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(Raman Maharishi achieved God-realisation)

Paul Brunton was most impressed with Ramana Maharshi. When Brunton asked Ramana Maharshi if he had ever heard of Meher Baba, the saint replied that he had. Brunton asked if he had anything further to add to Meher Baba's claim to be an Avatar, and Ramana Maharshi replied, "What have I to say?

This is a question that seekers after Truth need not consider. People that are in the lower rungs of the ladder waste their energies over all such questions."

"Will the world be rejuvenated?" Brunton inquired

Ramana Maharshi replied, "There is One who governs the world, and it is his look-out to look after the world. He who has given life to the world, knows how to guide it also."

Maharshi also told Brunton, "The Realized Ones send out waves of spiritual influence which draw many people towards them, even though they may be sitting silently in a cave."

On the afternoon of the 22nd, a program was held in the Janata College Maharshi Hall at 4:15 P.M. A central government minister, Dr. Punjab Rao S. Deshmukh, received Baba, as did the principal, Dr. Jawala Prasad, and other members of the faculty. After garlanding Baba, Punjab Rao delivered a speech. Bhajan singing was performed, Baba's message "Religion and Politics" was read out and the students of the college were given prasad. Sagane presented Dr. Rao with a large photograph of Baba sent by Harjiwan Lal of Delhi.

While it was being installed in the hall, Dr. Rao said, "The photograph in this hall will always remind us of your visit here." Baba also unveiled a portrait of the saint Ramana Maharshi, after whom the hall had been named, and then toured the college campus.

Bhabananda said to Baba, "Ramana Maharshi and other saints whom I have met also said so. But up to now I have no experience of these words."

Baba explained, "Ramana Maharshi was right. Ramakrishna also said the same. Vedanta says it. But it is a matter of experience. I want you to realize it. That is why I take interest in you and instruct you to do certain things.

On 2nd March 1948, another group of visitors asked about Aurobindo Ghose and Ramana Maharshi, Baba stated “I am in Aurobindo, Ramana Maharshi and beyond!:

Upasani Maharaj had once told Sudhanand Bharti, “The Beloved of your life will one day embrace you.” And a high saint of Hubli had said, “You will meet a silent Master.” Now, after meeting other spiritually illumined beings such as Ramana Maharshi and Aurobindo, at last he faced Meher Baba, and immediately recognized Him as “The Saint of saints, the Mahatma of mahatmas, the goal of my long pilgrimage.