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Eruch Jessawala

It is said that one day there was a tussle in the heavens between Shankar the Lord and his consort Parvati. She was being reserved and silent and the Lord asked why she was cross with him. She said, “How indifferent, how callous you are to your devotees! And this has made me think- is your love for me so very great or you also callous with me?” The lord replied; “What is matter? How can I be callous? Everyone is looked after, everybody is provided for.” (As Meher Baba himself said once: I dare not to care for My lovers)

Parvati continued: “I assure you that you are callous and indifferent to your closest devotees.” “Why, what has happened? “ “Come and see.” she said. “There is devotee who spends every day chanting your name and living only what people give him to eat. He has left the world, he has nothing to provide his family, he has dedicated his life to you.” “Well, is that is his lot. And that is how it should be; it will promote his progress on the path to Me.”

She said: “no, I don’t believe in that. you must provide him with some worldly means because he is wholly and solely yours.” “What do you want Me to do, further than what I have already done in My omniscience?” “I would like to give him a lot of wealth.” “All right, I will give him lot of wealth because you want it that way.” It seems that even God has to submit to the wishes of the consort!

Well, the devotee used to take regular path from his hut to the market place where he would beg, and throught the day and night he would chant the name of the Lord. So while he was on the way to beg that day a thought came to his mind. I am getting older and the world seems to be changing; there does not seem to be the same comparison. What if I were to pose as being blind?  Then they might give me more.

So on this very day when the Lord throws down from heavens a sack full of gold on to the path which devotee always takes, the devotee decides to practise blindness. He shuts his eyes and walks with them closed so that he can throw upon himself the mercy of mankind-and he walks   right past the gold lying there. The Lord looks at Parvati and says: “See, that is law of karma.


According to what is destined in one’s share in his life, only that much one gets and no more. 

 (Over the years with Meher Baba, Bill Le Page, ed. 1999, pp-115)