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Bhau Kalchuri

There was a man who was an alcoholic. His parents were very unhappy and were always after him to give up drinking. One day, the father decided heart to heart talk with his son. When the two of them were alone, the father asked the son, “Why do you drink so much? Is there any kind of sorrow in your heart? Is there something you want in life and are disappointed in not getting? Is that why you drink so much?”

The son said no, that wasn’t it. The father persisted, “then why do you drink? Don’t you know it causes us so much pain to see you in this state? Not to mention that it will ruin your health too. Why do you drink so much?”

The boy turned helplessly to his father and confessed, “I am addicted to it, dad. I have tried giving it up several times and have failed. I just can’t control the craving.”

The father thought about this and came up with an idea which he thought might help his son. He told him, “Look, I will help you give up drinking.”

The son looked surprised. “How can you help me? He asked.

The father replied, “Every day I will sit with you and drink the same amount of alcohol that you drink. We will do this for one month. At the end of one month I will stop drinking completely and that should inspire you to stop along with me. We shall do it together.”

The son agreed to father’s suggestion. So from the next day, they started drinking together. Initially, the father was drinking the same amount as the son, but as the time passed, the son noticed that the father was drinking more than him and appeared to be enjoying it. When thirty days were over, the son expected his father to stop, but the father continued drinking. After several days passed, thinking that his father had lost track of time, the son said, “Dad, you remember we made a promise when we started drinking?”

The father replied, “Yes my son, I remember.”

Do you know that more than thirty days have passed by and that you were supposed to stop drinking after thirty days in order to help me stop drinking?”

The father replied, “Yes my son, I remember all that. But I did not know when I made all those promises that alcohol can be so intoxicating, so addictive and so much fun. Now that I know what it is, I have decided not to give up. If you wish to give up drinking, you can do so, but I won’t give it up.”


Baba gave drink of His love which intoxicated mandali they got addicted to Baba’s presence and could not live without it.