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(A women disciple of Upasani Maharaj)

Meher Baba visited the samadhi of Upasani Maharaj at Sakori on 20th March 1954, Godavari Mai received Him and ashram residents came to receive singing in a procession, with a band playing.

Baba was garlanded, and Godavri Mai and the other kanyas touched his feet. Baba took the group of Westerners around the ashram and led them to Upasni Maharaj's tomb, where He stated:

This old man was God-incarnate. I (Meher Baba) said at My last visit here that I would not again step in Sakori. But I remembered that he (Maharaj) had once said that Merwan would bring the Westerners here and they would do bhajan; and, to fulfil this, I had to come and bring you dear ones here. Now My work here is finished. After the meetings of the 29th and 30th, the following months will be for My final work, to break My silence, to manifest and then to die a violent death, all in quick succession. You should all bow down at Maharaj's samadhi. I am the Ancient One. When he threw that stone at Me, I knew I was the Ancient One.

What Baba had stated in English was translated into Marathi before His arti was sung by the kanyas. Then the following bhajan was sung by the nuns of Sakori:

The Master tells his disciples that, My Name is God.

Some call me Ram and some Shyam [Krishna].

In the world I am the object of worship and I am also the worshiper.

At times I am the Giver and at times I am the Beggar.

I am everywhere and yet I belong to no place.

Baba then observed:

You all can have no idea how happy I am here. Godavri is the Mother here, and all are her companions. She met Maharaj when she was just two and a half years old. He put her on his lap and said, "All this belongs to you." They all live a life dedicated to my Master. I love her most dearly. The nuns are dressed in yellow saris, and the candidates in white.

In 1954, Baba called the group of people to come out of the two buses that were following His car and gathered them around Him. As He took the alphabet board from Eruch, reviewing what had happened at Sakori, Baba spelled on the board:

In My last meeting with Maharaj, He asked Me to have My nazar on Godavri and Sakori. Maharaj asked Me three times to break My silence. He then said, "You are Adi Shakti (the Primeval Power). Keep your nazar on Godavri, Sakori and the other kanyas."

I (Meher Baba) feel happy that Godavri is a real woman. She is taken as a Sadguru, as charge man of Upasni Maharaj. She knows she has not that experience; yet, because Maharaj has instructed her, she is carrying on with the work honestly.

When Godavri met Me in Ahmednagar, I said something privately to her in front of Adi Sr. which she accepted. (Not to allow people to worship her and bow down to her, which Baba did not like.) Now today, all were saying Sadguru Godavri ki jai!

In spite of that, as soon as I reached the spot this morning, this woman garlanded Me and bowed down to Me. She made Me sit on the swing which was used by Maharaj, swung it with her own hands and asked the other kanyas to do the same. And, she sang the song in accompaniment with the others, which they used to sing during Maharaj's time.

She served Me food with her own hands, and while I was distributing prasad, you all must have marked how she was working with Yeshwant Rao.

When I gave her prasad, she placed her head on My feet.

What does all this show? In spite of the respect which so many give to her, it is her love for Me, her humility and nobleness that made her receive Me as she did. Her humility in itself is greatness, and I love her for it.

I mean is, in short, she is really a lovable woman. The atmosphere at Sakori was against Me, as Adi, Krishnaji and Yeshwant Rao know well; but, today Godavri has felt deeply, and I feel happy that a marked change has taken place in the atmosphere.

I asked her privately, "Will you do one thing?"

She said, "If I can do it in this (Brahmin) atmosphere."

I then told her one very simple and difficult thing, and she has accepted it. (Not to accept homage.) I said, "If you do this, you will see Me!" And she promised. She is really a good woman. Really, you do not know what she has sacrificed.

Today, the promise which I had given to Maharaj is fulfilled by Godavari’s accepting to follow the one instruction I have given her.

Reverting to Godavri Mai, Baba concluded, "She is really good. You don't know what she has accepted (to carry out). In her, I find real womanhood."

In 1941, Upasani Maharaj dropped his body, and Godavri was given charge of the nuns. Godavri was in on the secret all the time, but never said a word about Me. But the atmosphere there was Hindu, with their ceremonies. I have come to destroy in the world all rites and ceremonies that are superficial. Godavri loved Me in secret. The men there made it appear that I was not the spiritual heir of Maharaj, only of Babajan, and spread the news that Godavri was in charge of the ashram and Maharaj's spiritual heir. Poor girl, she is so good, a wonderful soul among women. She was in a fix, but her good nature kept her going.

All this was due to Godavri. Her loving influence overcame the Brahmin atmosphere. She at last saw Me at Ahmednagar and asked Me to come once to Sakori. As I had promised Maharaj I would keep an eye on Sakori, I took the occasion of Yeshwant Rao's housewarming to go

Godavri Mai has no equal in the whole world. The first point is that there is not the slightest trace of ego in her. No one but I could know that, and it is not a joke not to have ego. From head to foot, she is full of love. And this, too, is no joke!

Maharaj was perfect. He knew about His past association with Godavri. It is not the present that counts. It is past connection. What I say is true, that when I was Krishna, she was Yashoda

On 12th September 1954, a mass darshan program was held at Wadia Park in Ahmednagar, Godavari Mai had come from Sakori to attend with Kanyas.

On 26th January, 1956, Baba gave darshan to Godavari Mai and her Kanyas.

On 18th March 1957, Baba was taken by car in a special procession through Ashram Gates, led by a White Horse and men carrying Silver Staffs. Godavari Mai and her Kanyas sang His arti. Baba gave darshan in a big Pandal where nearly 2000 people were gathered.