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Eruch Jessawala.

There was a farmer who used to work in his field the whole day and, towards evening; much before sunset he would go to jungle to collect firewood. He would return home with the firewood before the sunset and spend rest of the evening with his wife. The couple had been recently married and was madly in love with each other.

One evening, the farmer did not return home at his usual time. After waiting for a little while, the wife became restless as the sun was about to set and there was still no sign of her husband. She was worried and this prompted her to go into the jungle in search of her husband. The king of that country,   who was a Muslim, happened to be in the jungle at the same time as well. As the sun was going down he was reciting his evening prayers or namaz. The farmer’s wife was calling out to her husband and was so engrossed in searching for him that she did not notice the king who was bowing down in obeisance.

She tripped over the king and, after getting up she did not even bother to look at what she had tripped over. Such was her engrossment that she simply walked away, deeper into the jungle in search of her husband. This infuriated the king, but he and all his men were reciting prayers and had to wait till the prayer was finished before he could do anything. As soon as the prayer ended, king ordered his men to arrest the woman and bring her before him.

By this time, the women had found her husband and were happily returning with him when she ran into the gaurds. The guard arrested them and brought them to the king who angrily demanded, “Tell me why I should not behead you for your insolence? “  The women looked surprised and said to the king, “Sire, I don’t know what are you talking about. Please tell me what my mistake is? What is it that has made a noble king like you so angry that you want to behead me?”

This king even more and he angrily retorted,” You disturbed my prayers. You tripped over me and did not even stop to apologize and now you tell me that you did not even notice the whole incident. How dare you show such insolence to a king? Why should I not put to death and now?”

The women calmly replied, “O noble king, I believe you when you say I did all these things and you would be justified in putting me to death, but I tell you this honestly that I was so engrossed in search of my husband, whom I love very much, that I did not notice anything at all. I am sorry, O king, but I fail to understand one thing. If you were really engrossed in offering prayers of God, how come you noticed all these things?”

King not only did he forgive her, but instructed his minister to reward the women. When the minister asked him, why he was doing such a thing, the king replied, “Today, she taught me how to pray.”


In words of Eruch

If you are engrossed in Baba, nothing would disturb you. So when you are up at the samadhi, try to get engrossed in His remembrance just like the farmer’s wife.”