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Meher Baba does not advocate any rites or rituals unless it is done with pure heart and all sincerity.  Baba said “I belong to no religion but all religions belong to me”. Anyone of any following should continue his/her faith in religion or guru. This makes no difference to Him as He is associated with each and every soul and all their devotion and love for their gurus indirectly reaches to Him only. To love Baba is to love all; to love all is not to love Baba. If you are serving Avatar or a living Sadguru, you are serving the whole mankind. Meher Baba said: “God is to be loved not feared. To have one eye glued on the delightful pleasures of the flesh and also expect to see a spark of eternal bliss with the other is not only impossible but the height of hypocrisy”.

Love is one which Meher Baba professed in this Avatarhood. Meher Baba preached love for God, love for human beings and remembrance of His name as far as one can. Meher Baba said “all come unto me and I will help you”.

Meher Baba advised: “control your mind, live a pure and clean life, discard desires and follow a Master who is God realized. Then alone you will be safe. Following a Master does not mean giving up your religion. You should renounce the mind!

According to Meher Baba hypocrisy is worst of all vices and hindrance in spiritual progress of an individual. In Meher Baba’s word “Self-delusion is unfortunate but hypocrisy is inexcusable. The self-deluded doesn't know, but thinks that he knows. The hypocrite knows that he does not know, but pretends that he does”.

Meher Baba said “Try to love God by loving those whom you cannot love. Real happiness lies in making others happy. Try to remember Me constantly. Come all unto Me. Be resigned to my will and hold fast to My Daman”. Meher Baba has dictated universal prayer which describes all attributes of God, both personal as Avatar or Sadguru and impersonal as formless. The repentance prayer also given by Meher Baba is directive for everyone to be followed.

According to Meher Baba, reading and writing has no meaning from spiritual point of view. These can lead an intellectual to the threshold of spirituality. But to tread upon the spiritual path, remembrance, love, obedience and surrender to Avatar or living Sadguru has real meaning. Meher Baba Himself composed song and sang “likhan padhan se na yar bazi, sanam ka hardam khyal hona”. So One may try and test Meher Baba if you are still in search of Sadguru or Avatar.