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There once was a Saint who lived in the Himalayas. He wanted to remain in a trance, undisturbed. So he made a circle and sat inside it. Many insects, however, would disturb the Saint, until one She-Mouse came along. She ate all the insects, thus allowing the Saint to remain undisturbed.

When the Saint came out of his trance, he found the She-Mouse eating the insects. He was very, very happy with the She-Mouse, and he said to her, "Ask anything  today and I will give you that boon."

The She-Mouse replied, "I want to become a most pretty girl."

"So be it," said the Saint. "You will become a most beautiful and pretty girl!"

Instantly, the She-Mouse was transformed into a most beautiful girl.

The Girl who had been a She-Mouse went to the Sun and said to him, "You are the most powerful, and I am the most pretty, so marry me!"

"I am not the most powerful," the Sun replied. "The Clouds are more powerful, because they can cover me."

The Girl then went to a Cloud and said, "I am the most pretty, and you are the most powerful, so marry me."

The Cloud said, "I am not the most powerful. The Mountain is the most powerful, because when I blow, the Mountain checks me and prevents me from moving."

The Girl then went to the Mountain and said, "You are the most powerful, and I am the most pretty, so marry me!"

The Mountain said, "I am not the most powerful. The mouse is most powerful, because she makes holes in me."

The Girl went to the Saint and said, "Please change me from a pretty girl back to a She-Mouse, because a mouse, who can make holes in the mountain, is the most powerful."


In Bhau's words:

This story is very significant. In the evolution of consciousness, you must pass through different kingdoms, but you cannot jump from any kingdom to the last one (human being). Evolution is a natural process and happens according to Divine Will.

The She-Mouse achieved her ambition of becoming a beautiful girl, and she became a very beautiful one indeed. But this change was not according to Divine Will. Divine Will is very, very natural. The She-Mouse had an ambition. She wanted to fulfill this ambition, and so it was fulfilled. But then she had to come back to her Original State.

Had this happened according to Divine Wish, there would have been no difficulty. She would have received a clear way to proceed further in the progression of consciousness. Ambition becomes a great distraction in the path.