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Once an egoistic thought came in mind of Maharshi Narad ji a Bhakta (disciple) of Lord Vishnu to be a great disciple and have controlled vices like lust and greed etc. To make him realise and remove the sense of ego Lord Vishnu created an artificial kingdom with king and most beautiful and luckiest daughter of marriageable age. Narad ji intuitionally visited kingdom and having seen the daughter and her astrological horoscope was so impressed that he desired to marry the daughter of the king. Narad went to Lord Vishnu and requested Him to give him attractive face so as to wed the daughter of king. Lord Vishnu gave face of monkey to Narad ji. Unaware of the look of his face, Narad ji when reached in Swayambar, other present there laughed at him. Lord Vishsnu appeared on the scene and wedded the daughter of king to Himself. Having come to know of being fooled, infuriated Narad ji, in spate of anger went on cursing Lord Vishnu. He cursed Lord Vishnu saying, “You will suffer for your wife in next Avatarhood as you have made me not to marry king’s daughter. Vishnu said, “I am the Lord of the universe. I am the Generator, Observer and Destroyer of the universe. Your curse will not affect Me at all. It is all created by Me to release you from your ego. With this address of Lord Vishnu, Narad ji came to senses and realised his folly to have cursed Lord Vishnu. He apologized before Lord Vishnu and wanted to repent asking a remedy of his curse. Lord Vishnu left it to Narad ji. Narad ji, said, “In your next advent, monkeys (monkey face given to me) will help you to find your wife (Sita) and winning the battle with opponent (Ravana)

Following episode has some semblance with mythological event narrated above in my words.

During Baba's stay at her home, Dina proudly thought to herself: "How well I serve the Master. No one else is able to serve Him as I do. According to His order, whenever Baba needs anything at any time of the day or night, I supply it immediately. Is there anyone else who can do this?"

After supper, Baba would go each day for a walk. He would ask for His meal at any time and Dina always had to keep it ready. One evening, before dinner, Baba asked Dina to accompany Him on the walk. Rushing to join Him, she forgot to put His food aside. After Baba and she departed, the mandali ate the meal without knowing that Dina had not saved a plate for Baba. They ate all the food, and put the pots and pans away after washing up.

On the way back from their stroll, Baba told Dina, "I am feeling very hungry. In fact, I feel like I'm starving! What have you cooked tonight?" Dina then gave Him the menu and said, "The food is ready; I will serve You the moment we reach home." However, when they returned, she found to her dismay that there was nothing left. She began weeping. Meanwhile, Baba sent Vishnu to inquire why He had not yet been served.

Vishnu found Dina crying in the kitchen and told Baba. Baba came and asked Dina what was wrong. When she told Baba, He exclaimed, "You don't even have this much respect for Me? Are you so inattentive that you forget to save anything for Me? Do you only think of yourself?" Baba's expression softened as He consoled her, "Don't worry about it. I have used you for some inner work of Mine."

Dina said that she would prepare something for Him to eat in five minutes. But Baba replied, "My work is done; forget it." Dina, however, insisted that Baba eat. Baba reluctantly agreed and ate a little of the food. Later Dina understood the significance of this incident. It taught her a great lesson: Never take pride in serving the Master. What could one do for Him who serves the universe?

Interpretation- Meher Baba proclaimed that I was Rama, Krishna…. It seemed that Meher Baba created different episodes in His present Avataric period similar to mythological events of His previous Avatarhood. Like Vishnu, Baba said. “I am Avatar, (Possessor of infinite power, knowledge and bliss). I am like ocean. A small pinch of your bad sanskaras will not affect Me.” A Sadguru or Avatar always takes care of ego of His disciples and washes it away once it crops in mind.  Bhauji appropriately put the heading of episode of Dina Talati as “What one could do for Him who serves the universe?” Meher Baba taught the similar lessons to many of His close disciples viz, Bhauji, Shatrughan Kumar, Raosaheb, Aloba Abdul Ghani and others.