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Bayazid of Bistam, the Qutub –e-Irshad of His time, as young child attended a school where he was taught the Koran. One day the class teacher said to the students, “About two years ago, I went on pilgrimage to Mecca, and putting my trust in God, journeyed with two dirhems in my pocket.” Bayazid, who even as a child showed, the mark of greatness inherent in him, stood up and said, “Respected Sir, you say you went on pilgrimage putting all your trust in God? Teacher agreed, and Bayazid said, “If you put all your trust in God, may I know what the two dirhems were doing in your pocket?

The teacher knew then that Bayazid was destined to be a great teacher and Master in his own right.

Bayazid of Bistam once made very cryptic remark whilst with His disciples, “I learnt of love from a common criminal.” He then went to narrate following story.

I was once strolling through the marketplace of Bagdad and saw a criminal being whipped heavily for some crime of his. His whole back was lacerated and bled profusely, yet what surprised Me the most was the expression on his face. There was smile on his lips, a shine in his eyes and his whole face bore a joyful that bordered on ecstasy.

After the flogging was over and the crowd had dispersed, I approached the man and revived him. With his head in My lap, I told what I have observed of him, and asked the reason for such a joy that he seemed to be totally unaware of his harsh punishment. He said to Me: “I am deeply in love with a certain woman and I have tried my utmost to win her, but to absolutely no avail.  She even shuns my presence and cannot bear my approaching her. Today whilst I was punished I saw my beloved in the crowd. Seeing my pitiable condition, there were tears in her eyes. For those tears in her eyes, I would undergo the same punishment a hundred times.

Bayazid then said to His disciples, “I realised that such depth of love was only way one should and must love God.”