobody knows what beggars do when money is given to them. Sometimes, they keep accounts in the bank. Sometimes, they make bad use of the money given. So if you feel like helping them and can afford it, instead of money, give them some food or some clothes.

If you feel that you must help the Beloved through the medium of beggars, because the Beloved is in everyone, do help the beggars and thus serve the Beloved. But always think that you are serving Beloved Baba in the beggars, not obliging them. Never give them money. Give them a gift in kind, so that they may not misuse your money.

Baba’s prasad is most important-in Bhau’s words

This food is Beloved Baba's prasad, and do not forget this while you are eating. Think that it is His prasad that you are eating. Prasad is the most important thing. It serves so many purposes, and no one has any idea about them. When you take His prasad, know well that He is giving you Prasad. Don't pay attention towards anyone else. When you take it, take it as if you are getting the prasad from Him. Remember this fact while eating and then the Prasad will work for you through Him.

What He gives to you in the form of prasad, you don't know.  No matter where Prasad is given, take it as if it is from Him. Whether you are at a Center, or whether you are at some Baba program, or at His samadhi, or at Meherazad, anywhere, don't pay attention to the person who gives it to you. Know well that Beloved Baba is giving it. You accept it with all love, remembering Him. Then you will have the benefit of the prasad. Prasad is very, very important, but it depends upon how you take it.  If you take it in His name with all Love, it is prasad.  Otherwise, it is just an ordinary thing.

Killing out of compassion (mercy killing) is not desirable

Suppose a person kills a sick animal out of what he regards compassion for them, i.e. with the intention of giving them relief from suffering. But his innermost feeling is that, he would not like that sort of compassion to be expressed toward him if he were ill. This implicit acknowledgement of cruelty is sufficient to necessitate his having to become in some life a shepherd or a cowherd. Similar is the case of a gardener who may inadvertently or deliberately causes wanton destruction of plants. The harm to any living beings, one may have inadvertently or deliberately done has to be made good.

Want what I want you to want,  I fulfil your needs but not desires

I am the goal and I give nothing less than God realization. I am a Shah Saudagar (one who has full control over the business). Do not ask Me for pin, thread or material things for which you can approach sadhu and saints who can fulfil your desires. I fulfil your needs but not desires. If you are thirsty in a desert, you need water not lemonade. So, do not come to Me even with the desire of God realization but just to love, obey and try to surrender Me as much as you can. Rest I will take care of you and your goal. I will take you to the final destination of God-realization blind folded without any risk and pitfall of spiritual journey.

“There is no end of desires. One gets fulfilled more comes in. Its gets multiplied in compounding manner. The real solution is not to desire at all or desires less and less. Once a seeker reaches to the point of desirelessness he gets instant realization (Godhood) with the help of a Perfect Master.

No spirit, however powerful can ever touch a Baba lover-an episode

Sayeed Saheb came to see Baba. His twelve year old daughter had recently died and Sayeed was feeling very depressed, not because she died but for the suffering she had undergone. In their ignorance, the family members had taken the girl to different psychic mediums to try to exercise the spirit they believed was haunting her.

Sayeed Saheb was in disagreement with the family and could not understand how a spirit could have bothers his child when he had so much contact with Baba over the years. Consoling Baba explained, “She was not suffering from any spirit possession, but from tuberculosis. No spirit, however powerful can touch those in My group. They run miles away from the members of My circle.”

Baba said “Do not be afraid of Ghosts as they do not do any real harm. He also said the ghosts will never be able to enter the house He had been.

At night on many occasions, I make some of My mandali to sit beside Me and press the soles of My feet. At those times there is a special work which pertains to the bodiless spirits which are entering on the Path of Evolution. These spirits hope to take human form to achieve the goal to become one with the Infinite.






Modesty breeds egoism and man eventually succumbs to pride through assumed humility.

Beware of modesty. Modesty, under the clock of humility, invariably leads one into the clutches of self deception.  –Meher Baba



Upon alter of humility we must offer our prayers to God. Humility is spiritually of greater worth than devotion. It is easier to be devout than to be humble, but devotion in many instances proves to be stepping stone to humility.

Just as a doormat is necessary to keep our apartment clean from dust, likewise a spirit of humility and tolerance is essential and necessary to keep our hearts clean of prejudice, ill-feelings, fraying tempers, and harsh words of anger.

In true honesty, you want to express true humility, and then some obstacle at once appears. It may be the thought of what others would think about you. Even if, with all your honesty, you express humility.

Strength begets humility, where as modesty bespeaks weakness, only he who is truly great can be truly humble.

True humility is not acquired by merely donning a garb of humility. True humility spontaneously and continually emanates from the strength of the truly great.

Voicing one’s humbleness does not make one humble. For all that a parrot may utter, ‘I am a man,’ it does not make it so. Better the absence of greatness than establishing   of a false greatness by assumed humility. Not only do these efforts at humility on man’s part not express strength, they are, on the contrary, expressions of modesty born of weakness, which springs from a lack of knowledge of the truth of reality. -Meher Baba

Meher Baba  explained

Difference between modesty and humility

Modesty is weakness, but humility is strength. There is a world of difference, exists between the two. The moment you say, "I say in all humility," the very expression is the expression of the ego in you. Even if in your mind you feel that you are humble, this feeling is egoistic.

The difficulty does not end even if with true honesty you try to express true humility. An obstacle, such as the thought as to what others may think of your expression of humility, is bound to come. In modesty, you are constantly pestered with thoughts about your correct behaviour to such an extent that an inferiority complex is self-created in you, and that is not strength but weakness.

No sooner humility is given an expression, it is no longer humility

It is humbug to give deliberate expression to humility. The life of humility is to be lived spontaneously, and it should not give rise to any thoughts either about humility or about modesty. For example, suppose you undertake to clean a latrine but when you actually begin to do so, you cannot help smelling the stink, whereas a sweeper who cleans them all his life will remain unaffected by the stench. Similarly, the person who parades humility is like the one who smells the stink when cleaning a latrine, whereas the person who lives the life of humility is like the sweeper who is not only immune to the stink but who also remains absolutely unmindful about what others think about him and his job, because he actually lives the life of a sweeper.

To try to be humble is also humbug. You must be so natural that your very life becomes humility personified, which is then all strength, free from any weaknesses. Only God and the Perfect Masters can live such a life. They are the only ones who are really humble. So, whatever you may be, express it unmindful of public opinion or the reaction of others.

Be natural. If you are dishonest, do not try to hide yourself behind the curtain of honesty. That, however, does not mean that you should be dishonest. What I want to say is that you must be most natural rather than the least hypocritical.

A lesson of humility –an- episode narrated by Bhauji (disciple)

In beginning of October 1957, Baba went to Bombay for treatment of His injured hip. The women mandali stayed with Him in Ashiyana and the men mandali, who accompanied Him, stayed in other accommodations a mile and half away.

Before leaving Meherabad Baba told me “We are going to Bombay, and you know at Arnavaz’s house the best type of food will be available. So eat well and improve your health.” Although I was only eating once a day in the afternoon due to my duties, I nodded in agreement. Baba repeated: “Very good food will be served. Eat heartily.”

We arrived in Bombay in the evening, and that night Baba again brought up the same subject. “The food here will be excellent, “He gestured, So don’t eat outside.” (We had no money with us so I wondered how we could be able to eat elsewhere.) Baba continued, “Take only a cup of tea in the morning, and then come to Ashiyana for lunch. Otherwise how you will able to eat what is served here? Despite whatever I tell you, you must eat to your fullest.

The next day when we were all seated for lunch, Baba sat very next to me and said, “You are eating so much?” I thought Baba was joking and smiled. He said, “Your plate is overflowing, Are you a giant? If you eat like this, what will be left for others? Addressing others Baba commented, “Look how much Bhau is eating! Does he have any shame? What kind of manners does he have?” And Baba went on belittling me until lunch was over.

Everyday Baba would sit with us at lunch and made comments about how much I was eating. I felt so badly about it that I began taking only one slice of bread and a glass of water. But Baba would say, “This man has no manners. Just see how he sits there chewing bread and sipping water! Who brought him up?”

Twenty days passed like this and Baba did not let up on me for a single day. Late at night when I returned to where I was staying, I would see labourers sleeping soundly on the pavement. I would think, “Their life is better than mine. They sleep well at night. In the morning they enjoy a hearty breakfast, while I have only one cup of tea. Just see my life!”

The next day, after Baba’s running dialogue at lunch-time about my large appetite, I got so upset that I left the table. Baba got up and brought a papaya to me.

“Eat it.” He gestured.

“I don’t want it.” I replied

“Why not?” He asked

“Baba,” I implored, “Just give eight annas a day and I will make my own arrangement outside for food.”

“Eight annas? What will you eat for eight annas?” He asked

“Never mind what I will eat.” I said. “But I will be very happy if you’ll just give me that much. I don’t want this food. I will eat outside. For the past three weeks I have been living on one piece of bread, and still you don’t let go of me and keep saying that I eat like a giant!”

Baba then gestured, “What instructions I had given to you at Meherabad-do you remember?”

“I don’t remember.” I said, still upset.

“Did I not ask you to eat well?” He replied. “Repeatedly I told you to eat well. And the very first day here I said, whatever I may say, you should have your fill. Isn’t that so? But you have disobeyed Me. You broke My order. And every day when you were breaking My order by not eating, you were breaking My heart. How hurt, I felt when you would not eat well.”

I realized that Baba was right, so I started eating regularly. However story doesn’t end here.

Six month later when we were staying at Ganeshkhind Gardens in Poona, some devotees from Bombay and Poona were called. At lunch all sat down to eat and Baba took chair opposite to me. “You are eating so much? How is it that you eat like a giant?” I just looked at him and continued my lunch.

Baba commented to the others, “See how shameless this fellow is! He is one of My mandali and I am telling him he takes too much, yet he goes on stuffing his mouth.” All glanced at me, but I went on eating. Baba said, “Just see. Just see this man. Does he have any shame?”  And on it went, “Will you all ever behave like this?” Baba asked the others, and they all shook their heads solemnly and said no.

Baba left after the meal was over, and the guests asked me, “Don’t you have any care for Baba’s wish?” “I was very hungry.” I answered.

“But it was Baba’s wish that you shouldn’t eat.” They argued. “Would it have killed you to miss one meal? When you cannot do such a small thing, how can you serve Baba properly?”

Laughing, I replied, “I serve only to my stomach and despite how it appears, it is not against Baba’s wish.”

In the evening when I went to Baba, He embraced me with so much love and gestured, “Today   you made Me very happy. I am very pleased with you. You obeyed Me hundred  percent in spite of being humiliated