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Abu said a Sufi Master, was once described an incident by another Master which throws light on discrimination.

Three youngsters desiring to become His disciple visited Abu Said, and he directed that they should be segregated from each other. After a short time the Master called first aspirant to Him, made him comfortable and relaxed, and then put this question to him, “If you found a purse full with money, and you knew to whom purse belonged, would you return it to the owner?” The aspirant boldly answered, “Of course I would.” Abu smiled and said, “You are a fool,” and sent him packing. The young man was most happy to go thinking that he has escaped from the false answer,

The second aspirant was then brought to the Master, and the same question was put to him. He answered, “Do You think I am a fool? Of course I would keep the purse for myself.” Abu Said looked at him and said, “Not only are you lost to this world, but also to the world to come.”, and sent him off.

The third aspirant was brought to the Master, and given the same question. The man answered, “If at that time, honesty, integrity and fear of consequences prevailed, I would return the purse to the rightful owner: if however dishonesty and the desire to steal prevailed, then I would keep the purse for myself. Whatever it be, will happen according to Allah’s will.” Abu Said smiled and gave orders that this third aspirant be accepted into ashram.

This is discrimination – to know what would please the Beloved and what would displease Him – the most precious gift given by Him to His creation.