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Meher Baba is a contemporary personality who publically declared Himself as “Avatar of the Age” in 1954 at Hamirpur (U.P.). Thereafter, He elaborated and explained this claim again and again through circulars and message viz. The Highest of the High (1953) and Final declaration (1958) wherein He said “I was Rama, I was Krishna, I was this one, I was that one and now I am Meher Baba. In this form of flesh and blood I am the same “Ancient One” ignored, ever remembered and forgotten and whose  past is worshipped and remembered, whose present is ignored and forgotten and whose future (Advent) is anticipated with great fervour and longing”. The word Avatar attached to His name is His true designation.

In order to know the significance of word Avatar, one should try to grasp the literal meaning of words God, Sadguru, and Avatar.

The word “God” stands for the short abbreviation of Generator, Observer and Destroyer (Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh), the trio nature of formless God. This word refers to formless existence of God or Over-soul in unconscious state of infinite knowledge, power and bliss or sat chit and anand. Sadguru (Man-God or Perfect Master) is a man becoming God in human form having attained God-realization or consciousness of “Aham Brahmasmi”. He bears universal body and universal mind, thereby gets associated with each living and non-living bodies of the universe. He has conscious experiences of “I am everything.”

Avatar or God-man is the direct descent of formless God in human form which is brought out by five living Sadgurus once in every cycle of 700 to 1400 years. Avatar is the same soul who realized Himself first through process of evolution on His own. The same supreme soul of Avatar appears in different ages in different forms to redeem the mankind from the sufferings and takes upon Himself the burden of universal suffering. The time domain of Avatar is 700 to 1400 years till His next advent. The Avatar can impart God realization to any number of souls and can change the destiny.

According to Meher Baba “Avatar” is the first soul which in beginning attained Perfection, God realization or experience of “Aham Brahmasmi” without help of Master and came back to the level of human being retaining the God consciousness. Meher Baba said- “I am the same “Ancient One” whose past is worshipped and remembered, whose present is ignored and forgotten and whose future (Advent) is anticipated with great fervour and longing”.

It is a rare feat to achieve God realization which is the ultimate goal of human life and it is only possible through grace of a Sadguru (Perfect Master) or Avatar. It requires life after life’s efforts. Meher Baba in His book “God speaks” revealed that out of 700 millions of world population, there are only 7000 advanced souls between 1st to 7th planes of consciousness including Perfect Masters. Avatar, after one cycle (11 ages of 65 to 125 years) brings this number to 7001.