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(Sixth plane soul)

On 29th, January 1958, Meher baba with men mandali went to watch Cecil B. DeMille’s film “Ten commandments” at Regal Cinema in Bombay. Baba liked and praised the movie although He and His men left halfway at intermission when Moses sees God as the burning bush on the top of Mount Sinai where he receives Ten Commandments.

Afterwards Baba revealed:

“Moses was on the sixth plane. His seeing the land of Israel but was not able to enter it is symbolic of his experience on the sixth plane of seeing God, but yet not merging in Him. Though, when He dropped his body Moses realised God. I liked this picture very much; it was well acted and well made. It has much to give those who are able to receive it. Rameses (II) in his next incarnation entered the Path; the old Pharaoh (Seti) received mukti, because he took Moses’s name when dying.”

Moses was not an Avatar, he was on the sixth plane (Baba told them all this), but Abraham was an Avatar.