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(Perfect Master)

About Sadguru Dnyaneshwar, Baba elucidated:

He was very young. The unique thing is that the whole family got Realization. Dnyaneshwar had Realization within his teens and has written very beautiful lines on guru-bhakti (devotion to a guru). Nivrutti, his elder brother, was his guru. Sopan, his younger brother, and Muktabai, his sister, too, were Realized souls. And God knows what depth of Experience they had!

Bayazid, the Sardar (Leader) of Sufis, got Realization at the age of 90. Even if someone 99 percent spiritually prepared dies, he has to take a body again for the remaining one percent preparedness. In such cases, Realization is achieved either in childhood or after 60 years of age.

In Sufism, all such points like grades, types and sects of walis, the range of work and heritage and other subtle details on the Path have been clearly and specifically mentioned. They have classified even the Perfect Ones according to their duties towards the world. Kamil is the Perfect One; Akmal the most Perfect One; Mukammil the Supremely Perfect One; and Saheb-e-Zaman (Avatar) is beyond Mukammil. As for Nabis (Prophets) or Sadgurus or Qutubs, to call them perfect would be childish. It is clear that perfection implies no imperfection. But it is said that in a Qutub there is "infinite perfection and infinite imperfection" simultaneously.