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1 A 70 year holy man Self Nasik LM-2015
2 A Baba lover Related to murder accused Bombay LM-1212
3 A Baby 10 month old Poona LM-4993
4 A Barber Self Nasik LM-1949
5 A Bearded Muslim Dressed as fakir Ahmednagar LM-661
6 A Bengali mast Self Bombay LM-1738
7 A Blind boy-1 Sat in the lap of Baba Poona LM-4516
8 A Blind boy-2 Sang before Baba Meherabad LM-796
9 A Blind boy-3 Eye sight restored Meherabad LM-704
10 A Blind man Worli Blind School Bombay LM-4054
11 A Blind singer Called by Khorshed Bombay LM-4213
12 A Bohri Muslim Rumoured about Baba Bombay LM-3522
13 A Bone setter A bone-setter-Baba refused Meherabad LM-4208
14 A Boy at Kurduwadi Experienced bliss in mediation Kurduwadi LM-2455/4802
15 A Boy-1 Recited Sanskrit prayer Poona GG-172
16 A Boy-2 Played the role of Nanad Nagpur LM-3238
17 A Boy-3 Qawaal Meherabad LM-2036
18 A Boy-4 Self Meherabad LM-1172
19 A Brahmin Station Master Lahit LM-531
20 A Brahmin teacher Religious teacher Nasik LM-1750
21 A Catholic priest A priest Nasik LM-1799
22 A Christian Adventist  A Christian Seventh-Day Adventist  Poona LM-4802
23 A Christian Doctor Treated injured friend of Baba Poona LM-126
24 A Civil surgeon  Civil Surgeon Ahmednagar Arangaon LM-383
25 A Close follower Promised by Baba Poona GG-152
26 A Cobbler Self Poona MM-p-66
27 A Collector Collector of Ahmednagar Arangaon LM-4208
28 A Depressed devotee Self Poona LM-4993
29 A Depressed man Self Poona LM-5007/GG-321
30 A Deputy Supdt. of Police  Deputy Supdt. of Police Ahmednagar Arangaon LM-4208
31 A Devotee -1 Lost luggage in train Bombay LM-5023
32 A Devotee -2 Offered coin to Baba Poona LM-4252
33 A Devotee -3 Cured from blindness Poona LM-2167
34 A Devotee -4 Worshiped photograph Poona LM-4683
35 A Devotee -5 Wanted to stay Poona GG-189
36 A Devotee -6 Wished Poona LM-3650
37 A Dhobi & his family Family of 14 members Poona LM-3717
38 A Distinguished man Self Poona LM-4675
39 A District Supdt of Police Spotted Baba in Cricket Stadium Ahmednagar LM-4236
40 A Family & bald son Self & son Poona GG-272
41 A Farmer-1 Self Meherabad LM-726
42 A Farmer-2 Self Meherabad LM-739
43 A Father & son Cured of stomach pain Poona GG-83
44 A Female singer Self Bombay LM-1901
45 A Finely dressed young man-1 Self Bombay LM-1973
46 A Finely dressed young man-2 Self Bombay LM-1473
47 A Friend of Pregnant woman Baby delivered to her friend Bombay LM-
48 A Gentle man Could not sleep 14 years Poona GG-328
49 A Girl & her parents Escaped car accident Dahanu LM-1127
50 A Goanese Christian cook Self Saoner LM-3890
51 A Government official Self Poona LM-4165
52 A Group of 10 people Friends of Kharmale Guruprasad MM-46
53 A Group of 100 destitute persons Group Gulbarga LM-4615
54 A Group of 100 poor children Group Gulbarga LM-4558
55 A Group of 1000 Baba lovers Group Bombay LM-4500
56 A Group of 101 villagers Group Manjile Meem LM-393
57 A Group of 1200 persons Group Poona LM-2397
58 A Group of 1400 Students Saint Joseph High School Wadala LM-4502
59 A Group of 150 lepers & destitutes Group Meherabad LM-4711
60 A Group of 160 poors Group Poona LM-4710
61 A Group of 18 poors Group Arangaon LM-4208
62 A Group of 20 poors Group Arangaon LM-3756
63 A Group of 200 poor boys Group Arangaon LM-4118
64 A Group of 200 poors Group Manjile Meem LM-393
65 A Group of 200 villagers Group Arangaon LM-3614
66 A Group of 220 poor persons Group Meherazad LM-4717
67 A Group of 24 Hindu families Group Meherazad LM-3015
68 A Group of 25 Hindus Group Khuldabad LM-3222
69 A Group of 250 children Of Remand home Poona LM-4964
70 A Group of 250 poor men & women-1 Group Meherabad LM-3887
71 A Group of 250 poor men & women-2 Group Meherabad LM-3803
72 A Group of 26 persons Group Poona LM-4666
73 A Group of 27 lepers Group Meherabad LM-4619
74 A Group of 30 children Group Arangaon LM-563
75 A Group of 300 children Group Guruprasad LM-4743
76 A Group of 40 Muslims Group Khuldabad LM-3222
77 A Group of 400 students-1 Group Meherabad LM-4503
78 A Group of 400 students-2 Group Meherabad LM-4486
79 A Group of 5 elderly villagers Group Meherazad LM-4220
80 A Group of 5 qawaals Group Bombay LM-4052/4500
81 A Group of 5000 villager Group Meherabad LM-1901
82 A Group of 51 poors Group Meherabad LM-3712
83 A Group of 6 boys Group Poona LM-1171
84 A Group of 6 poor persons Group Poona LM-4615
85 A Group of 600 men & women Group Gulbarga LM-2628
86 A Group of 65 poors 25 Hindu+40 Muslims Gulbarga LM-3890
87 A Group of 7 lepers Group Meherabad LM-5286
88 A Group of 7 poor destitutes Group Meherabad LM-2327
89 A Group of 70 lovers Group Meherabad LM-4773
90 A Group of 700 poors Group Gulbarga LM-4146
91 A Group of 74 people Group-at Zarzari bux tomb Meherabad LM-3014
92 A Group of Cricketers Group of 15 Cricketers Poona/Bombay LM-4942
93 A Group of Parsee men and women Men & woman Bombay LM-2663
94 A Group of Parsee politicians Group Meherabad LM-4741
95 A Group of soldiers Group Poona LM-4990
96 A Group of young girls Group Meherabad LM-596/4741
97 A Harijan Money lender Money lender Arangaon LM-588
98 A Hindu boy Aged 18 year Surat LM-466
99 A Hindu couple Self Maharashtra LM-923
100 A Hindu kirtankar Sang at Gilori shah tomb Poona LM-494
101 A Hunchback Muslim Storey teller & visitor of restaurant Lonavla LM-133
102 A Journalist Interviewed Baba in April 1939 Maharashtra LM-2001
103 A Judge's wife Saw Baba as Kalki Avatar Nagpur LM-2455
104 A Kanya Sick & bed-ridden Sakori LM-3915
105 A Kirtan Singer Self Maharashtra LM-523
106 A Leader of Harijan Self Maharashtra LM-1153
107 A Lecturer Missed the date Poona GG-146
108 A Leper Self Kup Bhalwani LM-3891
109 A Little boy Self Maharashtra LM-4278
110 A Local villager Headman Shendi LM-816
111 A Lover-1 Asked for grace Poona GG-189
112 A Lover-2 Lost luggage in train Poona GG-342
113 A Lover-3 Baba is hoax Poona GG-327
114 A Lover-4 If I keep my heart Poona GG-69
115 A Lover-5 Said we are bad but yours Poona GG-69
116 A Lover-6 Said I slept very well Poona GG-295
117 A Mad boy Self Poona LM-1895
118 A Magician Self Poona LM-2822
119 A Man brought hot water Trusty Member Meherabad GG-116
120 A Man came for interview Self Poona GG-342
121 A Man could imitate                  Self Poona GG-337
122 A Man disliked shaving Self Maharashtra LM-748
123 A Man entered late in pandal Self Poona LM-4276
124 A Man fed mandali Did not sleep Meherabad  
125 A Man finds his son Self Maharashtra LM-717
126 A Man from group Self Meherabad LM-4747
127 A Man in car Self Maharashtra LM-4933
128 A Man in pitiable condition Self Khuldabad LM-3222
129 A Man invited Baba Self Walki LM-712
130 A Man left by his wife Self Nasik LM-507
131 A Man looking at Baba Self Nasik LM-1136
132 A Man loses his three sons Tried to test Baba Maharashtra LM-717
133 A Man lost faith in Baba Self Nasik LM-5007
134 A Man mentally upset A schizophrenic Maharashtra LM-5024
135 A Man offered food Self Walki LM-711
136 A Man offered khadi cloth Self Maharashtra LM-4278
137 A Man offered laddoo Self Maharashtra LM-4278
138 A Man presented photo Self Meherabad LM-4304
139 A Man recognised Baba self Poona LM-4554
140 A Man refused to grind self Arangaon LM-597
141 A Man struck by train Self Khandawa LM-1023
142 A Man suffered mentally Self Maharashtra LM-5004
143 A Man wanted money Self Meherabad LM-1220
144 A Man wanted nothing                Self Poona Maja Meher-p-108
145 A Man wanted to stay                Self Poona Maja Meher-p-109
146 A Man with experience Self Guruprasad GG-124
147 A Man with no leg Self Bombay LM-363
148 A Man with paralysis  Self Poona LM-4945
149 A Man without sleep Did not sleep Meherabad LM-3846
150 A Mandali Man Self Meherabad LM-719
151 A Marwari Self Ahmednagar LM-5086
152 A Mendicant lover Self Ahmednagar LM-924
153 A Middle aged Hindu Self Maharashtra LM-712
154 A Milk man Self Maharashtra LM-2511
155 A Mother & her son Self Ahmednagar LM-2697
156 A Muslim Self Vaijapur LM-2406
157 A Muslim doctor Friend of Dr. Goher Bombay LM-4164
158 A Muslim drinker Self Ahmednagar LM-4959
159 A Muslim hypocrite Self Ahmednagar LM-616
160 A Muslim lover Dressed Baba in Sehra Nasik LM-1767
161 A Muslim man-1 Wanted car for treatment Ahmednagar LM-661
162 A Muslim man-2 worked in ship Karachi LM-1093
163 A Muslim priest Self Bombay LM-3020
164 A Muslim prince Nabab Poona LM-277
165 A Muslim prince & wife Self & wife Bombay LM-3651
166 A Neatly dressed wali Self Lonavla LM-133
167 A Newcomer Self Meherabad LM-3630
168 A News reporter From Maharashtra Times Bombay LM-4880
169 A Paralytic man Self Meherabad LM-5007/GG-321
170 A Parsee lad Self Bombay LM-3841
171 A Parsee man Self Bombay LM-445
172 A Parsee parents & daughter Self & wife Bombay LM-159
173 A Parsi barrister Arranged Baba's program Nasik LM-4801
174 A Parsi family Self Panchgani LM-2584
175 A Parsi guard Met at Sholapur station Sholapur LM-473
176 A Parsi priest Baba explained about Zarathustra-1928 Poona LM-5033/GG-348
177 A Parsi singer Self Poona LM-5033
178 A Parsi stranger Self Surat LM-442
179 A Party worker Came with Shivam Paranjape Meherabad LM-720
180 A Physician Self Nagpur LM-4747
181 A Police inspector Self Gulbarga LM-3012
182 A Police man-1 Self Kopargaon LM-189
183 A Police man-2 Self Poona LM-792
184 A Poor couple Self Arangaon LM-3933
185 A Poor devotee Offered Rs.1 to dakshina Ahmednagar LM-4252
186 A Poor Hindu boy Baba kept him Nagpur LM-1894
187 A Poor man-1 Bathed & fed by Baba Meherabad LM-3026
188 A Poor man-2 Gifted Rs 500 Bhor LM-2391
189 A Poor man-3 Baba bowed for 124 poors Meherabad LM-3022
190 A Poor man-4 Baba gave Rs.51 each Meherabad LM-3022
191 A Poor man-5 Brought by Pophali Saoner LM-4268
192 A Poor old woman Came to dispensary Rahuri LM-1810
193 A Poor villager Baba presented a alarm clock Saoner LM-3883
194 A Poor woman-1 Fainted in darshan before Baba Meherabad LM-3921
195 A Poor women-2 Woman recognized Baba Walki LM-711
196 A Poor women-3 Maggot infected & head injury Sangamner LM-1822
197 A Pregnant woman Self Meherabad LM-1952
198 A Priest-1 Baba explained about Zarathustra-1928 Poona LM-2327
199 A Priest-2 Questioned  on Baba's silence Poona LM-1800
200 A Professional entertainer Self Poona LM-5015
201 A Professional singer Self Meherabad LM-1590
202 A Professor of Philosophy Self Meherabad LM-1895
203 A Qawaal-1 Left for Namaz Meherabad LM-1936
204 A Qawaal-2 Qawaali Singer Meherabad LM-4267
205 A Qawaal-3 Qawaali Singer Manjile Meem LM-318
206 A Qawaal-4 Qawaali Singer Meherabad LM-1901
207 A Radio musician Played shehnai Before Baba Poona LM-5023
208 A Ragged mast Self Lonavla LM-133
209 A Railway employee Sang before Baba Lahit LM-530
210 A Railway guard Surat Railway Station Surat LM-3930
211 A Relative Self Self LM-1212
212 A Renowned singer Singer & Sitar Player Bombay LM-260
213 A Reporter Associated Press Poona LM-1975
214 A Respected man Self Meherabad LM-4698
215 A Retired captain & wife Self & wife Meherabad LM-719
216 A Retired policeman & daughter Sought help for daughter's marriage Meherabad LM-792
217 A Retired station master Rented house to Baba Meherabad LM-475
218 A Rich woman Self Ahmednagar GG-314
219 A Royal princess Princess of Indian state Ahmednagar LM-5240
220 A Sadhu-1 Self Poona GG-312
221 A Sadhu-2 Self Meherabad LM-853
222 A Sanskrit scholar Self Poona LM-4860
223 A Sanyasi Self Poona LM-2728
224 A Schizophrenic man Self Poona LM-5004
225 A Sculptor Self Poona GG-67
226 A Seekar-1 Self Meherabad LM-691
227 A Seekar-2 Self Poona LM-4666
228 A Sikh taxi driver Self Srinagar LM-2428
229 A Singer-01 Self Bombay LM-4183
230 A Singer-02 Self Poona LM-751
231 A Singer-03 Self Poona LM-2592
232 A Singer-04 Self Poona LM-372
233 A Singer-05 Self Poona LM-372
234 A Singer-06 A famous qawaal Poona LM-2292
235 A Singer-07 Self Poona LM-4549
236 A Singer-08 Self Talegaon LM-1888
237 A Singer-09 Self Poona LM-2584
238 A Singer-10 From Gaanjoti Aurangabad LM-4672
239 A Singer-11 From Ahmednagar Ahmednagar LM-2084
240 A Sitar soloist Self Arangaon LM-5028
241 A Small girl 4 year old Poona GG-291/4595
242 A Small group of lovers Group Poona GG-147
243 A Small group of Swaraj Party Self Poona LM-4881
244 A Soldier Self Poona LM-4881
245 A Stall owner Sold oranges to Eruch Maharashtra LM-2621
246 A Station Master Sholapur station Sholapur LM-473
247 A Strange looking person Self Manmad LM-502
248 A Stranger-1 Self Meherabad LM-572
249 A Stranger-2 Self Meherabad LM-331
250 A Supdt of Meherabad Nicknamed Barrister Meherabad LM-639
251 A Swami-1 I.C.S. officer Kolhapur LM-1143
252 A Swami-2 Darshan not allowed Meherabad LM-5330
253 A Tahsildar Self Sihawa LM-2511
254 A Temple Priest Self Arangaon LM-3887
255 A Ticket collector Self Manmad LM-475
256 A Village Madcap Came to Baba Meherabad LM-936
257 A Villager-1 Opened tea stall Meherabad LM-628
258 A Villager-2 Self Meherabad LM-628
259 A Wealthy friend Played cricket with Baba Poona LM-126
260 A Wealthy man Self Poona LM-4683
261 A Western lady Didn't like joke Poona RT-Vol-5 p-63
262 A Widow Self Vaijapur LM-2406
263 A Woman- 1 Lame lady Meherazad LM-973
264 A Woman- 2 Financially distressed Meherabad LM-793
265 A Woman- 3 Could not sleep in night Meherabad LM-5023
266 A Woman- 4 Asked for milk Poona LM-1901
267 A Woman- 5 Sang composed poems Poona GG-342
268 A Woman- 6 Came running to Baba Poona LM-3614
269 A Woman- 7 Asked blessing for child Meherazad LM-4760
270 A Woman- 8 Came running to Baba Poona LM-786
271 A Woman devotee-1 Cried Baba Poona GG-272
272 A Woman devotee-2 Wanted to stop sexual involvement Poona LM-1919
273 A Woman devotee-3 Baba  asked her to sing Poona LM-5034
274 A Worker-1 Self Bombay LM-1172
275 A Worker-2 Self Bombay GG-128
276 A Young college graduate Self & 2 sons Bombay LM-4676
277 A Young dancer Came from village Meherabad LM-1588
278 A Young man from Belgaum Lifted Baba after car accident Belgaum LM-4133
279 A Young man from Bombay Advised on sex Bombay LM-1889
280 A Young man from South Read shloka before Baba South India LM-4536
281 A Young sadhu-1 Self Poona LM-921
282 A Young sadhu-2 Self Saikhed LM-829
283 A Young student Self Kolhapur LM-1168
284 A Young swami Self Saikhed LM-831/4133
285 A Young woman Appeared in Medical exam Poona GG-328
286 AbbajiI Patel Self Arangaon LM-1604
287 Abbas Ali A boy Meherabad LM-908
288 Abdul Karim Abdulla (Ramjoo) Close disciple Meherabad Ref Vol-2 Sl. No.15
289 Abdul Rahman Abdulla (Barsoap) Close disciple Meherabad Ref Vol-2 Sl. No.16
290 Abdul Rezak Self   LM-296
291 Abdul Tayab Aquitance of Ramjoo Lonavla LM-523/472
292 Abdul Wahab Kalingad A student Meherabad LM-972/884
293 Abdulla A. R. (Baggu) & Bibi Self & wife   LM-3007
294 Abdulla Haroon Zaffar Self-close disciple Maharashtra Ref Vol-2 Sl. No.17
295 Abdulla Nooru Ramjoo's brother-in-law Bombay LM-1903
296 Abdulla Pokerwan Student Babajan school Bombay LM-828
297 Abdulla (Chota Baba) A Boy Ahmednagar LM-1080/985
298 Abdur Rahman (Munshi) Close disciple Bombay Refer Vol-2 Sl. No.18
299 Ader Gandhi Self Bombay LM-5439
300 Adi Kaikhushru Irani (Adi Sr.) S/o Kaikhushru Irani (Khan Saheb) Maharashtra Refer Vol-2 Sl .No.19
301 Adi Noras Friend of Keki Desai Bombay LM-2275
302 Adi Sheriar Irani (Adi Jr.) B/o Meher Baba Maharashtra Refer Vol-2 Sl. No-20
303 Adinath Thombe Self Bombay Traven talk
304 Aditham Parthsarthi Self Poona Sovounier-2015
305 Advani C B Principal Mira School Poona LM-4517
306 Afsar Seemani Composed a ghazal for Baba Ahmednagar LM-5121/5095
307 Afsari Kaikhushru Espandiar (Raosaheb) Close disciple Maharashtra Refer Vol-2 Sl. No.54
308 Agashi V. Y.   Employee printing Press  Poona LM-3274
309 Agha Ali A student real seeker Meherabad LM-1016/985
310 Agrawal Biharilal Gangaram Self -A true seeker Meherabad LM-1033
311 Agrawal N.S. Self Nagpur LM-4663/GG-125
312 Ahir Eknath B/o Pratap Ahir Poona Sovounier-2015
313 Ahir Jyoti Self Poona Sovounier-2015
314 Ahir Krishna B/o Pratap Ahir Poona Sovounier-2015
315 Ahir Prashant S/o Pratap Ahir Poona Sovounier-2015
316 Ahir Pratap Gagannath & Tara Self  & wife Poona LM-2962
317 Ahir Subramaniam  Self Poona LM-4534
318 Ahir Vishnu G. & Rukmini Brother of Pratap G Ahir Poona Meher Pukar
319 Ahmed A Muslim boy & singer Meherabad LM-2930/377
320 Ahmed Abbas (Khak Saheb)  close disciple Poona Refer Vol-2 Sl. No. 21
321 Ahmed Khan Gavai Self Poona LM-377/1037
322 Aidoon Zal B. Self Poona LM-4252
323 Akbar Ali M. Anwaralli Driver Bombay LM-3230
324 Ali Abdulla S/o Ramjoo Poona LM-2629
325 Ali Akbar Dy. Supdt of Police Poona LM-1977
326 Ali Akbar Shapurjaman (Aloba) Close disciple Meherabad Refer Vol-2 Sl. No. 8
327 Ali Asghar  Self Bombay LM-2660
328 Alimuddin Boy-jumped in ecstasy Poona LM-4234
329 Alka D/o Naggu Nasik LM-5093
330 Ambokar G.K. Self Balaghat Sovnier-2008
331 Ambokar K. Self Saoner Sovnier-2008
332 Ambokar N. K. (Mrs) Self Saoner Sovnier-2008
333 Amdoo Boy brought to Baba by Jal Maharastra LM-2042
334 Amin S. Syed Self Ahmednagar LM-2606/2366
335 Aminabai Jaffar W/o Abdulla Haroon Jaffar-Close disciple Nasik LM-957
336 Amir Khan A Pathan boy Bombay LM-1904
337 Amir Syed S/o Amin S. Syed Ahmednagar LM-2606/2366
338 An Alcoholic Self Poona RT-Vol-5 p-72
339 An Assistant Assistant of Ramakrishnan Poona LM-5074/5437
340 An Attorney  Baba answers in silence on slate Pathardi LM-633
341 An Eastern poet Self Poona GG-273
342 An Editor Editor of Mauli presented photo Poona GG-128
343 An Elderly gentleman Patted Baba Udtara LM-160
344 An Elderly Man Remaked Baba as Christ Parner LM-2625
345 An Elderly villager Stole material in Meherabad Meherabad LM-1935
346 An Indian woman Self Poona LM-4485
347 An Inebriated man Saluted Baba Meherabad LM-728
348 An Old Gentleman Brought by Borker Meherabad LM-793
349 An Old lady Right hand paralysed Poona GG-300
350 An Old lover Worked in Railways Poona GG-301
351 An Old man- 1 Gujrati Tailor Partially blind Poona LM-1198
352 An Old man- 2 Paralytic man Poona LM-4945
353 An Old man- 3 Boasted for 130 years Pimpalgaon LM-2627
354 An Old man- 4 Seven children & wife Ahmednagar LM-4776
355 An Old man- 5 Baba gave his seat Poona LM-4990
356 An Old man- 6 Treated for cataract Poona LM-661
357 An Old Muslim with boy Sat by side of Baba in train Gulbarga LM-2254
358 An Old Parsee couple St. Vincent's High School Poona LM-137
359 An Old Punjabi Mast Self Bombay LM-1738
360 An Old woman with two sons Self & son Meherabad LM-502
361 An Old woman-1 Self   LM-4969
362 An Old woman-2 Self Rahuri LM-1810
363 An Orphaned boy Brought by Sardar Raste Guruprasad LM-4724
364 An Over-weight man Self Poona LM-4234
365 An Unknown Qawaal Self Nasik LM-626
366 Anand S/o Pankhraj & Tara Nagpur Lord Meher
367 Anand Subhedar S/o Bala & Sushila Subedar Nagpur LM-3228
368 Angal D. M. (Pleader) Nicknamed Angal Pleader Ahmednagar LM-573/1901
369 Angal J. D. Self Nagpur Sovnier-2008
370 Anil Gajwani Son of KC Gajwani Bombay LM-5167
371 Anklesaria Police Officer Bombay LM-2664
372 Anna Jakkal (104) Self-close disciple Maharashtra Refer Vol -2 Sl. No.22
373 Anna Khandale Self Akola LM-5054
374 Anna Saheb Gune & wife  S/o of Aanna Saheb Kale Meherazad LM-5085
375 Anna Saheb Kale Close disciple (B/o Kalemama) Maharashtra Refer Vol-2 Sl. No.23
376 Anpat R. K. Self Poona Souvenir-2008
377 Anthony Self Poona LM-1089
378 Anthony Brooke Appointed as Raja of Sarawak Poona LM-5125
379 Apsi S/o Rusi Pop Ahmednagar LM-4937/2107
380 Apte Mangla S. Singer Ahmednagar LM-4566/4656
381 Arjun Dagdu Supekar Self-close disciple Maharashtra Refer Vol-2 Sl. No.25
382 Armaity D/o Beheram and Banoo Dadachanji Ahmednagar LM-5009/ He Alone is-p-36
383 Asar Saheb Self Poona LM-312
384 Asha Bhavsar D/o Bhavsar Poona LM-5073
385 Assistant of Merchant Bought Railway ticket for group Poona LM-2886
386 Aunt of her husband Of Madhav Rao Meherabad LM-698
387 Avenger & wife Self  & wife Nasik LM-1592
388 Azeem Quwaal Self Taragarh LM-1990
389 Aziz Ahmed Baba had lunch in his house Nasik LM-446/460