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"There was a boy who loved God very much.  His parents were very worried, and they thought, that if they could get him married, he would be alright.  So they arranged for him to be married.  The day he was married, he left the house.  He was moving here and there.  Afterwards, he found a Perfect Master and lived with him and served him.  After some years, the master asked the boy, 'You have been with me for years, and you don't know the city which is only three miles from there.  I want you to go there and enjoy tonight.  Eat good food and then go to a prostitute.'

"The boy did not understand what he would do with a prostitute.  But he had to obey the master.  So he went to the city.  The master had given him money, and according to instructions, he went to a restaurant, and he ate.  This was quite a different thing for him, but he did it under obedience to the master.  He had no desire; he was just following the master's orders.  After the restaurant, he went to a prostitute.  And what happened?  He had no desire, but he wanted to follow the instructions of the master.  He was with the prostitute in her room, just sitting there.  She had covered her face, so he said, 'Show me your face.'

"She did so.

"And what did he find?

"She was his wife.  And then the boy understood why the master had asked him to go to a prostitute.  He told his wife, 'I did an injustice to you.  Please forgive me.'

"The wife told him that she had been leading a pure life, but culprits had caught her, and sold her there the very same day.  Then he took her to the master.  The boy had no lustful desire.  He had longing for God and that's why he was serving the master.  And then his wife, too, started serving the master.


An order from Avatar or Sadguru (God) always carries a hidden meaning for the benefit of His disciple therefore it should be followed without any doubt and hesitation.