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Meher Baba said, Mohammad was king of France in one of his past incarnation but it was not very specific. There were about 54 kings of France from different dynasties from 843 AD to 1870 AD.  Baba said Mohammad was effective agent for spiritual work and controlled the affairs of France. He also travelled to Cannes (France) with Baba. Biography of Mohammad mast is described.

Kings of France

The monarchs of France ruled from the establishment of the Kingdom of the Franks in 486 to the fall the Second French Empire in 1870. The first dynasty of kings was the Merovingian dynasty, which ruled until 751, followed by the second dynasty, the Carolingians, until 987 (with some interruptions). The third dynasty, the Capetians, the male-line descendants of Hugh Capet, ruled France continuously from 987 to 1792 and again from 1814 to 1848. The branches of the dynasty which ruled after 1328, however, are generally given the specific branch names of Valois (until 1589) and Bourbon (until 1848).

With the House of Bonaparte and the Bourbon Restoration, additional "Kings of the French" and "Emperors of the French" ruled in 19th century France, between 1814 and 1870.

This article lists all rulers to have held the title "King of the Franks", "King of France", "King of the French" or "Emperor of the French" or Frankish monarchs.

The style of the title used is detailed in the article on Style of the French sovereign.

In addition to the monarchs listed below, the Kings of England and Great Britain from 1340–60 and 1369–1801 also claimed the title of King of France. For a short time, this had some basis in fact – under the terms of the 1420 Treaty of Troyes, Charles VI had recognized his son-in-law Henry V of England as regent and heir. Henry V predeceased Charles VI and so Henry V's son, Henry VI, succeeded his grandfather Charles VI as King of France. Most of Northern France was under English control until 1435, but by 1453, the English had been expelled from all of France save Calais (and the Channel Islands), and Calais itself fell in 1558. Nevertheless, English and then British monarchs continued to claim the title for themselves until the creation of the United Kingdom in 1801.

The title "King of the Franks" (Latin: Rex Francorum) gradually lost ground after 1190, during the reign of Philip II (but FRANCORUM REX continued to be used, for example by Louis XII in 1499, by Francis I in 1515, and by Henry II about 1550. It was used on coins up to the eighteenth century. During the brief period when the French Constitution of 1791 was in effect (1791–92) and after the July Revolution in 1830, the style "King of the French" was used instead of "King of France (and Navarre)". It was a constitutional innovation known as popular monarchy which linked the monarch's title to the French people rather than to the possession of the territory of France.

In addition to the Kingdom of France, there were also two French Empires, the first from 1804–14 and again in 1815, founded and ruled by Napoleon I, and the second from 1852–70, founded and ruled by his nephew Napoleon III (also known as Louis-Napoleon). They used the title "Emperor of the French".

Mohammad Mast

Meher Baba had explained that a Mast progresses only on the planes and never gets between one plane and another until he has reached to the 6th plane. However the case of Mohammad was different from other masts. When he was brought to Rahuri in 1936, he was between the 3rd plane and the 4th. As a result of Baba’s contact, Mohammad never entered in 4th plane but jumped to a state between 4th and 5th plane. Baba stated that he was on the 5th plane and will not progress further in this life.

Mohammad was a Hindu by birth born in Ratnagiri and his family name was Tukaram Laxman Chauhan. He was residing at village Sonewadi in Maharashtra, India and was married. He had two children. One day he raised his hands and stood for 10 to 12 days in one position, completely dazed and after that, when he came to senses, he said “Ram-Ram” to his wife and left home for ever.

He became a Mast; he went to Bombay and came to be called Mohammad. Pleader one of Baba’s disciple, brought Mohammad mast to Baba from Mumbai and Baba kept him with Him. Baba revealed that Mohammad would become Perfect Master after seven incarnations. Mohammad also told about his past life in which he was a “Pujari” a caretaker priest in one of temples of God.

He was brought from Bombay to Rahuri in August 1936. Baba started the routine of shaving, bathing, feeding and sitting with him and he was given conspicuous priority. Mohammad took full advantage of this and during that period his daily intake consisted 12 bananas, 4 pounds of boiled beat root, two large plates of rice and dal, 6 raw onions, 12 chapattis, 12 plates of cooked vegetables, and 12 cups of tea.

He used to sit most of the day near the door of Ashram and abuse and spit on anyone who came near him. At night he would repeatedly call for another blanket for him although there was no need for same. This odd behaviour went on even after the Ashram was moved to Meherabad in April 1937.

At Meherabad Ashram he began to dig holes in the grounds with his hands. Early in the morning at 4 AM, when the Ashram staff was busy, he would shout impatiently for someone to help him at the toilet. From 6 to 8 AM, he would remain standing, cleaning his teeth and would frequently call for buckets of water. Later, when Baba called him for bath, it would take 3 men to cajole him to the bathroom.

Another strange behaviour which continued even in the later years was his bending down or squatting and gazing at the ground and looking at something with his fingers. This was done for hours at a stretch and if asked what he was doing he would reply “Deesh Pahato”, meaning “I am looking at something I want.”

He always referred to Baba as “Dada” and following are some of his statement about Baba.

“Dada is God” “Dada is Master”; “Everything depends on Dada’s will” Because Dada is there, the world is there.” “Dada is the Master of Mercy.”

In the summer of 1937, Meher Baba stayed at Cannes (France) for several months for His universal work. Baba wanted Mohammad to be brought to Cannes in September 1937 and he was brought by Adi Sr and Baidul with great difficulty. When he arrived, baba lodged in a room over the garage and began his routine with him. Baba has stated that the mast is an effective agent for spiritual work and the mast mind is used directly by master as a medium for sending his spiritual help to different part of the world.  After this work of Mohammad was over he was sent back to Meherabad in November 1937, and his history was closed with Baba and no other mast had such prolonged contact with Baba.

In December 1939, Mohammad stayed for few days with Baba and his party in Hyderabad during course of the bus tour, In March 1938; He stayed at Panchgani with Baba and returned to Meherabad in June 1938. In February 1939, Mohammad stayed at Ajmer and was bathed and fed by baba during time of the Mast Ashram there. In, March 1939, Mohammad stayed with Baba and his group in Bhopal during their few days stays there. From august 1939, to April 1940 he stayed in the Bangalore Mast Ashram.

I October 1940, Mohammad was sent to Bombay and his hometown of Ratnagiri. In January 1942 he was brought back to Meherabad and was a permanent resident till his demise on 17-6-2003.

In October 1942, he was taken to Lonavla for a few weeks work with Baba and returned to Meherabad.

Mohammad somehow commands one’s affection by his strange blend of a child man and saint, For some specific divine purpose, the spiritual status of those God intoxicated Souls is veiled from our eyes by the dense folds of a cloak of eccentricity.