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Meher Baba said, Godavri Mai was My mother when I was Krishna. Therefore biographies of Yashoda & Godavri Mai are described in brief as under:


Yashoda, daughter of Sumukh and Patla was married to Nandraj of Gokul. Yashoda was not the real mother of Lord Krishna. Yashoda gave birth to a daughter at the same time when lord Krishna was born to Devki and Vasudev in Mathura in prison of king Kans. Vasudev fearing death of baby Krishna in hands of Kans, carried Him (Krishna) to Gokul and brought the baby daughter of Yashoda and Nandraj in the prison of Mathura crossing Yamuna river.

Yashoda took baby Krishna as her real son and cared a lot. She had great love for Krishna. Lord Krishna performed many miraculous feats in His childhood killing Putna, Shaktasur, Tiravart, Kalianag, Dhenuk, Suradarshan, Arista and Keshi thereby thwarted all efforts of king Kans (mama-uncle) to kill Him through demon missionaries. But Yashoda always took Lord Krishna as her innocent son. It was once Krishna revealed His divinity to Yashoda when she forcibly opened His mouth to check if He had eaten mud. Yashoda did see all shades of the universe inside Krishna’s mouth and could not view it for long and fainted. Later Krishna ended this feat.

After 12 Years, Akrur ji came to Gokul to take Lord Krishna to Madhupuri. Yashoda did not want to separate her from Lord Krishna. She wept and wept. She almost turned mad in her love for Lord Krishna. When this news reached to Lord Krishna, He sent Uddhav ji to console her and gopis. It was of no help at all. It was only when she met Lord Krishna in Kurushetra and came back to Vrindavan with Him. (Gist is derived from ‘Kalyan’ published by Gita Press, Gorakhpur)

Godavri Mai

Godavari Mai was greatest disciple of Upasni Maharaj and came to Meher Baba directed by Upasani Maharaj.

When Meher Baba visited the samadhi of Upasani Maharaj at Sakori on 20th March 1954, Godavari Mai received Him and the ashram residents came to receive them singing in a procession, with a band playing. Baba was garlanded, and Godavri Mai and the other kanyas touched his feet. Baba took the group of westerners around the ashram and led them to Upasni Maharaj's tomb, where He stated:

Baba then observed:

You all can have no idea how happy I am here. Godavri is the Mother here, and all are her companions. She met Maharaj when she was just two and a half years old. He put her on his lap and said, "All this belongs to you." They all live a life dedicated to My Master. I love her most dearly.

On 12th September, 1954 a mass darshan program was held at Wadia Park in Ahmednagar, Godavari Mai had come from Sakori to attend with kanyas.

In 1955, to Bharucha who was follower of Godavri Mai Baba observed, "Very, very few reach that Goal, but he who holds fast to my daaman reaches it. Godavri Mai has not attained Self-Realization. She is not God-realized."  No one in the world has the heart she has! No one is equal to her purity of heart. Still, God-realization is quite another matter. I am talking about the quality of her heart. When the Gujarati group was here, Godavri came to Meherabad. I told her that when I was Krishna, she was Yashoda (Krishna's adopted mother).

On 26th January, 1956, Baba gave darshan to Godavari Mai and her kanyas.

On 18th March 1957, Baba was taken by car in a special procession through ashram gates, led by a White Horse and men carrying Silver Staffs. Godavari Mai and her kanyas sang His arti. Baba gave darshan in a big Pandal where nearly 2000 people were gathered.

Baba said: I am happy, as My mother Godavri Mai is near Me. Often I have told My lovers that Godavri is to Me what Yeshoda was to Krishna. Godavri is My Yeshoda (adopted mother). I will tell you the background. When I was Krishna, Godavri was My Yeshoda. In this lies the greatness of Godavri Mai.

But one thing I will tell you about Godavri Mai and it is her greatness – she was the beloved of Upasni Maharaj. Those who used to come for Maharaj's darshan were also taking Godavri Mai's. Just imagine how Godavri Mai created a favourable atmosphere for Me after the passing away of Upasni Maharaj. Maharaj created opposition, and the opposition continued even after Maharaj's dropping His body.

Godavri Mai is a jewel. Today, she is enthroned on Maharaj's gaddi (seat). She is loved and respected by thousands in India. What was the necessity for Godavri Mai to invite Me to Sakori, to revere Me, when Maharaj had done otherwise? She is already famous, she had thousands of devotees, and she was the occupier of Maharaj's gaddi. In spite of that, she changed the atmosphere for Me in Sakori. I again repeat that Godavri Mai is My Yeshoda–My adopted mother. She has tenderness, humility and greatness. She entertains Me, reveres Me, worships Me, performs My arti, and at the same time, she is so humble. I call her mother, and yet she bows down to Me. I call her Yeshoda Mai and still she does My arti. Is this not humility and greatness?

I am very happy and pleased with Godavri Mai. I love her intensely.

Interpretation- Meher Baba also said Gulmai K. irani was His spiritual mother and her last incarnation was as Jijabai (Mother of Shivaji).