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Bhau Kalchuri

There was a forest where there was a hole. Many mice were living in that hole. And the mother of the mice would not allow any mouse to go out of the hole, because outside of it, there was a cat.

One day, all of a sudden, one mouse came out of hole. The cat immediately ate that mouse.

Nearby was a hunter’s dog. That dog then ate the cat.

Then the dog was eaten by a tiger.

There was a hunter who shot the tiger with a gun and killed it.


Though the story appears very simple, a book can be written in order to explain it. But in order to understand this story, the evolution of consciousness and then involution of consciousness should be explained. Only then can the story be understood.

In this story, the Ocean of consciousness is called “the forest”. And this ocean, there are innumerable drops, or, in the story, mice.

The mother of mice represents Nothing, the original shadow of the Everything. The Nothing is the state of Nirvana, and creation has taken place in the Nothing. Someone who achieves Nirvana experiences the Nothing, and then immediately experiences the Everything. Therefore, just like the Mother Hen (in forthcoming story, The Mischievous Chicken)   who would not like any of chicks to go out, the mother of the Mic. Similarly, did not want any mouse to go out of the hole. The hole is the OM point, from which creation has taken place.

The mouse eaten by the cat means consciousness is eaten by gross consciousness. The hunter’s dog eating the cat means gross consciousness eaten by subtle consciousness. Then the tiger killing the hunter’s dog means subtle consciousness is eaten by mental consciousness.

Though the tiger has achieved mental consciousness, still the journey of consciousness is not complete. Therefore, the hunter shoots the tiger with a bullet. The hunter represents a Perfect Master, and killing of tiger means that tiger gets real consciousness, the consciousness of God.     

(Bhau’s awakening, 12 th July 2001, Part I )